9 Fun Things to do in Delhi for Teenagers in 2017

If you are confused about what to do this weekend, then this is just for you- A really happening compilation of the most exciting 9 fun things to do in Delhi for teenagers in 2017. Here is the list:

9 Fun Things to do in Delhi for Teenagers in 2017

1. Find an Escape Way at Ctrl.Shift.Esc (CSE), Hauz Khas Village

Ctrl.Shift.Esc is a unique concept of real life inspired escape games for teenagers where a group of 2 to 10 team players are caged in a room. Their only way to escape is by cracking the code to find the hidden key to unlock the room.

Escape Way at Ctrl.Shift.Esc

Every room allows the teams to have 60 minutes during which they can go crazy rummaging through hidden clues, riddling objects and hinting puzzles. CSE will leave you and your friends wanting for more and more rooms to win over.

It is adrenaline pumping, super thrilling, and enjoyable and that too all at the same time. This gaming place is perfect for a day out with friends, or for a teenager’s birthday party. It will not only bring out the hidden Sherlock Holmes out of everyone but will also leave lasting memories for one and all.

Escape Way at Ctrl.Shift.Esc For teenager

Similarly, themed concepts can be found at Mystery Rooms on Ring Road and Code Break 60 of Kamla Nagar which are equally enjoyable and really fun for teens to do in Delhi.

2. Scream & Shriek at Scary Fort, Kamla Nagar

Also known as the Scary house of Kamla Nagar, is a thrilling attraction for teens who are obsessed with the horror genre. Scary Fort is basically a ground floor of a building which has been refurbished to look scarier than any scary house one could ever imagine.

Scary house for youngsters

It has hanging cobwebs, blood traces, haunting ghosts, flickering lights and everything evil. The highlight of the whole thing lies at its absolute end which must be experienced. I assure this place will make your entire gang scream with fear. But, you guys would come out laughing crazily.


Their ticket costs around 160 rupees for per person and it takes around 30 minutes to walk through the entire place! How cool is that? The only negative point here is that there is only one route otherwise teenagers could go crazy exploring new routes.

Scary Fort for teenagers

Such concepts can also be found in the Gaming Arena of malls like West Gate of Rajouri or Ambience at Vasant Kunj.

3. Rock Climbing & Aerial Acrobatics at Delhi Rock, GK2

Delhi Rock is a must visit for teenagers and adults who are fond of rock climbing and aerial acrobatics. For its rock climbing activity, it offers sessions for kids, teens, adults, women as well as private sessions. The private sessions are costlier as compared to the rest.

Rock climbing is one of many fun things to do in Delhi for teenagers

One can also book for climbing passes and enjoy the thrill of climbing as and when they like in the time slots mentioned. However, they require their participants to register at Delhi Rock before hand and be present in appropriate climbing gear.

At Delhi Rock, one can also do Aerial Acrobatics using aerial silk, ropes, ribbons etc. It also offers sessions for Kundalini Yoga, Hoola Hooping, Mountain Valley Treks and many others. The rates are variable as per single class, 6 classes pass or 12 classes pass. Delhi Rock of Greater Kailash can assure you and your friends a great time loaded with enjoyable memories.

Aerial acrobatics for teens

Rock Climbing can also be done at Indian Mountaineering Foundation at South Campus which has all the setups installed outdoors. It makes rock climbing even more enjoyable on a pleasant day out with friends.

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4. Explore Delhi Cycling with Spin Monkey

Relive your fondest childhood memories of air running into your face as you paddle and paddle, cycling in and around the by-lanes of your neighbourhood. Build your gang and explore Delhi like never before with Spin Monkey.

You can book an Old Delhi tour or a New Delhi tour whichever that excites your friends. These tours can be just perfect for catching up with old friends as they begin at 6 AM and end at 9 30 AM, which means you get 3.5 hours of you and your friends cycling around like you did when you were little. Exciting, right?

Delhi teens can do cycling for exploring

Of course one can organise a cycling trip themselves but, Spin Monkey also offers guides who will educate you about the highlights throughout the ride.

Teenagers can also explore cycling organised by Raahgiri group or DelhiByCycle group or DelhiByBike organisation or any other that they come across.

5. Shout UNO at Young Wild Free Café, Satya Niketan

Located right in the hub of South Campus, this relatively new café is famous for its homely vibe, energetic crowd and unique food offerings. One can never get bored at this café. It has so many different kinds of games like UNO, chess or other board games.

Hangout with friends and play UNO

A simple birthday celebration here would cost somewhere around 1000 to 2000 rupees for an entire group of friends. This café is perfect for the youth wanting a homely get together with friends. It is an amazing place for teenagers to enjoy many fun things.

Customers can sit cross-legged or any way they want, there is no formality. Its service is also relaxed and except a pair of clean feet or clean socks, you really don’t need to get cleaned up for this amazingly welcoming café.


Other near-by cafes for a chilling evening with friends that are popular among teenagers are Too Mikki Tapas, Café 101, and Vanilla Bean Company etc.

