What is PNR Number and PNR Status ?

PNR means Passenger Name Record  it is a 10 digit number mentioned at upper left corner of your Indian Railway Ticket. Indian Railways PNR Number is a record of  passenger  in Computer Reservation System (CRS). From a technical point, there are five parts of a PNR required to book a ticket: Name of the passenger Contact details for the travel agent […]

How to Check PNR Status On Mobile Through Phone Call ?

PNR Status On Mobile Through Phone Call : Checking the PNR Status through phone call is a little bit time consuming but it is very useful for the people who does not have Net Connection or at the moment Internet is not available. You can check the PNR status on mobile via phone call. Below are the […]

How Can I Check PNR Status On Mobile Through SMS ?

Check PNR Status On Mobile Via SMS: You can check the PNR Status through SMS also. Just you need to send one SMS to the below mentioned number and wait for a while to get SMS back to your moile with Current status of your PNR.   Where and How to send SMS ? Please have […]

Where To Find My PNR Number?

Where PNR Number is Mentioned On Ticket ? PNR Number can be seen at upper left corner of your ticket. Below is the image showing the location of the PNR Number on a ticket. Still have problem to find it ? No worry just write in the comment box we will assist you.