9 Best Fun Places to Travel in the US

Travelling is fun! Make it more joyous by choosing the fun-filled destinations that offer you to unforgettable memories of laughter, to cherish forever. Does fun place travel in the US? The choices are unlimited!

Fun Places to Travel in the US

Sometimes, travelling is just more than a trip. It is unlimited fun. It is an opportunity to test your limits on enjoyment, having fun and gala! When it comes to happiness there are no limits literally. Learn a lot of new things with loads of joy, find yourself whom you were lost to the robotic schedules of life, dive into the ocean, fly in the sky, walk in the sea, play gambling all night, and even more! 

Here are the few fun places to travel in the US, unravel you, explore the infinity of joy and happiness.

1. Las Vegas, the City of Gambling, 24 hours entertainment – The RAW Energy

Las Vegas is the city of entertainment that brims with life and energy around the clock. Known for its famous nightlife, gambling, casinos, world class dining, and clubs, it is the third most popular tourist attraction in the world. Apparently, it is one of the fun places to travel in the US, pushing back the Disney World and Niagara Falls.

Fun places in Las Vegas

Las Vegas

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What can you do in the Las Vegas? It is more than mere one of the fun places in the US!

  • Place your bet in the world’s famous casino and get the glimpse of the Vintage Vegas.
  • Sinful indulgence in wine, get into the real spirits
  • Splash out on a water-based show at Bellagio 

World’s Famous CasinoCasino Best Fun game in US

Water-based Show at Bellagio Splash out on a water-based

The real world differs in a lot of worlds when you visit Las Vegas! You can see the world in Las Vegas, a different world, different themes that nestled with Las Vegas. See Paris in Las Vegas, Gondolas of Venice in Las Vegas and much more.

Some of the popular attractions in US Las Vegas, not to miss

  • Las Vegas Strip
  • The Stratosphere Las Vegas
  • The Mirage
  • Caesars Palace
  • Fremont Street

Few images are here:

The Stratosphere Las VegasThe Stratosphere Las Vegas

The Stratosphere Las Vegas-min

Caesars Palace FrontCaesars Palace Front

Caesars Palace LobbyCaesars_Palace_lobby

Las Vegas is an expensive city and quite lavish. Check the prices for different activities here. Top attractions in Las Vegas

MGM – You will experience the largest casino in Vegas in MGM. It has the status that definitely pulls in large crowds.

Wynn Hotel– This hotel has many attractions like a large golf course, designer showrooms, the Ferrari store and beautiful poolside casino that everyone dies to visit.

Venetian– You can find the most elegant casino in Hotel Venetian.  Besides, the hotel claims to have the largest rooms and suites in Las Vegas.

Bellagio– The casino in this hotel has a superb stove poker room. You can enjoy several new games like Pai Gow Tiles, Paj Gow Fire Hook, and 3-Card Poker.  There is an elegant spa at this hotel along with a bookstore.


2. Mexico, the Meso-American City

Mexico is the highly preferred and more eminent travel destination in the region of Latin America and second preferred destination, a popular attraction in the US, by global travelers. There is no doubt that Mexico is one of the fun places to travel in the US.

Best Fun Places to Visit in the US

The main popular tourist attraction is Pyramid of Sun and Pyramid of Moon. It is also considered as Meso-American City. The city contains its premium museum of the world. The museum is referred as the museum of Anthropology. Mexico is well known for its customs and traditions. It contains a blend of western European culture along with the modern art infrastructure. Guadalajara, the most visited city in Mexico is the best example of the blend of the ancient and modern traditions and infrastructure.

Maxico Fun Places to Visit in US

Top Places to visit in the US

Mexico is divided into many regions and the regions are sub-divided into cities and town. Each of the cities and towns has its own prominent places of attraction. The following are the various beaches to be visited at Mexico. Acapulco, Guerrero, Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur, Cancún, Quintana Roo, Ensenada, Baja California, Sonora (Also Called Rocky Point), etc are the popular beaches of Mexico, should never be ignored in the travel. Rocky point is the popular tourist spot in the country.

The beautiful spot is situated on the northern side of Cortez Sea.

