Top 10 Best Holiday Destinations in India in 2020

A Top 10 Best Holiday Destinations of India

Planning for a vacation many times seem to be daunting just because you may not be able to choose the right destination to unwind. India is a treasured travel destination in the world, which is the motherland of plenty of versatile attractions.

From adventurous spots that generate adrenaline rush to soothing and melting hill stations and beaches, there are plenty of best holiday destinations in India, waiting to provide you exceptionally great holidays. You would obviously get confused about choosing the best holiday destinations or a package to make your holidays the best. Listing out the top 10 awesome holiday destinations of India, you should not miss.

Best holiday destinations in India in 2016

1. Munnar

A heavenly and incredibly beautiful hill station is considered the best place for a summer retreat, one of the best holiday destinations in India Located in Kerala in the Western Ghats, Munnar is a haven for the visitors! Blessed with blissful and abundant natural resources, Munnar is an idyllic travel destination.

munnar holiday destination in india

Munnar is all about the natural extravaganza! You can’t escape from visiting the lush green unending, extensive stretch of delightful tea plantations spread across the hills, combined with mountains and valleys, streams lanes, trekking spots, exotic species of flowers, etc. Above these, Munnar is quite unique from other hill stations. Munnar is a specialized travel destination for its aromatic facet. Yes, you will love to breathe the aromatic air scented with the natural spices. This blissful hill station is the home for many spices. You can watch the spices cultivated across the slopes as you travel, of course, enjoy the aromatic, healthy air with natural fragrance.

Munnar best holiday destinations of india

No of Days Required – 3 to 5 days

Approximate Cost per Person –  Rs.10,000 /-

Nearest Railway Station: Aluva, located at 110 km distance, Ernakulam 130 km distance

Nearest Airport: Cochin International Airport 130 km distance

By Road: Well connected from all major cities of Kerala and South India

Where to Stay: A lot of staying options are available for all budgets


2. Lakshadweep Islands

Lakshadwee holiday destination in india

If you imagine some place about the versatility and multi-cultural and multilingual, India is one of the top most countries that encounters. Many people are familiar with Andaman and Nicobar Islands as the popular travel destination in India. Lakshadweep Islands is undoubtedly one of the top 10 good destinations of India.

  Lakshadweep Under Water Resort pics:

Lakshadwee best holiday destinations in August

Lakshadwee family holiday destinations


In fact, one of the most uninhabited and secluded islands in the India and in the world is Lakshadweep islands. Lakshadweep is the paradise for the romantic vacationers and makes them get lured with the greenish blue beaches and lush green dense gardens and forests. It is also one of the sparsely populated top vacations spots in India, which makes it an ideal destination for romantic travelers.

Lakshadwee top 10 destinations in india

No of Days Required – 5 days to 1 week

Approximate Cost per Person –  Rs.10,000 /-

Nearest Railway Station: NA

Nearest Airport: Cochin International Airport, from airport boat travel to island

By Road: NA

Where to Stay: Agatti Island Beach Resort, Kadmat Island Resort


Prior permission from the official authorities of Lakshadweep Island is mandatory. Travelers can arrange it on their own or let it get arranged by the tour operators.

3. Gulmarg

Heaven on Earth! Many mesmerizing travel destinations in India show us how heaven actually look! One such heavenly attraction in India is Gulmarg! Located at a distance of around 55 kilometers from Srinagar, the northern tip of India, an enchanting and appealing city, Gulmarg is a part of this heavenly location!

Gulmarg mesmerizing travel destinations in India

Snowy slopes covered with beautiful pine trees; blossoming valleys with vibrant flowers; snow clad hills; blissful meadows and lush green deep valleys; Gulmarg is a lot about the mesmeric and charming nature, bountiful nature. Rejuvenate your senses, soothe your nerves, unwind in the captivating hills surrounded by nothing except the bliss of nature!Gulmarg awesome holiday destinations in India

No of Days Required – 1 week

Approximate Cost per Person –  Rs. About Rs. 1500 / per night

Nearest Railway Station: Jammu railway station, 230 km distance

Nearest Airport: Srinagar Airport, 56 km distance

By Road: Well connected with buses from nearby towns and by private cars

Where to Stay: Hotel New Mountain View, Global Hotel, Green Heights, Hill Top Hotel


Some hotels may not have round the clock hot water or centralized heating capacity. Check about these aspects before you book the room.


