How to Board a Domestic Flight in India First Time

Board a Domestic Flight in India for the First Time India is establishing an extensive and a rapid growth in the travel industry due to globalization and privatization. A domestic flight is a flight that deals with the arrival and departure of the people from the same country. In India, a large number of people […]

What Do i Want to Do With My life?

7:00 am, as you battle through your blankets and sheets to stop that ringing sound of your alarm, seldom would you know that it’s going to be a typical boring day. None of us would have given a thought to the fact that we all reach a point, where all of a sudden our life […]

20 Facts About Indian Railways You Don’t Know

“Indian Railways, a Government owned enterprise, has been an integral part of life for more than 150 years.” Initiated by British Government during their reign in India, trains are quite fascinating. Okay, we can actually thank the British for the Railways! In fact, trains are nestled with the life of thousands of people in the […]