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  1. At the bottom of irctc Terms and conditions accept or decline is not shown every time I fill all the columns and hence I am not able to
    register for the past two days and not able to book tickets. What should be done
    V MADHAVA RAO 76 yrs

  2. very Informative Articale

  3. registration kiya lekin nahi huva kasee pata chalega

  4. Jon Ecklin says:

    Yes! Finally someone writes about for more info.



  6. Suresh Kumar Soni says:

    Can i use my existing email ID and Mob. number for new IRCTC registration. which site is not allowing me.

  7. dhanumjaya says:

    I fill all forms but residential address is not accepting but it was correct so, what im do?

  8. I create new irctc sign in account but state city post office option not open. So please sir give me good knowledge. Thanks


    I filled the registration form quite a few times without getting any error indication but after final submission of the form I did not get any e-mail message or OTP in the mobile phone. Consequently I am unable to login to the IRCTC site for ticketing purposes. Please help to resolve this problem.
    Thanks and regards

  10. Vijeta Sharma says:

    I am trying to register with the irctc website but when I try to enter my address it gives me an error message saying min 3 characters and max 225 alphabets, number and space are allowed only. If my house no. is 6/5, how do I get it right according to the website?

  11. I have filled in all the details but my registration has been accepted by IRCTC or not I do not know because I am not in a position to book my e-ticket.

  12. I am having account but now login page is not working,I can not type my ID and password as its not taking the letters.its locked please let me know how to solve this problem.

  13. dr heeralal says:

    I submit the form but can not receive any opt or g mail.

  14. Gururaj Kavatagi says:

    in goole brouser iam getting error in captch while booking railway reservarion in putting rigth captch from my laptop from other device iam able to log in without any error pl reply for the reason

  15. Umakant Sahani says:

    Umakant Sahani,I creat IRCTC account but made entry wrong email I’d please help me

  16. my irctc user id , password and Security question also not but register email id mobile number currently using recover my irctc log in how is it

  17. S. Gopal Rao says:

    My Account satyavarpu123@gmail.com has been activated and again deactivated while submitting the format. Please activate at the earliest please.


  18. Hello sir hope all going good..I wanted to say that i followed all the steps after clicking agree to the terms I didn’t get any otp for verification.. on my phone or email after so many efforts plz suggest how I will get otp…Thanks


  19. deepak bajpai says:

    i tried to register but it shows that enter valid emailid and ph. no. as i entered different valid emailids and ph. no.pls help

  20. sharif; hi sir my account open kiya hum lekin login karne se nahi hora hai

  21. Iam getting an error displaying “Min 3 characters & Max 225 alphabets, hnumber and space are allowed only” near the residential address.Could you please help me in solving my priblem

  22. why my account opened in the name of Pravanjan with email id pravanjan2556@gmail.com in irctc.com has been deactivated. pl activate my account at the earliest.

  23. I already (ie 20/02/2017)registered IRCTC & Mobile verification also completed & I am waiting for E mail verification since E mail not recd so for. I do know what I am doing . pl let us know

  24. AMARJEET KAUR says:

    I have mistake i my IRCTC registration by entering the wrong gamil ID . Wrong id have entered is tejk1998@gmail.com. My correct id is tajk1998@gmail.com. Please change my wrog id with correct id tajk1998@gmail.com

  25. I have not remember my password mobile number and sequrity question what do i do


    I have already registered with IRCTC. My user ID is ravindan and Password is ra123. While I am going to book a ticket, i am receiving the message “Bookings are not allowed as your account has been suspended”. What is the reason for such message and how to I book ticket or to us the IRCTC website. Pl reply me.

  27. Tarun Kansara says:

    How to Activate my ( Deactive Account ) i am facing problem please help
    I have user id , Valid Email,and Valid mobile number



  29. Deepak aggarwal says:

    I want create my new irctc account but it shows first or last name contains only letters but i fill only letters it shows again and again only letters . What can i do for creating a new account

  30. Chandrakant says:

    I have been trying to login since many days despite genuine user I’d and password but not getting it. I am also trying to create new account then also page disappears after some time . please guide me what to do?

  31. I was tried to create new account but there is some problem …it doesn’t take my details, , and I give proper details about me!!! I don’t give any errors! !!that I m sure!!! What is problem Ha? ??

  32. My userid is on hold due to technical reasons. How to get it right? May be instead of block no. i entered the wrong number.

  33. VALLIKRISHNA says:


  34. I have created an user ID. But unable to login. What shall I do?

  35. Falguni Mukherjee says:

    I have created new user Id n password. But I have seen my wrong date of birth in my profile. I am a Sr citizen rtd bank officer. My date of birth is 16 th day of December 1955. But in my profile it is November 0002. Pl advice how can I rectify it?