To know more check here: http://www.visitmexico.com/

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3. Upper Navua River Gorge – From serene mystical river trip to snorkeling in corals

Fiji isn’t all about islands, but there are a lot more to explore. It is a popular attraction in the US, one of the fun places in the US if you are a water person.

Set amidst the cascading waterfalls and huge vertical cliffs, the 18-mile long river almost replicates the tropical Grand Canyon! Yea, tropical Grand Canyon. Owing to its captivating beauty, the 10.5 miles, Native Land Trust Board established the river trip in this Conversation Area. You will be mesmerized by the charm of the swaying palms as you slice through and across the tropical warm water river linings

It’s just not about the river trip, but just imagine kayaking in the Middle Nauva. Snorkeling in the coral gardens, sprawling on the white sands and beaches, sea-kayaking combined with the tropical river ride is blissful.

Cost: US$215 per person / day

Age Limit: Minimum age is 8 years old

Trip Classification: Class II – III

Meeting Place: Rivers Fiji Office in Pacific Harbour

Website: http://www.riversfiji.com/rafting/upper-navua

4. Hawaii, Happiness

Does Hawaii is one of the fun places to visit in the US? You cannot just miss out Hawaii! Hawaii is one of the best places in the whole world to experience the best of the aqua sports and activities. What Hawaii has for you? Hawaii is a popular attraction in the US and preferred as the best travel destination in the world when it comes to sea and shore.

Let’s explore! Take the classic surfing trip in Waikiki, at its birthplace, means the real classic surfing trip!

If you already explored the modern surfing, you would get the whole new different surfing experience at the abandoned Honolulu, at its choking beaches. Don’t miss the fun diving experience in the remote areas of the Napali Coast.

Go for the catamaran sailing in the Napali coast, if you are skeptical about some wild sports activities. How about biking around a volcanic rim? Waimea Canyon has it for you in Hawaii.  Nothing could be more joyous than taking a relaxing, muscle-melting massage!

Not to miss out the snorkeling off the powdery polihale Beach. Or go on the Kayak tour from the coast of Haena to Polihale just to get the glimpse of the gigantic sea turtles and humpback whales.

The list of fun activities in Hawaii that is almost endless. Explore it to unleash the unique experience.

Austin-Lehman Adventures, 800/575-1540;

www.austinlehman.com; Six-day itinerary from $2,848 per person, on double sharing.

Pure Kauai, 866/457-7873;

www.purekauai.com; Seven-day trips from $2,500 per person on double sharing. 

5. Arkansas, Kayaking Trip

Ozark Mountains has it for you on the kayaking trip on the Buffalo National River, where you expedite through the remote wilderness of the mountains. Embark the trip to explore the abundance of the wildlife, something strange and rare animals, from bobcats, beaver, and mink, across the creek.

Dillard Ozark Outfitters provide you exclusive kayaking trip, closer to the lower Buffalo and don’t miss the tours of the Crooked Creek!  It is totally one of the cool and fun places in the US to visit.

Cost: Kayak Rentals $35 / per person per day

Tour organizers: Dillard’s Ozark Outfitters, 800/423-8731

Website: www.dillards-outfitters.com

6. Grand Canyon, the epitome

Grand Canyon is one of the diversified, unique and popular travel destinations in the world, located in the United States of America. It is a popular attraction in the US. Further, it is also one of the unsurpassed locations included in the World’s Heritage Sites, awarded by UNESCO. Grand Canyon is the steep canyon being carved by the Colorado River in the State of Arizona.  In the entire region of Northern Arizona, Grand Canyon is the most attracted and most visited tourist destination of the United Status. Undoubtedly, one of the top fun places to travel in the US.

Grand Canyon encompasses a wide range of diversified areas and the most prominent tourist site is Grand Canyon National Park. It is divided into two major regions facilitating two different entrances such as the North Rim, which is located in a remote area and the South Rim, heavily crowded being located in the accessible and main region.

People who wish to be in a calm, serene and unique ambience prefer the North rim of the national park. Is it among the fun places in the US? Maybe  not, but the best destination in the US to visit. However, due to heavy cold and snowfall, north rim is closed often and constantly for two to three months during the winter season.

