How To Cancel Tatkal E-Ticket Online ?

Tatkal Ticket Cancel

Tatkal E-Ticket can only be cancelled if it is Not Confirmed. No money will be refunded on cancelling the Confirmed Tatkal Ticket as per Indian Railways Cancellation new rules. But for Contingent and waiting listed Tatkal ticket, Cancellation is allowed and the money will be refunded after deduction the charges as per Railway Rules.

As all of you know that at least one passenger Identity Card details are required to book the Tatkal Ticket then here could be many possibility on Cancellation of the Tatkal Ticket lets discuss it.

Suppose 3 people has booked the Tatkal Ticket together with the one PNR Number generated then:

Can you cancel the reservation for 1 passenger only ?

The answer is Yes, this is well known as Partial Cancellation of Tatkal E-Tickets but there is some restriction on this too these are –

If you are going to cancel reservation only for the Passenger who has given their ID Card details (at the time of booking) then yo can not cancel the ticket Partially if no other passenger ID Card details were entered at the time of booking. In simple word, at least one person should be travelling with the booked Ticket.

In case if, Ticket is booked for 3 passenger together with the one PNR Number but only one person ID Card details were entered at the time of booking the:

Can you cancel the reservation only for the passenger who entered their ID Card details ?

The answer is No, if you are going to do the Partial Cancellation of Tatkal E-Ticket for the passenger whose ID Card details were entered at the time of booking then Ticket will be cancelled for all the passengers on that E-Ticket, Partial Cancellation is not allowed in this case.

 Cancel Tatkal E-Ticket Online:

Cancelling the Tatkal Ticket is same as Normal Ticket Cancellation please have a look at this link

But we have explained it again here for your convinience:

Step1: Log Into Your IRCTC Account.


Log Into Your IRCTC Account

Step2: Click On Cancel Ticket Link

Cancel Indian Railway IRCTC Ticket

Click On Cancel Ticket Link

Step3: This screen will show all the booked Active tickets to you. Select the Tatkal Ticket to be cancelled from Booked Ticket section and click on Cancel Ticket button.

Cancel e Ticket

Click on Cancel Ticket button

For any Query, post your comment in comment section of this post we will try our best to solve your query.

More details about E-Ticket cancellation you can visit the main IRCTC Terms at this link


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  2. How to cancel the ticket I booked my ticket in paytm

  3. I have booked 3 tatkal tickets which are in waiting list how to cancel them

  4. Asad sheikh says:

    Can i cancle my counter ticket’s xerox copy? Is it possible then how?

  5. Manas Srivastava says:

    Hi, I booked 3-tickets in TATKAL for 2-TIER A/C But i have got 1-Ticket is confirmed but rest-2 tickets are in waitinglist W/L1 & W/L2 in 2 A/C. But we all want to travel together so i want to cancel the ticket.
    Will i get refund for all 3-tickets if i cancel all 3? for what is the next procedure…?
    Please advice…as its urgent

    Thank you

  6. I have confirmed tatkal ticket but train has been cancelled. Will i get refund? Should i cancel tatkal ticket. What is the procedure

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