IRCTC Service Charges 2017 for Ticket Booking 1AC/2AC/3AC/Sleeper

IRCTC Service Charges for Ticket Booking:

IRCTC provides many services to the passenger through its portal and booking the railway ticket online is one the service provided by Indian Railway for which IRCTC service charges passenger need to pay. Only is the place where you can use online ticket booking service. In order to use this service IRCTC takes some service charge from the passengers during the Payment transaction time.

Recently as per new Railway budget 2015 railway has increased the service charges a little bit. Please find below to know how much exactly it is increased:

IRCTC Service Charges for Ticket Booking

All Service charges are effective from 1st April 2015

For i-Ticket: Revised service charge is Rs. 80 for Sleeper/2S (second sleeper) class and Rs. 120 for other classes + Service Tax

For e-Ticket: Revised service charge is Rs. 20 for Sleeper/2S (Second sleeper) class and Rs. 40 for other classes + Service Tax

Service tax is 12% of the ticket fare will be charged.

Why the service charges are increased ?

IRCTC is only the biggest and single portal in India to book the railway ticket/ Tatkal tickets online, Premium Tatkal Tickets. We can understand that the continues increment in the ticket fare and service charges are not good for middle class people but it is expected also because to maintain the this much big ticket system and security of your information you provide during the ticket booking is really very important. So the incremented in service charge is used here for website maintenance, your security and below mentioned services:

Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu announced the Railway Budget for the 2015. following services are being available to the passengers.

  1. There will be no further increment in rail fare charges for entire Fiscal year 2015.
  2. ARP (Advanced Ticket Period) for ticket booking prior to journey date is increased from 60 days to 120 days w.e.f. from 1st April 2015.
  3. There will be 24/7 free customer service availed for passenger problems.
  4. Surveillance cameras in coaches for the safety of women passengers.
  5. Wi-fi system is being installed at over 400 railway stations.
  6. Many cafeterias are being opened to sell meals inside railway stations.
  7. More General coaches is to be added in many trains.
  8. New many cleaning departments will be created for keeping stations and trains clean under Swachh Rail Swachh Bharat Abhiyan.
  9. Train travelling speed also will be increased in next 1 year two cover long distance very fast.
  10. A special scheme will be launched for farmers.


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IRCTC Service Charges for Ticket Booking – AC1 AC2 AC3 Sleeper

As said by Railway Minister “In coming april 2015 Indian Railway would levying service tax on service charge for for E ticket booking facility provided on IRCTC portal. Passenger will have to pay this nservice tax if they use E ticket service.


The ministry’s letter says the “matter has been examined and the said proposal of IRCTC to transfer the liability incurred on account of imposition of service tax on the service charges levied by IRCTC to the customers has been agreed to”.

The letter had been released by the railways minister in Feb 2015 but IRCTC sources levies a service charge of

Rs. 1 per e-ticket in case of sleeper class and second sleeper class.

Rs. 2 for In case of all other classes like 1AC, 2AC, 3AC, CC, FC

As said by pradeep kundu, Indian railway is going to increase very little amount as service tax because IRCTC was bearing this amount since IRCTC Portal had been started.

Although Railway has taken IRCTC Service charges from passenger properly but now on wards Service tax also will be paid by the passenger only.

“It’s going to be a very nominal hike – Rs. 1 for SL and Rs. 2 for AC classes,” said Pradeep Kundu, PRO, IRCTC. “Till now, the IRCTC was bearing the cost of service tax but now it was decided to charge the same from passengers,” he added.

IRCTC sales around 13 Lakh tickets every day through the portal. Sale amount as recorded by Railway is approx 6 lakh today, If IRCTC adds only Rs. 1 and Rs. 2 as service tax then IRCTC additional revenue will be approximately 13Lakh to 20 Lakh per day depends on the number of AC/Sleeper tickets booked that day.

If you still have any clarification or need any help please comment below!

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