Surprisingly, it attracts more than 5 millions of tourists every year from all parts of the world. There are people who specifically travel to the United States for spending their vacation in Grand Canyon.

Hiking, skiing, white water rafting, ranger programs, motor coach trips, etc are the major activities facilitated for the travelers.

Grand Canyon is an accessible destination through all transportation modes, which includes airlines, rail and road transport. Frequent flights are operated from Las Vegas and Phoenix. However, they get connected to the south rim of the Grand Canyon. Travellers who prefer north rim should consider hiring a private taxi.

Deep Desert Adventures, 435/260-1696; www.deepdesert.com;

Starts from $800.

Canyon Rim Adventures, 800/897-9633; www.canyonrimadventures.com;

Trips run only between June-September;

Starts from $795 per person.

7. Walt Disney World

Walt Disney world needs no introduction. It’s fun and totally entertaining for people of all ages. Unlike the restrictions on the age limit and entertainment options in a few places marked as fun places to walk in the US, Walt Disney World is just for everyone, making one of the best fun places to travel in the US. Be it a family vacation or travel with friends, Disney world never fails to amuse and amaze you.

Fun things to do and not to miss in Disney world, the popular attraction in the US

  • Nighttime spectacular of Magic Kingdom.
  • Kilimanjaro safari in the animal kingdom takes you to the savannah.
  • Twilight Tower of terror for the adrenaline junkies.
  • Hollywood studios of the Disney (how come you can miss it!)
  • Soarin, which makes you fly in the air (you feel it!)
  • Pirates of the Caribbean in the Magic Kingdom
  • Illuminations, get the reflection of the earth, laser, fire, and water!
  • Get a character meal
  • Go on the spaceship travel
  • Jungle cruise, live in the jungle
  • Finding Nemo in the musical kingdom, totally a different experience 
  • Cinderella castle
  • Blizzard beach water park, fun, fun and nothing but fun! 

Live the dream of living in a fantasy world, in the Disney world. The cost of the ticket varies and starts from $100 a day. There are many packages to choose from.

To know more about the packages cost, check here, https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/tickets/

Walt Disney World Resort, Orlando, FL 32830, the United States

Bay Lake, Florida, United States

Phone: +1 407-939-5277

8. New York City, the city of lights for once in a lifetime experience

New York City, the city of lights with the fastest life brims with life and energy when the sun sets. Yes, it is the city that comes alive with more energy and vibrancy at nights. A trip to New York City doesn’t just come under the list of fun places to visit in the US, but also makes a lifetime experience!

Times Square, Manhattan skyline, Central Park, the Yankee Stadium, the American Museum of Natural History, Brooklyn Bridge, and Empire State Building are a few that reminds us about the brimming life of New York. Every bit of New York has its own roster of not to miss attractions, amicable hot spots, invigorating activities and contemporary to classic restaurants.

Besides, you can go on cycling and biking tours around New York and embark on city tours.

Check out here to know the latest in New York. http://www.nycgo.com/must-see-nyc

Check for the New York tour packages here. http://www.nycguidedtours.nyc/

9. Niagara Falls, breathtaking beauty

How many of you aware about the fact that Niagara Falls is formed by the end of the Ice Age Period? (Remembering the movie?) Large torrents of water are released during the meltdown happened at the end of Ice Age era, draining into which is now called as Niagara Falls. So, it means still the Ice Age remnants are melting and even we do live in the Ice Age era! Yes, Niagara Falls is one of the fun places to travel in the US.

Niagara Falls appears beautiful regardless of the angle and viewpoint you look at the Falls. Take a boat ride and visit the massive (spine-chilling) beauty of Niagara at its closest point. You will be drenched by this majestic beauty and it attracts more than 12 million visitors every year!

You cannot hear anyone talking as you witness the colossal Niagara, but she remains silent when its climate freezes.

You will be offered with the aerial tour, boat tour, and activity tour in and around Niagara. The price of boat tour starts from $45 per person.

Check out the complete list of tours here with updated price.


Explore the Niagara packages here, https://www.niagarafallstourism.com

These are just a few fun places to travel in the US. There are quite a few more popular attractions in the US and fun places in the US you should explore. Yet, make these places a priority and don’t miss these on your next trip to the USA.

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