How to Become IRCTC Authorised Agent?

how to become irctc authorized agent

Indian Railways and IRCTC not only facilitate easy travel to millions of people across the country

but also provide business opportunities to thousands of people. One of those opportunities is IRCTC Authorised Agent. When you open the home page of IRCTC site, you will see the details, Login as IRCTC agent.

How to Become IRCTC Agent

What’s all about becoming authorized IRCTC agent? How to become an agent of IRCTC? What are the procedures? Let’s see in detail.

An Overview About IRCTC Authorised  Agents

IRCTC offer the e-ticketing services to the authorized agents and they are classified into two categories.

  1. PSP Principal Service Providers
  2. RSP Retail Service Providers

RSPs are regulated by PSPs and PSPs are regulated directly by IRCTC officials assigned for the task. Initial deposit amount, the number of tickets / quota allowed, annual maintenance charges, etc are the few factors that mark the changes between PSPs and RSPs.

IRCTC don’t tie with subsidiary agents, rather contact through principal service providers.

Besides, RSTA is yet another type of IRCTC agent appointed directly by Indian Zonal Railways regulated by IRCTC.

To Become IRCTC Authorised Agent Please fill the following Form:

Your request will be forwarded to concern IRCTC principal service provider.
Shop/Business Name
Valid email id required. Information will be sent the email.

Documents Required to Become an IRCTC Authorised Agent

Following are the mandatory documents required to register with IRCTC for agent registration.

  1. Copy of PAN Card duly attested by Gazetted Officer or Bank Manager
  2. Copy of Address Proof duly attested by Gazetted Officer or Bank Manager (All supporting documents should be in the name of applicant)
    1. Driving License
    2. Passport
    3. Ration Card
    4. Voter ID
    5. Bank Statement (should not be older than 2 months from the date of application)
    6. Utility Bills (Gas, LIC, water, electricity)
    7. Property Tax / Municipal Tax (recently paid)
    8. Service Tax
  3. Valid Mobile Number, which is used for verification purpose
  4. Valid Email ID, which is used for verification purpose
  5. Registration Form – Duly filled, with photograph
  6. Digital Signature Form – Duly filled, with photograph

In addition, you should also have the following:

  • You should have cash, net banking, and credit card facilities
  • You should have a terminal or laptop or computer and a printer
  • You should have proper internet connection

Submit all documents to the PSPs. Upon verification, PSP will pass the details to the IRCTC authorities. You will receive the certificate and login details in 21 days.

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When an agent logs in, IRCTC site will authenticate the digital certificate. After authentication, it will allow the agent to book e-tickets only without any restriction on the number of tickets to be booked.

Benefits of Becoming an IRCTC Authorised Agent

  • Unlimited number of tickets can be booked (there are quite a few rules and regulations should be adhered)
  • You have direct login access to the IRCTC portal
  • No need of any bank account and the amount can be deposited in the principal agent (PSP) bank account
  • Can issue the authorised tickets without having any fear of cancellation
  • IRCTC agents are allowed to book tatkal tickets after 30 minutes when the tickets are open for general public on any given day.
  • Trade license is not required to become an IRCTC authorised  agent
  • One day credit is provided and there is no upper limit on booking number of tickets
  • IRCTC tickets will carry the details of your agency printed
  • Since the amount is deducted from the wallet like scheme (without third party transaction) ticket is booked faster.

Complimentary Services

In addition to train ticket booking as authorized IRCTC agent, complimentary services are also extended. It includes the following:

Fees Structure:

Integration fee and Annual maintenance charges – Internet Café Scheme (PSPs)

Slab (Number of RSPs) Integ. Fee           AMC

250-500                                  Rs. 5 Lacs              Rs.1.25 Lacs

501-1000                                Rs.10Lacs              Rs. 2.5Lacs

1001-1500                              Rs.15Lacs              Rs.3.75 Lacs

1501-2000                              Rs.20Lacs             Rs.5 Lacs

2001-2500                             Rs.25Lacs             Rs.6.25 Lacs

2501-3000                             Rs.30Lacs             Rs.7.50 Lacs

3001-3500                             Rs.35Lacs             Rs.8.75Lacs

3501-4000                             Rs.40Lacs             Rs.10Lacs

4001-4500                             Rs.45Lacs             Rs.11.25Lacs

4501-upto 5,000                   Rs.50Lacs             Rs.12.50Lacs

This is the basic fee structure of the PSPs.

Fee Structure for Secondary / Subsidiary Agents

All agents (RSPs) will pay a “one-time fee of Rs. 30,000/- “+ “Service tax” towards becoming the authorized agent of IRCTC upon registration. Yet, Rs.20,000/- is the refundable deposit and will be refunded upon voluntary withdrawal from an agency.

Yet, Rs.20,000/- is the refundable deposit and will be refunded upon voluntary withdrawal from an agency.

