5 Nearby Places in Bangalore To Visit for Couples

The IT hub of the country is famous for its beautiful weather. If you are bored from your 9 to 5 job and are looking for some fun with your partner in and around Bangalore, then choose any of these 5 Nearby places to visit in Bangalore for couples for complete rejuvenation and relaxation.

Here are 5 Nearby Places in Bangalore To Visit for Couples

  1. Chikballapura (59 km)
  2. Bandipur National Park (246 km)
  3. Kabini (153 km)
  4. Yelagiri Hills (158 km)
  5. Horsley Hills (153 km)

1. Chikballapur (59 km)

This beautiful location is one of the best and is very nearby place in Bangalore for romantic and adventurous couples. It is famous for its eye-catching scenic view and adrenaline-pumping activities. It is surrounded by 5 majestic hills. This is a favorite destination for adventure enthusiasts who want to explore the alluring beauty by trekking, rock climbing, and hiking. This place is famous for its gorgeous silk collections and incense industries.

Activities to do in Chikballapur

Below are a few exciting activities to do in Chikballapur during your visit, enjoy your trip to this beautiful location close to Bangalore

1. Trekking Through 6 Hills

Amazing place to visit near Bangalore
Chikballapur has many beautiful locations for trekking.There is a total of 6 hills including the Nandi  Chandra Giri, Indra Giri, Brahma Giri, Kalavara hill, and Hema Giri.

2. Paragliding  in Nandi Hill

Beautiful Places to Visit in Bangalore for Couples in One Day
Nandi Hills is just in a distance of 10 km from Chikballapur. It is a beautiful viewing point to enjoy the panoramic beauty around the majestic hill with your partner. You can also visit the Tipu fort built by the great ruler Tipu Sultan. Nandi hill is one of the special places in Karnataka that offer paragliding activity. You can view the alluring sunrise from the hilltop.


1. Avoid the crowd by starting your day early. Bangalore traffic is very famous for its slow moving speed. It is always a great idea to start your day early to avoid the rush. By following this tip, you will have ample of time for all the fun activities too.

2. After enjoying the scenic view and adventurous activities, you can treat yourself with delicious local food. The local cuisine is dominated by south Indian delicacies.  It includes dishes like idli, vada, dosa, sambhar are a speciality. You will find lip-smacking south India food here. Aromatic filter coffee is very popular and refreshing.

3. Choose a romantic place to enjoy a picturesque view as per your choice and spend quality time with your partner.

Best Time To Visit: Throughout the year

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2. Bandipur National Park (246 km)

Bandipur wildlife sanctuary was once a private hunting area to the Maharaja of Mysore, later on, it was transformed into a tiger reserve under Project Tiger. You can enjoy the exotic wildlife of the Bandipur National Park. It is spread across 19 acres and it is the best place to visit close to busy Bangalore if you are a nature lover. It is a treat for a romantic couple and also very near to Bangalore. You can spend a great time with your partner enjoying the peaceful greenery.

Activities to do Around Bandipur National Park

Here are some thrilling activities to do with your partner in Bandipur National Park while you visit

1. Spectacular Sunrise and Sunset  at Gopalaswamy Betta
Refreshing places to visit in Bangalore with your parter

Himavad Gopalaswamy Betta is the highest of Bandipur National Park and is a densely wooded forest. It is a home for many wildlife including elephants. Enjoy the Elephant Safari with your partner. Witness spectacular sunrises and sunsets views from the top of the hill and fall in love with you partner again.

2. Madumalai National Park

Mind blowing place to spend quality time in Bangalore for Couples.

This tiger reserve is very close to Bandipur National Park and is usually visited together. This is a big home for tigers, leopards, hyenas, sloth bears, sambars, mouse deer, and other wild animals. you can also find reptiles like crocodiles, pythons, turtles etc. You can explore beautiful migratory birds like hawk eagles, scops owls, brown dove, black woodpecker, king vultures, falcons.


1. It is always advisable to start your day early to enjoy the spectacular view of sunrise.

2. There are not many options for food and restaurants. You will have access to limited hotels and resorts. You can relish local delicacies like Dosa, Bisi Bele Bath, Jolada Roti, Idli, Vada, Sambhar, Rasam, Kesari Bath, Mysore Pak etc.

3. If you are driving to see some wildlife, do not lower your windshields. Since this could attract some fearless monkeys to enter your vehicle. Therefore try not to feed the animals.

Best Time To Visit: October to May.