  36. I am from Europe and I don´t have an Indian phone number so I used several dummies like 9999999999 but it always says “mobile number already in used”
    So i can´t register. What should I do? Thanks

  37. mahavir singh says:

    how to log in if i forgot my user id and password

  38. SUNIL TIWARI says:


  39. Jagadeesh Reddy says:

    I had an account in IRCTC and forgotten the user ID and password.my mail ID:jagadeeshreddi@yahoo.com and Mobile no.: 9900045711.
    I tried to open new account and it says themobile nomber already exist. How can I proceed for new account with same mail ID and Phone No.

  40. suraj kumar kanoo says:

    I have forgotten the user id

  41. sir,

    please tell me how i can change the email id in my existing login IRCTC

  42. johur hussain laskar says:

    My otp not send my email please send otp

  43. Palanivel T says:

    Sir. In registration form. The column o. Select city and state is not functioning. I need to create an account immediately.

  44. Dear sir i want new account but user id not cleard whose user id acceptable for me


    sir my account in irctc is blocked, i could not reserve tickets and other services, please re open my user id with same mobile number and email address as iam using this mobile number for the last 15 years, i dont want to change my mobile for irctc purpose.please do need full, my user id VSBABA .regards

  46. SIR, I tried to open a new registration account FOR E-TICKET ,but every time a message is received as ‘Mobile no.is already in use’ -So I couldn’t register a new account.In fact ,I don’t remember any earlier registration done by me. However, how can I can activate the old registration if at all registered when I know only my mob number OR HOW COULD I register A NEW ACCOUNT WITH THE SAME MOB NUMBER ? PLEASE HELP ME ,REGARDS -SAM

  47. you help make irctc old id

  48. while I am registering when I entered user id it is always showing user id already exists ,please choose another id. B trying with the different ids also it showing the same message. Could u suggest how to overcome this.

  49. How reset my mail ID & mobile number because I hv nt opened my irctc account I hv tried there I have typed my mail ID & mobile number.but now again I try create my new account but it’s comming mail ID & mobile number already used.

  50. i am trying to open account but unable to download registration form. Can you help me in this regard

  51. My irctcl account has not operating. Now I want reregister with the same phone no. and email which I had given earlier as I am using that mobile and email only.

  52. Prakash Hardikar says:

    I had registered on your site about 6years ago and subsequently I have not used for a long time.When I try to log in I get a repoly saying my account is deactivated >How do I reactivate my account as I can not create new account also as my mobile and email Id is
    Prakash Hardikar

  53. Jawaharlal Nehru says:

    I created my account successfully.. But my date of birth was wrong.How can I edit my account details..

  54. How to select ‘state’ in the address section ? it is not getting selected.

  55. I tried to sign up irctc. Everything was going O.K. When I reached the ‘state’ box, it does not get selected and thus ‘city’ box is also not selected. What is the solution ?

  56. After filling and accept the term and conditions registration form pop of massage not seen on mobile

  57. I want make irctc id for old site services.irctc.co.in or i want to login old site, but whenever i try to login service.irctc.co.in its massage appear you been migrated , login on irctc.co.in

    I want access old site,

    How can i do this?

    Whats app 7387976211
    Plzz help..

  58. Trilok chand says:

    Once I had irctc account but now forgot user I’d and password. What I remember is my fb account trilok_55@yahoo.com and it’s pw. I travel time and again from himachal to Delhi and not able to book my tkt on my phone. I m 61 year retd BSF.
    Ok help to unlock my irctc account

  59. leena gaur says:

    i already have an an account with a mobile no . but I think I have forgotten my account no /or security answer as it does not show me the question.now when i make a new account it says mobile number in use . how do i use the site when i cannot access my old account ?

  60. Sir,
    I have already registered for internet ticket booking with my mobile number.However I had forgotten both username and also the password that I had given while registration. Hence i am unable to get into the ticket booking process as the software refuses. Hence i tried for new registration But when i indicate my mobile number i get the msg that it has been already registered and disallows for fresh registration. what shall i do for fresh registration ? My mobile number is 9449069269

  61. Hovikhe Jimo says:

    Sir, my problem is when I create new user ID there is not excepting and write on screen only numbers are allowed I want to know what is the meaning of only” numbers are allowed “give me some examples

  62. Shyam sunder says:

    I ‘m having problem to reactivate my account with this mobile no. 9999984569

  63. Hi
    What mobile number to put in the form.

  64. I don’t have a landline no,what should i do ?

  65. Minarul Islsn says:

    I have crieat a new account but not complit.how i complit my account

  66. My account with user ID as brijkraina has been deactivated. Can I create/register once again with the same userID/password details or entirely different details.

  67. How can i change the mob no if i lost my sim card after opening accaount?????????

  68. I filled form and I am pressing that button to continue…but it is not working anything

  69. Raja Sanglikar says:

    I forget my login ID as well as Password of my account. Therefore, I try to open a new registration account but every time a message is received as ‘Mobile no. already used’ and then I couldn’t open the account. How I can activate the old registration or register for new one?

