IRCTC Passenger Train List

IRCTC Passenger List

There are many types of trains as we already discussed here at last. One more well known type of train is ‘IRCTC Passenger Train’. Passenger trains further divided into two more trains High speed and low speed passenger. High speed passenger trains is well known as Fast passenger and other one is slow passenger train.

IRCTC Passenger List – All Train List

There are predefined list of passenger trains in IRCTC. Please have a look at below table to get all the trains (Passenger trains) list:

IRCTC Passenger List

IRCTC Passenger Train List

For train passenger list with names please visit this link-–PASS-TRAINS–1#!PAGE=LIST–PASS-TRAINS–1

Slow Passenger Trains

Please visit this link-

Fast Passenger Trains

There are only few passenger trains which are Fast.–PASS-TRAINS–3

Passenger Trains Journey Experience

Journey in Slow passenger train is very irritating because slow passenger stops in each and every station. The halt is usually in all the stations that’s why the timing is the main concern. In other words if a normal train covers a distance in few hours lets say in 10 hours then a slow passenger train takes around 17-18 hours to cover the same distance because of halt in every station.

Journey in Fast passenger train is good compare to slow passenger train, Fast passenger stops in many stations but not in each and every. In above the case if normal train covers a distance in 10 hours then the time to cover same distance for Fast passenger is almost same because it runs at same speed as normal train.

Fare in Passenger Trains

if we talk about Fare of the tickets in passenger trains then it is good to know that it is very very low compare to normal train’s fare. It is very helpful for people who all belong to low class family and have money problem in their life.

But one thing to notice that only low class family do not travel in passenger trains infect middle and

high class family also travels in case of emergency.

AC Coach in Passenger Train

Is it ? No there is no AC coach available in any passenger trains. Only general and sleeper coach but not in all the passenger trains. Maximum of trains having only General coaches.

Crowd in Passenger Trains

Too much :O crowded. Yes in terms of crowd those type of trains having too many passengers to travel from source to destination. There is no place also sometimes in these trains to sit and to go for toilet also ;)

The main reason behind this is only Low Fare of the ticket.

Always On time ?

Nope never ever. Passenger trains never come at correct time in station except source station. Usually it runs at incorrect time but not always, sometimes passenger trains also reaches at station at correct time.


In simple words, if you are planning to travel in slow passenger train for long distance then never ever plan for this, go for fast passenger or normal trains.

Please refer the above links given for checking IRCTC passenger list

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