IRCTC Cancellation Charges 2015/16/17 for 3AC,2AC,1AC,SL

IRCTC Cancellation Charges in 20152016 2017

IRCTC ticket cancellation charges and subsequent refund on the canceled tickets is a major factor that most travelers should know. Indian Railways levies a certain amount, either based on a flat rate of IRCTC cancellation charges for the train ticket or a percentage of amounts reduced from the cost of a ticket as cancellation charges for the e-ticket. Whether you book your ticket through IRCTC website or through any travel site, the cancellation charges for train ticket remains the same.

Cancellation of Railway Tickets

Cancellation of railways tickets online is one of the services launched by Indian Railways. Subsequently, the IRCTC cancellation charges for the train ticket is levied as a part of IRCTC service charges for the train tickets booked through IRCRC site or any travel website connected with IRCTC.

IRCTC tickets can be canceled online until the chart preparation. Train chart is prepared before 4 hours of the actual time of journey. Once the chart is prepared, tickets cannot be canceled. When your ticket is not confirmed, you will get the full refund of the ticket as per existing rules, subject to deduction of service charges.


IRCTC Cancellation Charges for Confirmed e-tickets

IRCTC Cancellation charges for e-ticket vary based on the status of the ticket, partial or whole cancellation, class of the ticket, duration or hourly gap between the cancellation of railway tickets and the date and time of journey, distance of the journey etc.

Standard Cancellation Charges per passenger for the tickets that are canceled a day i.e 24 hours or more in advance than the date of journey. For instance, if you have booked the tickets on 6th June 2015, (train departure time 8 am) the following charges are deducted if you cancel the ticket on or before 5th June before 8 am.

IRCTC cancellation charges for SL (Second Class)                                            Rs. 60

IRCTC cancellation charges for Sleeper Class (SL)                                            Rs. 120

IRCTC cancellation charges for 3ac (3rd AC Economy and AC chair car)      Rs. 180

IRCTC cancellation charges for 2ac (First Class)                                                Rs. 200

First AC (Executive Class)                                                                                        Rs. 240


IRCTC Cancellation Charges for Waiting List e-ticket

A Flat fix Rs. 65 will be deducted in case of auto-cancel if e-ticket does not get confirmed or you cancel it from IRCTC portal

Please Note – Waitlisted e-Ticket gets canceled automatically if it does not get confirmed till chart preparation time.


Some Other Info About IRCTC e-Ticket:

Cancellation charges for IRCTC ticket canceled in less than 24 hours of scheduled departure until chart prepared. 25% of the fare subject to the minimum flat rate mentioned in the above clause.

Important Note:

1) If a confirmed ticket is canceled within 48 hrs and up to 12 hours before the scheduled departure of the train, A flat 25% is deducted from the total cost of the ticket in addition to minimum cancellation charges for train tickets as mentioned above.

2) If a confirmed ticket is canceled within 12 hrs and up to 4 hours before the scheduled departure of the train up to chart preparation which is earlier, A flat 50% is deducted from the total cost of the ticket in addition to minimum cancellation charges for train tickets as mentioned above.

3) If less than 4 hours is remaining in train departure and chart is prepared, then NO REFUND is given on cancellation of confirmed tickets.


IRCTC Ticket Cancellation Rules/Policy on RAC and Waitlisted (WL) Tickets:

Cancellation charges of IRCTC waiting tickets or RAC tickets – If your ticket is not confirmed and is under the status of RAC or Waitlisted ticket, no cancellation charges for railway tickets are applied Rather, clerk-age charges are deducted from the cost of the ticket and balance amount is refunded to the bank account / credit card account.

irctc cancellation rules for waitlisted tickets


What is Clerk age Charge and when is it levied?

Clerk age is a charge levied for the clerical work rendered in the refund of fares on cancellation of unreserved, waitlisted & RAC tickets. The amount of clerk age charge is Rs.65/- per passenger for all classes, except

Clerk-age charges for (All Classes except Second Class) – Rs.65 per passenger

Clerk-age charges for (Second Class, Unreserved Tickets) – Rs.30 per passenger


Can Tatkal or Premium Tickets be Canceled ?