  70. Anne Margaret Banning says:

    How do you register from Great Britain? I don’t have an Indian mobile number. Also the address spaces don’t match for my address. I haven’t a block number. I hope you can help.
    Best wishes

  71. Archana Banik says:

    how to create new accounts

  72. Subhash Chandra Gupta says:

    i am already registered. My mobile number and email id is changed is changed. how it may be corrected ?

  73. T.S.Rama krishna says:

    unable to create my account in irctc, why?

  74. Dear sir meri id bani hue h bt passwerd bhul gya hu to passwerd kese lau plz plz koi jawab de

  75. jagdish patil says:

    i enter user ID for login but system show the incorrect user ID as per sending mail by irctc user ID is correct as per record, patilj702 is my user ID

  76. Is there any timing for registration of new user?

  77. Were you able to create new IRCTC account?

  78. Raju Gunparthi
    6 27, 2016 at 8:30 pm14.05.1980
    HELP ME.


  79. Raju

    I am unable to create the New account please help me out!
    Thanks in advance.


  80. Please follow the process and steps mentioned above to Create New IRCTC Account

  81. My username and password was sent to mobile what i do next step

  82. i filled all forms but when i an
    clicking SUBMIT nothing happens

  83. I registered in irctc but not received otp in mail nor sms.

  84. I registered in irctc but not received otp in mail nor sms. what will be next step?

  85. why i cannot able to proceed tatkak ticket

  86. Change my registered irctcmob no

  87. I am not conf my user id or password ,

  88. Ravindra G Indikar says:

    I have earlier registered account in IRCTC but i have forgotten both userid and password please guide me
    to retrieve both userid and password

  89. Colonel Thomas Kochappan(Retd) says:

    I had d one irctc registration a few yrs back which stands non functional now. I have been trying to to do a new registration with a new User Id & Password but when after filling up all details & submit the Registration Form it is not accepted & I do not get a confirmation from irctc . Please guide me /help me

  90. Amitava Datta says:

    I am not able to register myself even after filling up the form many times with correct and complete credentials. please suggest


    HELP ME.

  92. Mukut Kr Das says:

    About two months back I had opened an IRCTC account and was using the same. Almost ten days ago while I tried to open the account, I forgot the password. So I tried to reset the password and in the process IRCTC sent me OTPs for 2/3 times, but I
    didnot get the same. Incidentally, that very morning I received a message from my service provider, Reliance stating “Internal server error”. May be due to this I didnot get the OTPs and couldnot finish the task. Now, if I try to use my user ID, I am told invalid user. So, I wanted to open a new account. I filled up the registration form properly and when I submitted, there were no responses. I did it for several times. Please help me open a new IRCTC Account.

  93. Vinay Prajapati says:

    Dear sir mera irctc registration nahi ho raha hai, form submitt karne par mobile or email id dusra maang raha hai.

  94. Akash goyal says:

    can anyone have id password for ftr coach booking?????

  95. How will my mobile number verify

  96. i am trying to open new IRCTC account but not succeed.

  97. WILLIAM DANIEL says:

    In my IRCTC login wils2tkt, I want to change my mobile no as 9994168009 instead of 9994168002. Kindly advice as I’m unable to utilise the service.

  98. monika saxena says:

    how do i retrieve my password and login id

  99. Firos babu says:

    I have no my otp and password please help me

  100. Kumar Sanu says:

    I am new to IRCTC registration & had mentioned all asked details in the form but password i entered not accepting. Added Letters Numerical digits also.. after all these not accepting my password.. plz help..please soon

  101. Sir
    I want to change my mobile number and the email is. I have already the account
    My present email I’d is. caesarhenry@gmail.com


  102. Plz help me for registration as my mob no is already use by me for registration so unable to register

  103. D C CHAUDHARY says:

    after successfully registration when i am going for login message comes
    your account is deactivated you can no login

  104. Mera irctc account Google se open ho raha hai par mujhe irctc app se open karne ka hai par app invalid id bol raha hai me kya karu

  105. VINOD KUMAR says:

    i fill the new irctc indiviuals new registration form and submit. But i have not received any email form irctc for conformation for my user id and password and mobile verfication code.

  106. Can I change my mobile number of my registered irctc account?


    Dear Sir
    Since the last two days “I have been trying to do registeration on IRCTC,I have used multiple phone to rule out connectivity obstacles .

    I have never succeed the process after submit is pressed never happens as given the guide of 7 steps .

  108. Dear sir,
    mera irctc ka username our password bhul gaya hun, our naya account nahi ban raha hai ,mi irctc ke accout ko kaise chalu karu.