IRCTC Rules and Regulations to the IRCTC Agents

  • The digital signature form has been mandated by IRCTC and without the digital identification; it is not possible to register as IRCTC agent.
  • Any change of address should be immediately notified to the IRCTC with proper proof of documents and the agent should request for the issue of the fresh certificate.
  • IRCTC is not liable for the misunderstandings of any rules or regulations. Agents are solely liable for their acts, losses or any other damages. Ignorance is not considered a valid reason. It is the responsibility of the agents to read and understand all rules and regulations pertaining to IRCTC agents.
  • It is mandatory to place a signboard outside the agent office which displays the logo of IRCTC.
  • The agreement is valid for 3 years under the term that annual maintenance charges are payable.
  • It is mandatory to maintain a proper record of all transactions properly.
  • Certificate of authorization should be displayed at the agent office and it is mandatory.

Ticket Booking and Cancellation

  • The agents should book the tickets only when the customer approaches.
  • Agents should provide a separate receipt for the amount collected from customers upon an issue of the train tickets. Agents do not have any rights to hold the amount paid by the customers and should immediately repay the amount once the ticket is cancelled.
  • If the agents are unable to return the TDR money or cancellation charges to the customer, they should be returned to IRCTC.
  • The refund details must be provided with TDR request.
  • Service charges are applicable for all transactions (booking and cancellation).

Records and Transactions

  • IRCTC may call for an audit of the transactions at any time. The agents should provide proper documents to support the transactions.
  • All customer requests should be taken in electronic form.
  • A written request from the customer is mandatory to cancel the tickets.
  • For issuing tickets, the agents should have the copy of the ID proof of the customer and written / electronic request for booking / cancellation of the tickets. It is also mandatory to mention the mobile number of the customer on the ticket. The data should be preserved at least for a minimum of 6 months.

Restrictions imposed on IRCTC agents

  • No personal advertisement, in any form, is entertained without getting prior permission from IRCTC.
  • Agents are not allowed to collect extra charges from the customers, for any kind of transactions.
  • I-ticket booking or ticket booking at reservation counters is prohibited and IRCTC agents are allowed to book only e-tickets.
  • Each agent is provided with unique access details and login details. Sharing the access details to transact as an agent to another person is a punishable offence.
  • Resale or transfer of tickets is not allowed.
  • IRCTC logo is the identity of the agents and depicts they are authorized. The logo should be used in visiting cards, to publicize the business, pamphlets and letter pads.
  • Fictitious blocking of accommodations is strictly prohibited and punishable.
  • Booking or cancellation of tickets without knowledge of the customer is prohibited.
  • Loss of digital certificate leads to loss of access to the site.

The minimum punishment is deactivation or suspension of authorization as IRCTC agent. Alteration of ERS slip or doing kind of malicious activates are chargeable under the criminal offence. Penalties and charges for non-compliance of IRCTC rules and regulations vary extensively based on the extent of the offence. It ranges from a penalty INR 5000 to INR 25 lacs with or without instant deactivation and suspension of the agent account.

Penalties and charges for non-compliance of IRCTC rules and regulations vary extensively based on the extent of the offense. It ranges from a penalty INR 5000 to INR 25 lacs with or without instant deactivation and suspension of the agent account.

In the case of minor discrepancies, agents are allowed with 3 days to pay penalty levied.

General Guidelines for Agents Group

  • Basic infrastructure is mandatory to meet the requirements of train ticket booking like proper office setup, staff to handle the booking and delivery, proper maintenance of records, etc.
  • Principal agents control the activities of the subagents and PSPs are liable for all the criminal and civil offences of the sub-agents.
  • ERS issued by the agents should be in the same format as prescribed by IRCTC without any change.
  • PSPs should offer full cooperation to the IRCTC authorities and share accurate information as and when required.
  • Deactivation or withdrawal from the agency should be immediately notified to the master agents.


1. Can anyone become IRCTC authorised agent?

Yes. As long as you provide valid documents you can become an authorised agent.

2. I have submitted all documents before a month. Still not received the login details. What can I do now?

Contact the principal agent to whom you have submitted the documents and get it clarified.

3. Why my application was cancelled?

Your application to become an authorised IRCTC agent would have been cancelled due to many factors like nonsubmission of supporting documents, insufficient documentation, etc.

4. Is digital signature from essential?

Yes, IRCTC mandated digital signature form to prevent from unauthorized access of agent account. Without a digital certificate, you don’t get access to login to the site.

5. How much should I pay to become an agent?

One time payment fee – Rs 30000 among which Rs 20000 is refundable when you withdraw.

6. Can I transfer my login credentials since I wish to withdraw from service?

NO! It is an offence. Login credentials and digital certificate are like PAN number and they cannot be shared or transferred. If you wish to withdraw surrender the details. The one who wishes to become the IRCTC authorised agent should apply get a new registration.

7. Can I block tickets in advance for the regular customers?

No. You cannot. It is prohibited to block the tickets without actually getting the consent from the customer. If you are found practicing so, you will be charged with a fine and may also lead to permanent suspension of agent account.

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8. I want to become a direct agent of IRCTC. Please tell me how to do?

IRCTC don’t tie directly with agents, rather contact through principal service providers, called primary agents. You cannot become a direct agent of IRCTC. It calls for a lot of investment to become the primary subsidiary provider. Besides, RSTA is yet another type of IRCTC agent appointed directly by Indian Zonal Railways regulated by IRCTC.

So if you wanna earn a good commission then keep ready some deposit around 30k and apply by filling the form here to become irctc authorized agent.


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