IRCTC Cancellation Charges on Tatkal Tickets

Yes but no amount is refunded when you cancel the confirmed Tatkal tickets! It means, the total amount you paid to book the tatkal or premium tickets is treated as cancellation charges of e-tickets, for confirmed tatkal tickets.

For waitlisted and RAC tickets, the above-mentioned standard rate of IRCTC cancellation charges is applied.


IRCTC Cancellation Charges for Partially Confirmed and Partial RAC / WL tickets

In some cases, when an e-ticket is booked with more than one passengers, the seats may not get confirmed for one or more. If a ticket is booked for 4 passengers, where the ticket is confirmed for 2 and waitlisted or listed as RAC for other 2, you need to get the certificate from the Ticket Examiner, provided the passengers with RAC tickets are not traveling. After filing the TDR online, the standard IRCTC cancellation charges of rs. 30 per passenger shall be deducted and the refund will be processed.

Alternatively, when the passengers with RAC Ticket travel on the train, no cancellation is permissible!

In a case of WL tickets, the passengers whose seats are not confirmed are not permissible to travel. The similar certificate should be obtained from the Ticket Examiner and filed with TDR.

If you cancel the whole ticket, the IRCTC cancellation charges vary for confirmed tickets (standard rates of cancellation charges for each class) is deducted and a flat rate is deducted for RAC tickets.


IRCTC Cancellation Charges of I-Tickets

I tickets cannot be canceled online, although the tickets were book online. If you need to cancel an I-ticket you should visit a Computerized Reservation Center printed copy of the ticket. After deducting the cancellation charges, the amount will be transferred to the respective credit card or bank account from which the payment is made to book the tickets. Cash refund is not made to the customer at the reservation center.

I tickets can be canceled at the reservation counters before 72 hours (i.e 4 days ) of scheduled departure of the train. No cancellation is permissible between 72 hours and scheduled departure, even when the ticket is confirmed.


IRCTC Cancellation Charges in 2016/2017 FAQs

1. Can I get the refund of services charges levied while booking the tickets?

The refund amount doesn’t include IRCTC service charges for booking railway tickets, additional bank charges are levied by Banks and the Payment Gateway. If you have booked your tickets through third party website, there could be some additional services charges debited as charged by the respective website.

For instance, the third party websites would charge your Rs. 20 per ticket in addition to IRCTC service charges. This amount will not be refunded to your account. Besides, since you booked through third party website, and additional charges will be levied.


2. I canceled my WL tatkal ticket. Will I get the refund of tatkal charges along with refund amount?

IRCTC Cancellation ChargesTatkal charges are levied as additional IRCTC service charges. Once you cancel the ticket, the standard IRCTC cancellation charges are deducted from the cost of the ticket. After deducting the cancellation charges on RAC or WL tatkal tickets, the balance amount credited to the account doesn’t include the tatkal reservation charges. 

3. My ticket is upgraded from 3rd AC to 2nd AC. If I cancel it, how much will be deducted as IRCTC cancellation charges?

Cancellation charges for railway tickets vary based on the class of the tickets booked and not on upgraded class. Even if your class is upgraded, the IRCTC cancellation charges per passenger for 3rd AC ticket are Rs. 180.

4. Can RAC ticket be canceled?

Yes. RAC ticket is considered as confirmed ticket and can be canceled. Traveling with RAC ticket is inconvenient if your journey is long because in RAC ticket you get half side lower birth just to sit only, another half lower birth gets allocated to another passenger.

5. I did not cancel my RAC ticket and not traveled also. What will be cancellation charges and can I get the refund?

RAC tickets should be canceled within 3 hours of train departure. A request for refund should be filed before 3 hours of the departure of the train. If you don’t file a refund request, no refund will be provided. If you have filed the refund request, Rs. 30 / per passenger will be deducted as cancellation charges in IRCTC.

If still you have any question in your mind just fire it in a comment box, we will clarify your all the doubts.


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