  109. i have wrongly entered my mobile number & e mail id during registration,
    if i register it again it is showing as e mail id & mobile number already exits

    what should i do to correct this issue

  110. Ankem Anuradhadevi says:

    Dear Sir;
    I have filled the “irctc registration form” and pressed submit button.
    But i did not receive and e-mail/OTP message to my phone from irctc for verification.

  111. I already have an account in IRCTC. But I have forgot my User ID and password as well.
    I tried to create a new account using the same mobile number and e-mail ID, it is not generating.
    Since, the confirmation will be sent to mobile number mentioned,
    I have only ONE contact number.
    What is the alternate solution to create a new account or fetch my existing User ID and password?

    • If you have forgotten Username/Password both then search very first email you got from IRCTC into your email id, get the username from this email and click on this link to reset your password.

      Note: If you have lost your registered number also then You must remember security question’s answer to reset it.

  112. Dear sir i have created an account on IRCTC but i did not get OTP neither in message box nor email. How can i get OTP .

  113. neha tiwari says:

    dear sir i want to create an id on irctc but complete filling the required on line form the on clicking the submit button there is no response….it does not proceeds futher.. what has to do net…. eighter any particular time is there for registration… pls help

  114. sonam wangdu says:

    Dear Railways,

    Your citizen is not much educated as you expecting. Why not it be simple, what is the use of sign up & login. creating lots of problem. why not be like online Air-ticketing, no need of sign-up&login. think for the simple and easy short so that every beneficiaries can do it within a second.

    • Dear Sonam, Thanks for your feedback.

      But can you answer few of the questions? if you do not have any account in IRCTC.

      1. If you wanna track your old booked ticket history then how you will check?
      2. If you lost your e-ticket then how will you send another SMS by your self in your mobile?
      3. If you wanna cancel your ticket then will you do it? if you do not have an account.

      There are many questions to be asked. But for now can you answer those? Any web application which do some transaction must have Sign Up activity to track the user activities and their records.

  115. sonam wangdu says:

    SORRY, I have finished my filling of form but not received any message on my given email id and OTP on my phone given number. I have this problem since long back since years ago.

    • sonam wangdu says:

      why this lengthy filling of forms is just confusion to the customers nothing more than that. Myself is one example, I am trying since long back years ago still I couldn’t struck at certain point. This time after filling form, no message and OTP received. instead long, why it is not possible to shorten and easy. its nothing but bull sheet. Railway bull sheet

  116. Akhil Kumar Tiwari says:


  117. Sir plz help me,to create new account on irctc

  118. I am new to IRCTC registration & had mentioned all asked details in the form but password i entered not accepting. Added Letters Numerical digits also.. after all these not accepting my password.. plz help..

  119. When is the released Mobile Number can be reused?

  120. Hrushikesh Kulkarni says:

    When i am trying to login the website mentions “As you have been migrated to Next Generation e-Ticketing website of IRCTC. Please login through http://www.irctc.co.in“.

    The login page is the next generation website but as the password is entered, the older version of website appears “services.irctc.co.in…….”.

    Was there any procedure / click required to migrate to next gen website?

    • No. if you will login then new version only will display.
      But if you are existing user and you are trying to RESET your password then you will be navigated on older version to reset your password.

      It seems you are trying to reset your password is it ?

      • Hrushikesh Kulkarni says:

        No i am not trying to reset the password. It is just that i am logging after a long time.

        The first page is the new website. However after logging in it takes to the 2nd password page (of the order website). After again entering the password it mentioned “you have migrated ….”

  121. Suresh Birajdar says:

    I can try to create a/c,but don’t open. Irctc is only of the name but they don’t work properly.

  122. Jayeshgiri says:


    I have my user ID “jayeshgiri”. Since last 5 years I didn’t used because of no need. Now that ID showing de-activate. i call Customer care they told its suspended so create new user ID.

    Now, During new process of new ID its not allowing saying mobile and mail is already in use.
    I do not have other mobile though i can create new mail ID.

    Sir, We are common living family never need to play role of agent. neither miss use account ID nor have any criminal or illegal record. Why my account suspended I don’t know.

    If you can activate My account or At least release My mobile number and mail Attached to ID so I can create New ID.

    My ID : jayeshgiri

    • Hello Jayeshgiri,
      ID has been suspended because of no use since long and to reduce load of irrelevant records which has not been used for long.

      You will have to create new account with another mobile number and email id. To create new IRCTC account please click here.

  123. Jayeshgiri says:


    I have my user ID “jayeshgiri”. Since last 5 years I didn’t used because of no need. Now that ID showing de-activate. i call Customer care they told its suspended so create new user ID.

    Now, During new process of new ID its not allowing saying mobile and mail is already in use.
    I do not have other mobile though i can create new mail ID.

    Sir, We are common living family never need to play role of agent. neither miss use account ID nor have any criminal or illegal record. Why my account suspended I don’t know.