6Play Snooker & Other Indoor Games at Underdoggs Sports Bar & Grill, Vasant Kunj

If you are looking for a hip ‘n’ happening Snooker Bar where you and your friends can have a good time, then Underdoggs is the one for you. Located inside Ambience Mall, it is just perfect for a fun filled evening with friends.

Delhi teens play snooker

One can watch cricket matches or football matches on the large LCD screen or sit by the bar contemplating about life in general. The bar is quite an attractive hangout spot for teens and adults. Though the food here is slightly expensive but, its in-house gaming arena makes it all seem worth it.

This is a quite a posh snooker place but, is a very favourite spot for teenagers that are looking for quality and worth for their time between classes or lectures. Furthermore, the ambience of the place is worth at least a thousand pictures. Isn’t that cool?

Popular snooker joints of Delhi are Essex Farms at Aurobindo Marg and Check In Room in Hotel Sheraton etc.

7. Water Lagoon, Boating and Crazy Rides at Adventure Island, Rohini

Adventure, thrill and joy never end at Adventure Island. It is the most favourite place for teenagers, youngsters and apt for family outings as well. The park introduces new rides and attractions every now and then making it a must-visit place every season.

Fun day at Adventure Island

Located at walking distance from Rithala Metro Station, Adventure Island is the most exciting go-to hangout spot for college students and school kids. One only needs to hop on the metro and get down at the last station. The entry ticket is also quite cheap and costs only 550 rupees.

Apart from many exciting rides and indoor water lagoon, this amusement park also has a gaming arena which receives many visitors throughout the day. Adventure Island can be an enjoyable place for having one’s birthday party or even for a party after exams.

Perfect for teens birthday party

One can find many teenagers here having an enjoyable time with friends. Its boating facility also garners many unique visitors every weekend. Adventure Island can be the most fun thing to do in Delhi on a weekend.

8. Explore & Shop at Little Tibet of Majnu Ka Tilla, North Delhi

Majnu Ka Tilla is the remnants of a small refugee Tibetan Camp that has grown into a full-fledged civilisation of Tibetans. It is a beautiful, out-of-place kind of place that transports you to the by-lanes of Tibet, especially with people doing business in the Tibetan Language.

One can find numerous handicrafts, clothing, artefacts, and all-things-Tibetan selling shops here. There are tea stalls, food joint nooks and small restaurants that serve typical Tibetan meals. One can indulge in shopping and explore all the littlest by-lanes of the place.

Youngsters can have a good time here

Majnu Ka Tilla can be pretty exciting for teenagers wanting to explore a different kind of culture. The ambience of this little Tibetan community is active yet relaxed, positive and welcoming. Favourite dishes enjoyed by people here are momos, Tibetan rice meal and stir fry noodles.

A day out at Majnu Ka Tilla can cost around 500 to 1000 rupees depending upon the number of friends you take along.

9) Travel in the HOHO Bus from Baba Kharak Singh Marg

The HOHO (Hop on and Hop off) Bus has been introduced by the IRCTC tourism department of India. Its primary objective is to promote safe tourist tours that take the bus riders on a tour of the most famous attractions in Delhi like Chandni Chowk, Red Fort, Qutub Minar, Lotus Temple to name a few.

A ticket for the HOHO bus costs 500 rupees and there is no compulsion to travel through the same bus throughout the ride. One can simply get down to an attraction of their choice and spend as much time as they want. The Hoho Bus can be an attractive fun thing to do in Delhi for teenagers wanting to explore Delhi.

Travel in Delhi

On return they can take the next nearest HOHO bus by showing the ticket they had initially purchased. Its online booking portal charges 1-day Delhi sightseeing fare, 2-day fare and a Monday-tour fare which is priced differently for International and Domestic people.

School and other institutions also avail the HOHO bus service for organising their excursions by doing group booking in advance. The HOHO bus has contributed a fair share in bringing more tourists to Delhi. One can engage in shopping, exploring or simply doing spontaneous photo sessions for friends and themselves.

Other Popular Fun Things to do in Delhi for Teenagers

Delhi being the capital of the country truly has so much life; vibrancy and zealous environment that truly there are innumerable enjoyable things for teenagers to do in Delhi in 2017. From learning Zumba at Raahgiri day at Connaught Place on weekends to listening and dancing to live band at Live restaurant & bar teens in Delhi can have a great time any day.

Most fun thing of Delhi

A trip to Delhi Zoo can also be an attractive day activity or walk around Mughal Gardens during January & February when they become open for public viewing. Even a visit to Gurudwara Bangla Sahib can be a humbling experience for teenagers wanting to experience a peaceful day.

Likewise, frolicking at India Gate, purchasing funky goggles or doing boating there can be very enjoyable for a close knit of friends bunking from school or university. Basically, in Delhi, whether you look left or right, one can find countless playful things to do in Delhi for teenagers in 2017.

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