3. Kabini River (153 km)

Kabini is the perfect location for couples who are looking to have some cozy moments of romance in addition to their togetherness. It is a renowned wildlife destination, as a result, it is popular for its huge variety of flora and fauna. Therefore it makes it the best place to enjoy natural lush greenery and refreshing waterfalls with your better half. You can reach this beautiful place quickly since it is one among the closest destination from Bangalore and visitors love to explore this natural beauty.

Activities to do in Kabini

Here are some beautiful activities to do with your better half during your stay at Kabini since it is very close to Bangalore, you will have ample of time to explore.

1. Boating at Kabini River
 Wonderful places to Visit in Bangalore with your partner.

Boating is a relaxing activity. In addition to it, you can treat your eyes with spectacular scenery while you enjoy the ride. While boating you can also explore most of the beautiful natural habitat.

2. Elephant Safari
Amazing places to Visit in Bangalore along with your partner.
Finally, you can enjoy a royal ride on the elephant during elephant safari. Since this reserve is a hub of Asiatic elephants, as a result, you can ride and consequently cherish the experience with your partner.


1. Most of the resorts at Kabini works on online booking, it is always advisable to pre-book.
2. The best time to enjoy safari and sightseeing is probably between 6 AM to 6 PM.

Best Time To Visit: Throughout the year

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4. Yelagiri Hills (158 km)

Yelagiri Hills is a beautiful hill station but it is completely opposite to Ooty. If you are looking for a peaceful, isolated and less crowded hill station for a romantic trip probably this is the within reach location in Bangalore to enjoy a unforgeable trip with your loved one.

Activities to do in Yelagiri Hills

Here are some wonderful activities to do with your partner while you are traveling to this amazing place

1. Boating at Punganur Lake

Beautiful Location near Bangalore to have fun

The Punganur Lake is one of the most famous artificial lakes since it is man made lake it is created as per tourists choice. You can enjoy boating with your loved one in addition to it there is a beautiful fountain too. Enjoy the cool breeze and relax with your soul-mate.

2. Alluring Natural Park
Amazing Location near Bangalore to have fun
Natural Park is an eye-catching treat to all the nature lovers. While visiting the alluring Punganoor Lake you can make a visit to this beautiful 12 acres park.

You can relish the relaxing surroundings with your loved one. Furthermore, this place has a number of exciting things like an artificial waterfall, children’s park, a musical fountain with multi-colored lighting, fish aquarium, seasonal garden, bamboo house, and much more.


1. This place has many adventure camps and sports to offer their visitor consequently, it is better to carry your sports shoes and sportswear.

2. It is advisable to take first aid box too.

3. Yelagiri offers a great spread out to the visitors. Each has their own options. You can also enjoy the delicacies at standalone restaurants.

Best Time To Visit: November to February

5. Horsley Hills (153 km)

Horsley Hills is famous for its mind-blowing landscape, rich biodiversity, countless holiday options close to Bangalore, as a result, it is much loved by the tourist couple. You can witness natural beauties like a banyan tree, oldest eucalyptus tree.It is a dream destination for adventure enthusiasts and for people staying adjacent to Bangalore. Furthermore, it is the best escape spot from everyday city chores.

Activities to do in Horsley Hills

Here are some amazing activities to do with your loved one during your stay at Horsley Hills

1. Get Mesmerized at View Point
Mesmerizing location to spend quality time with your loved one in Bangalore

If you are looking forward to enjoying the most natural and scenic view of Horsley Hills, the View-Point is yet another choice. It is just behind the Governor’s Bungalow.

It is the highest summit, as a result, it offers the panoramic view of valleys, hill rocks, and bushy forests. Finally, don’t miss the alluring sunset from this View Point.

2. Relish relaxing at Gali Banda (Windy Rock)
Alluring destination to Visit in Bangalore for Couples in One Day
Gali Banda (Windy Rock) is a rocky slope very close to Horsley Hills Bus Stand. The name is due to the fact that breezy winds blow near it all day.

In addition to it, you can hold your parter’s hand and walk down the entire beautiful hill rock, applauding beauty of valleys of Horsley Hills. Enjoy the rejuvenating gusty winds and create beautiful memories with your better half.


1. This place has many adventure camps and sports to offer their visitor consequently it is better to carry the adventurous package in addition to it first aid box is a must.

Best Time To Visit: December to March

These are the 5 best Nearby Places to Visit in Bangalore for Couples. Make a note of all these romantic places and escape with your loved one to create beautiful memories.

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