    If you can activate My account or At least release My mobile number and mail Attached to ID so I can create New ID.

    My ID : jayeshgiri
    Mobile : 9825645561
    E mail : jayeshgirigoswami@yahoo.com

  124. I’m not able to open my a/c bcozz 1st problem is its says ur user id is already exist but but this solve after completing whole process then say ur ac is deactivated …???
    Plss sir give solutions.. abt register my ac
    Ppllss ssonn reply

  125. sir,
    I tried doing http://www.irctc.co.in registration but it says e mail id and mobile number already registered but i did not register at all.. i have created nearly 2 years back, but iam not save my usr id and passward so, how can i registered or pl. send my user id and passward. throw my e mail

  126. Shubham khanna says:

    I am not able to register my account in using mobile app irctc correct..Than I click on registration submittion than no loading is here or my registration is not done..So plz tell me what I do.?

  127. Hallo sir irctc new option kha pe milega plz helf me sir

  128. Shubham garg says:

    Sir/man i have an irctc account created on the mobile app having user id Shubham826 but i am unable to login on the services.irctc.co.in or http://www.irctc.co.in through the same id and password on my laptop. Please help me ..

  129. Sir I m not crate irctc account
    Please tell me the exemple of id & paswo6

  130. Sir,

    I forgot my password could you please reset mypassword.

    user id :raadhesh1

    Thanks in advance

  131. while i register my new irctc page type all the details and submit the registeration form not loading the page….. what sholud i do…. sir…… like this happen for 3 days………?

  132. Sir,
    In the first form flat/door/block no. is asking. what does it mean?

  133. vipulrokad says:

    Sir me aapna usr id and passwsrd bhul gaya hu please help me out or please send old user id and password thanks.

  134. Bhavanishankar says:

    I was using this link since 3 years but my email is invalid now moreover I forgot my password. I can’t make re registration it ask my mail id eventhough I got password I should collect through my mail id
    I hope you understand my problem

  135. Sir mai apni password bhool gaya hu .. aur mujhe logine karne me problem ja rai hai.. jab mai foget option me click karta hu to wo OTP mere mon no 9303130028 pe chala jata hai . Jo ki ye no mai apna band kar chuka hu.aur sir meri email id irctc account me register hai par mob app me option nai deta .. to plz bataiye ki mai apni irctc account kaise logine karu. My user id is mukeshdark
    And my email address is

  136. sanjay kumar choudhary says:

    hello sir
    mai IRCTC ka new account create karna chahta hu.mai jab v pura form filip kar ke submit karta hu to screen par ek msg dikhai deta hai.jisme likha hota hai ” Term and condition of web-site” mai kya karu….
    plz help me sir,

    • Required more input from your side to understand your problem. Please share. We never get ‘Term and condition of web-site’ message. I guess you need to click on Agree button to proceed.

  137. i am not able to register myself for irctc…
    even i am finished with all the procedure , there is no OTP or msg send to me…

  138. i have forgotten my user name .what should i do?

  139. vakil khan says:

    Please Help sir,
    I am trying to many times but sir my account not create, again and again massage show enter valid email I’d. What type email I’d resister in irctc.please help

  140. RIDDHI GADGIL says:

    Need to remove the previously registered account information
    I have created an account long before. Now I have forgotten the old account. I have created a new account. While creating I faced many difficulties such as

    1. I was unable to give the same mail address as mentioned in the previous account which I have forgotten.

    2. The mobile number. When I registered the new account with the same mobile number, it was said that “The mobile number is already in use of other account”.

    Please try to remove my previous account information so I can use the current account in ease.
    My mail-id is riddhi_jn89@yahoo.com (personal, not registered with IRCTC) so I could send the required details in order to remove the previous account details.


    • Hello Riddhi,
      As data can not be deleted once saved. Its a government project so nobody has privilege to delete anything from data base.
      You will have to use another email id and mobile number to create new account.

      BTW if you know your username then please do share here i’ll reset password on behalf of you.


  141. Hello sir
    I m Mustafa, I m also in problem plz help me.
    Metter is that, I had created IRCTC account and I found user Id and password but my Id is not opening I have tried many times, aft after submiting Id p word and captcha number it is showing wrong credentials.
    Plz give any solutions what should I do in like this circumstance……..

  142. Sir I am new user, i tried many times for registration but after filling complete form, when i press submit buttion, it is not accepting my form, it does not give any response., what should i do?

  143. Super thanks for the steps. I created my account successfully.

  144. vishal hira chavan says:

    user id allready usse ‘ & mobail number allready registar , pls any slotution

  145. OTP on mail not received… When I received the session got expired.
    The site is stupid. People turn anti-Government because of such lazy people making no effort to make a website of such big organization. Sirf naam ke liye online kiya hai. Kaam to hota hi nahi.

