Train Ticket Lost What to do ? How to Get Duplicate Ticket

Send your PNR number to 139 as below:

PNR your_pnr_number to 139

Ticket will come to your mobile. You can use this ticket as e-ticket and present it along with Valid Id Proof.

Your Train Ticket Lost ?

If unfortunately you have lost your train then don’t worry here are the steps to apply for a new duplicate ticket but must read it carefully there are many terms and conditions.Train Ticket Lost What to Do

 There May be Two Case:

 1. Online train ticket is lost (Booked through IRCTC official website)

If you had booked your train ticket online through IRCTC website and taken a  printout but now you lost that printed ticket then you need not worry about  the ticket at all because there is no hard process to get the duplicate one.

  • Just you need to login into IRCTC account and click on Booked Ticket History’ option there you can see your all booked ticket, select the desired ticket from the list and click on Print Ticket button.
  • If your ticket had been booked by an agent then your ticket will be in there IRCTC account. In this case you will have to go the agent and ask for new ticket print out but it depends on that agent how much amount he charges for new duplicate ticket, in reality, it does not charge anything to him for printing the new ticket just a printing charge that’s it so be smart before giving the money to him.

2. Offline train ticket is lost (Window Ticket)

If you had booked a window ticket means you went to the station for booking the ticket and you got the window ticket but now you lost that one then there Indian Railway’s terms and condition.

To prevent any violation of Indian railways rules first you need to inform railways reservation office about the lost ticket but you do not want to inform then also no problem because it is optional and it will not stop you to get a new duplicate ticket at all.

There are Many Conditions Please Have a Look

If lost ticket was confirmed or RAC then ?

If this is the case then go to the railway station or any authorized computerized shop counter and inform him about the lost ticket, get him your any valid ID proof and he will get you a new duplicate ticket.

What if you have found your original ticket after getting duplicate one ?

If you found your lost ticket then please submit your original ticket with your duplicate one before the departure of the train time. Doing this will get your amount refunded on duplicate ticket but only a very little amount that is 5% of the total fare will be charged (Minimum Rs. 20/-)

What if your ticket is destroyed or misplaced in the train and the checker is asking you to show ticket ?

If you lost your ticket on the train and you have paid the charges for this mistake the please submit an application to the Railways Reservation Administrator for the refund of the amount paid by you then after some inquiry process with you railway CCM (Chief Commercial Manager) will get you the refund of the amount you paid.

What about Charges to Get Duplicate Ticket?

There are many others charges and time conditions there please must read carefully:

Charges If you are applying for duplicate ticket before chart preparation:

For confirmed or RAC tickets

If your journey distance is less than 500km then 25% of total amount will be charged.

If your journey distance is more than 500km then 10% of total amount will be charged subject to a minimum of 25% of total fare.

There are some fixed charges irrespective of the journey distance for Rajdhani Express and Shatabdi Express trains, 25% of total fare will be charged for getting the duplicate ticket.

This 10% or 25% of fare collected will be refunded from the counters at destination stations after completion of your journey.

Charges If you are applying for duplicate ticket after chart preparation:

  • 50% of total fare will be deducted as charges.
  • No duplicate ticket will be issued in the case of lost RAC tickets.
  • No duplicate ticket is issued against Wait List lost/torn/mutilated tickets.

After reading so much above it is very obvious that booking an E-Ticket is the best choice forever because there is no worry if you lost that one, just takes a new print out that’s it!

To know about how to book e-ticket please click here

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  1. Sir, I lost my ticket from Ahmedabad to Delhi in Rajdhani exp and further to Gaya in Mahabodhi exp AC III. What will be the additional charges for Duplicate ticket, and am I get the refund after completing of my journey?

  2. Sardar Singh says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am senior citizen Mr Sardar Singh age 61 travelling from khalilabad to Ltt dated 10-05-2017.Train no-11015. My pnr no is 2331444751. l lost my window railway ticket wat should I do now pls help.

    Sardar Singh
    Mob No-9870948518

  3. Sushil Naikele says:

    Sir, i booked the tatkal railway ticket. And i lost that today. tomorrow is the journey date. I went to the railway station and asked them about the duplicate ticket but they replied it is not possible. What should i do?

    I have the photocopy of the ticket.

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