    • Hey Abhishek,
      I understand the problem you are facing. Railway has changed the entire website design only for booking the ticket but IRCTC Registration is still using Old design that’s why people face problems and Error such as OTP not received, Confirmation email not received.

  146. Anup Paul says:

    I have tried logging in but not open. I have called to customer care but not they did not give any suggestion. Please help!

  147. I have an Account but i can’t open it why ?

  148. I got msg that session is expired etc.etc. i tried new reg. 3 times, but failed, i also filled up the form completely my mob. No. Is 9662543208.

  149. VSG Krishsnan says:

    I am ubale to open my IRCTC account. whenever it is opened, I was informed that I am not allowed to open the account. please help me

  150. RAM BILAS YADAV says:

    Iam filling all steps then back to same page please help to me

  151. Sandeep Biswakarma says:

    my user Id is nectoria. I have not been able to login though I have user ID password and mobile verification code. actually I also completed verification procedure. when I phoned customer care they say it may also be due to problem with computer . so please suggest me how can I fix this problem.

  152. Ankur Sharma says:

    Hello Sir
    I Try any times for IRCTC Ragistration but not Accepted. Pincode and State and City/ District Not accepted. and Nothing Show in column.
    What is problem ? Plz. Tell me plz.
    I want Ragistration and Urgent Requarment..
    Thank You….

  153. Alok Gupta says:

    Hello… I am new user, i tried many times for registration but after filling complete form, when i press submit buttion, it is not accepting my form, it does not give any response., what should i do?


    While trying for irctc registration, a warning pops up ” mobile no already registered”. I am using this mobile no for the past 10 years and none of our family members registered by using this mobile no. What i should do for getting registered under the same mobile no., i.e. presently using.Dont want to change the mobile no. as i dont have another no.
    Please advise.
    Ganapathi subramanian

    • Hello Ganpati,

      1) Did you make any attempts but it got failed because of session issue on earlier occasions which you have now forgotten?

      2) Try to use the forgot password option to retrieve the password (this will work if you had earlier registered with IRCTC).

      3) See you email accounts inbox or spam folder for any old emails received from IRCTC confirming registration.

    • Jeevanand.S says:

      i Have already registered from my desktop,should i again register for mobile whatsapp kindly advice.

      • Nope its not required.
        If you registered by following above steps then same username and password you can use in IRCTC App also.

  155. Sir iam an new user i tried for signing up but sign up page isn’t opening shows me some error what shall I do

  156. Nice site

  157. Sir,
    I got my verification code which was sent to my registered mobile No..but I didn’t get any mail regarding password and activation link to my registered mail ID. What to do?pls reply..Thank you.

  158. Hi, i have registered. but something went wrong and if i tried again saying
    ” You are not allowed to login as your account is de-activated. ”
    kindly suggest both email and phone is not taking.

  159. irctc new account

  160. i have not got the reply for my previous questions.

  161. when i tried registering i get a message saying my mobile no is registered. but i have not registered i do not get any message also. how to register now?

    • It seems somebody else has entered your mobile number. The only solution of it is, Call to IRCTC help line at:

      Other cities Customer Care No: 011-39340000 or 011-23340000

      Chennai Customer Care No. : 044-25300000

  162. I have registered irctc and received mob verification no.,password and username. but when I click on the received link for activation log in box is open. no option for mobile verification code.when I entered the received I’d and password, it showing incorrect I’d and p.word.my I’d is manojvp77and mobreg.no.7373519184

  163. Amlan Kanti Ray says:

    Dear IRTCT Secretariat,

    My user name is spermatid yet to receive the confirmation to my ph. 8017605966 and password.

    Kindly expedite and send the required message.

  164. when I go to IRTC website and try to recover my password using my user ID it gives the message
    “You are not allowed to recover your password as your account does not exist”
    And when I register for the site.. is says your user ID already exists.

    So im stuck in a loop.
    Please help …. OTHER than option of using an EMAIL ID.

  165. I cant understand the word zip or pihin code which is in six digits.wheather it is my native pincode or my district pincode..plz help to create new account…

  166. Everything is very open with a precise description of
    the issues. It was truly informative. Your website is extremely helpful.
    Thank you for sharing!


    I have been trying to update my profile with new address and mobile number without success. In spite of feeding the changes to be registered, the old information is still retained. In fact, if I book the ticket without changing the mobile number, by default the text message is sent to the old number. I have tried updating my profile umpteen times now without any success, as the new data is not getting registered. Please suggest a solution

  168. subash yadav says:

    Why is my email id is not valid for e registration

    • You might have registered it already… Try using another email id. If not working then reply here.

      We will do irctc registration on behalfof you..


  169. i had created an account but later i got message that the email ID already exists ,I have to update my email ID .Pls guide me how to update my Email ID in my profile as now it states that mob user already registered. Pls guide me

    • Hello Shruti,
      Login into http://www.irctc.co.in and click ‘My Profile–>Update Profile‘ link.
      System will ask to enter password once again, please enter your password.
      Now you can see your existing details with your current email id. Change it and Update the form once again. You are done!

      Please reply here if you changed your email successfully.

  170. irctc.in login is not happening after making irctc registration succefully.

  171. raja kumar sah says:

    railway A/C banane Ka process kaya hai Mo.7544816668

  172. sir i am unable to create irctc account
    whenever i create i tells invalid user name or already name exits pls help to create my account

  173. Facing problem in http://www.irctc.co.in registration Please help me. I followed the steps one by one but sometimes it says user id already exist…

    • Many new users are facing this problem. Here is the reason why you get this error.

      Whenever you fill the form and clicks on Submit button then some times it says “Few mandatory fields are not filled at all” at this time userid gets registered in IRCTC portal and when you fill all the required fields and submits the form again then you get th error “User id already registered”

      Solution of this is:
      1. Create new user id by changing the username.
      2. Call to the IRCTC 24×7 customer care and tell the problem.

  174. http://www.irctc online booking registration is not happening please help me…

  175. I am trying to registered by not being successful,all given info are true and correct,is here any time table for registration or have any special criteria to fill it? if have please kindly inform.

    • There is no special thing to fill in the form. Please fill the form properly and try submitting it again. You might be facing the problem to enter the captcha character properly. Be careful!

  176. R S UPADHYAY says:

    I want to create an account. So Please help me Sir. Sir give me direction.

  177. city isn’t selecting while creating account

  178. if i am entre the pincode so next of state name not show

  179. Will some one help me to register , I have tried copying the image number of times , But just don’t seems to accept the submit .

    IRCTC technology team , Please help , I know you guys will be the last to reply back anyway …

  180. Whenever i create an account i need to enter a mobile number and an email id right. but due to some reasons if by mistake i come out and try to recreate with the same information it says that email id already used or mobile number already used. but infact that particular user id is not created. please help me i need to create an id

  181. i forget my irctc login password. now how to change my mobile no in my profile. Thank u.

  182. Balkrishana Kamboj says:

    i am already register with IRCTC.I want to register one more new account on IRCTC on my laptop but it shows me display that you are already register.Many times i have tried but not succeed.
    Please help.
    Balkrishana Kamboj

  183. Login error is showing as invalid user. However,I did receive the confirmation as:”
    Dear Customer, You have been successfully migrated to Next Generation e-Ticketing website.”

    Please reply at the earliest. I need to book few seats as this is avery useful app.

  184. I have just created my id, and now im unable to login. The error msg is coming as invalid credentials or captcha. I want to change my password but couldnt locate any option. Pls help how to proceed

  185. I like it

  186. It is good to have an account on IRCTC

  187. sir how crete new account

  188. somesh ranjan says:

    i unable to create new account
    anyone pls help me

  189. thank you

  190. yash kumar says:

    Whenever i choose to click sign up the link seems to be crashed what should i do plzz help me

  191. Very nice information, it will help a lot of people who want to register an account and book tickets online on IRCTC website.

  192. i m not able to create account as my pincode is not in the list, so what do i do???

  193. this worked thanks

  194. vijay tambe says:

    Sir, Whenever I fill the form 4 times but no message received on my mobile and mailbox.
    The again I started registration process and I get answer your mobile is already registered and your mail id is registered.
    Please guide.
    vijay tambe / 9869019727

  195. I received otp but did not receive registration mail…when i tried creating account again they say mobile number and email id already registered…please help

  196. Bro I m nt able to create irctc account so plz some one hlep me out

  197. sushma Rawat says:

    Sir, while booking ticket, it is safer to capture pin no. of credit/debit card. thnx

  198. Sir,when I login to IRCTC, I get a message “Your profile is incomplete” but i am trying to update my Profile, but after entering all the details when I submit I get a message “Mobile number entered is already registered.” Because of this I am unable to book the tickets, please help.

  199. sir mobile no. phone no. dono compulsory h kya…….because mene mobile no. to fill kr diya but phone no. nhi h

  200. how to know which email id entered in the irctc a/c opening registration form. in this way I will check my pass ord please helpme sir.

  201. I got mobile verification code but not received any e_mail for password
    how to login my irctc id please help me..

  202. i want to creatr a/c in irctc and i fill all the detail but it all ask your usename is exist repeated

  203. plz help me out in creating id on irctc

  204. Jeetendra Bharadwaj says:

    I cannot register my self due to that my mobile no is already registered. But the fact is that , I have posted in Bangalore last year and taken a new post paid connection from AIRTEL. I don’t know weather any body else was using this no before. As I am having only this no and want to register my self to IRCTC, plz help.

  205. Ankit Kumar Burnwal says:

    didn`t recieve any link in gmail.help me out

  206. while first login with irctc I have missed my otp, how I can get new mob otp for sign in

  207. Hi

    I got verification code in mobile after registering in irctc but didn’t get mail what should I do?

  208. Baban Sadhukhan says:


  209. Didn’t received verification link in Gmail. What should i do???

  210. I got mobile verification code, but not received any email for password.
    How to login my IRCTC Id, please help me.

  211. IRCTC on line sign up..


    My mobile already registered,
    how to rectify plz help me.

  212. I M unable to register on irctc ,as it saying userid nd email is already registered,but I hv never used this site before,plz help me out..

  213. i didn’t got activation link in my Gmail.what to next?

  214. Sir mera addresh nahi le raha hai please help me

  215. Sir mera addresh nahi le raha hai please help me

  216. i have completed my account but the password and username didnot sent to me by the irctc

  217. Sir,
    I filled up IRCTC registration format. But i couldn’t registered. It is displaying ” Mobile number entered is already registered”. Actually I registered earlier, but i dont know Id and password also. what shall i do for this problem?

    Please sir help me.

  218. Thanks for your help

  219. probin pegu says:

    I have a no Aadhar card how can I create a account?

  220. i created a new login id but when iam entering the login id and password it says invalid user. pls tell me what to do in this case

  221. I have put my aadhar card no. And details asked in form then also it asks me to put your another username ( my aadhar card no. Is from Mumbai .pls. Help me.

  222. Sanjeev tiwari says:

    Sir I have not received my otp on my mobile 9931025755

  223. shivam kumar says:

    Mai apna adresss dal raha hu to galat bata raha hai koi humko resedential adress dalne me help kar do

  224. Sr में irctc new registration किया हे और में मोबाईल नम्बर चेंज करना चहाता हूँ please help me

  225. pramod kumar dalai says:

    I unable to create new account please melp me and give me information about this.

  226. My mobile number not accepted to create user ID due to it is already present in database. How to create user id with same mobile number. Please clarify.

  227. aiswarya says:

    i can’t login to my accout. showing error credential. what should i do to login?

  228. vishwajeet singh says:

    I am unable to create new account please help me out ! And give me information about this

  229. vishwajeet singh says:

    I am unable to create new account please help me

  230. After entering verification code in irctc new registration form nothing is appearing except “MOBILE NUMBER ENTERED IS ALREADY REGISTERED” and verification code reappears.All the required data have been filled in the form.Eventhough, I am unable to create new account in IRCTC.Kindly help me in this regard.

  231. NAGARAJ PUJAR says:

    After entering verification code in irctc new registration form nothing is appearing except “MOBILE NUMBER ENTERED IS ALREADY REGISTERED” and verification code reappears.As such, I am unable to create new account in IRCTC.Kindly help me in this regard.

  232. sudhir kumar giri says:


  233. Hallo,
    I filled up IRCTC registration format. But i couldn’t registered. It is displaying ” Mobile number entered is already registered”. Actually I registered earlier, but i dont know Id and password also. what shall i do for this problem?

  234. Hi… I am unable to create new account please help me out or please send old user id and password thanks.

  235. Suresh Choudhary says:

    please help me for New account create.
    I enter my username name and just then click on “check available”. then just show the pop up and required me that ” please enter the first character of username an alphabet”
    I was try again and again but No successful
    please just help me

  236. Hi i have never created an irctc account before but when i am trying to registere the website says the mobile no is already registered.How to registere my account now. I have never received any first registreation details on my email id also. Thanks\

  237. bhonagiri srinivas says:

    i am unable to register my account

  238. D.raajendiran says:

    kindly indicate the procedure to be followed to re-register the online booking account when IRCTC Booking link could not be accessed through existing registered account?

  239. I didn’t get OTP

  240. Siddharth says:

    Have forgotten my user id & when I try to open new account..A pop-up windows says mobile no already registered,
    Kindly help.


    • Hello Siddharth,
      Its very easy to get it back if you remember your registered email id.

      Login into gmail account and search for ‘IRCTC’ and find the first mail IRCTC sent to you with your Userid and Password.

  241. I am unable to make IRCTC acount

  242. I got the mobile verification code bt verification link is not sent by irctc. Please reply immediately

  243. I got verification code in mobile after registering in irctc but didn’t get mail what should I do?

  244. Y gmail id not working

  245. It’s really a nice easy and very useful piece of info. I am glad that you simply shared simple and useful info with us.
    Please stay us up to date. Thanks for sharing.

  246. I am giving ‘Anusharma’

  247. What username are you giving? Please share.

  248. Whatever username i enter system says its already exist what i should give ???

  249. Hello Anu,
    Please let me know where are you facing problem. I’ll help you.

  250. Hi,
    I am unable to create the New account please help me out!
    Thanks in advance.

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