4. Shimla

Shimla, the exotic hill station of India is one of the best travel destinations in India, you can blindly choose. Majestic views of massive hills sprayed with buttery snow, steps and slopes of the hills adorned with lush green nature, pines and extravagant flowers, and Shimla is all about a soothing heaven!

shimla top 10 honeymoon destinations in India

Driven by multiple cultures, inspired by colonial remnants, Shimla is one of your perfect retreats. Cultural events, ice skating, trekking in the Himalayas, walking across the beautiful flower gardens, enjoying the invigorating charm of nature, hill stations holiday packages to Shimla keeps you rejuvenated and energized. Shimla special apples, don’t miss out visiting the apple garden! Go with an empty bag, come out with bag full of apples!!

shimla travel destinations in india

No of Days Required – 4 to 11 days

Approximate Cost per Person –  Starts from INR 3000 /- per night

Nearest Railway Station: No rail service is available.

Nearest Airport: The city is connected with flight services from Delhi and Kashmir.

Where to Stay: Guest houses, home stays, and a few luxury resorts are available.



5. Darjeeling

A prominent hill station in India, known quintessentially as one of the tea producers, Darjeeling is just more than desirable as one of the best holiday destinations in India.

It is a dream travel destination that crowns the east India. Darjeeling has plenty to lure the visitors and let them get mesmerized in the charms of nature. With so many waterfalls, blooming flowers, valleys, exotic tea gardens, and steep sloppy snow clad hills, charms of Darjeeling are abundant. The Himalayan railway connected with Darjeeling is one of the UNESCO world heritage sites not to miss. Of course, don’t miss sipping the delicious varieties of tea in the motherland of tea!

No of Days Required – 1 week

Approximate Cost per Person –  Starts from Rs.2000 per night

Nearest Railway Station: Jalpaiguri is the nearest railway station from the town, located at 62 km.

Nearest Airport: Bagdogra Airport, 96 km

By Road: Regular bus services are available from many nearby towns

Where to Stay: Many staying options are available from home stays to luxurious resorts



6. Ootacamund aka Ooty

Ootacamund, precisely and popularly known as Ooty is the most popular hill station in Tamilnadu and one of the not to miss these best holiday destinations .

Whenever people think about summer vacation, Ooty will be listed as the first choice. In fact, there are repeated visitors to Ooty as the visitors cannot get enough of visiting, exploring and relishing the picturesque hill station. During the colonial period, Ooty was the weekend hideaway for the British people.

The hill station is located in the Nilgiris Mountain, which literally means Blue Mountain! Ooty is the favorite holiday spot for the children. Unlike other popular hill stations, Ooty is not just a single vacation destination, rather it is the focal point of various nearby attractions. The uniqueness of the hill station is the Ooty Train. Located at an altitude of 2240 meters above the sea level, Ooty has plenty of attractions to engage the visitors. Besides, Ooty has abundant resources for vegetation and surrounded by pine woods, eucalyptus trees, and lush green tea gardens, which spices up the beauty of the hill station. The beauty of the natural wonders in Ooty is preserved at its best!

For many people, ooty literally means the botanical garden. The splendor of wonderful garden with more than 650 variety of plants and trees has been laid out in the mid of 1840s, which is now managed and maintained by the Horticulture department. Natural and garden lovers find this place amazing as the botanical garden houses ancient trees aged more than 20 million years! Walking along across the garden visiting the variety of plants and trees is a pleasurable activity!.

No of Days Required – 4 to 7 days

Approximate Cost per Person –  Rs. 15000 /-

Nearest Railway Station: Mettupalayam is the nearest railway station

Nearest Airport: Coimbatore airport at 88 km

By Road: well connected with bus and taxi services from all parts of south India.

Where to Stay: Innumerable staying options are available from budget hotels to five-star resorts



7. Agra

Agra, the capital of ancient India, Hindustan, is now a popular holiday destination of India. Agra houses a number of historical monuments. The attractions of the city depict the royal life of Mughal Kingdom.

Agra can be called the land of undying love for its effervescent and stunning Taj Mahal, the personification of love! Constructed by the King Shah Jahan, it is, in fact, a mausoleum, built in memories of his beloved wife, Mumtaz!

The mausoleum for its incredible craftwork and astounding structure became one of the major attractions of India. In addition, it is the one among the Seven New Wonders of the World, one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites and one of the most romantic places on the earth! Embrace the beauty and mesmeric charm of Taj Mahal by visiting this love monument on a full moon day, the beauty at its best. A visit to Agra is nothing if you don’t visit Taj Mahal!

No of Days Required – 3 days

Approximate Cost per Person – Starts from Rs.1000 per day

Nearest Railway Station: Has four railway stations and well-connected with trains from different routes

Nearest Airport: Kheria Airport, located in the city

By Road: well connected with road services

Where to Stay: Hotel Taj Plaza, Hotel Kamal,



8. KodaiKanal

– Best holiday destinations in India in December

Kodaikanal is a subtropical hill station with very mildly hot to moderately foggy cold weather. Surprisingly, Kodaikanal attracts many visitors during the cold and foggy weather in the month of December.

The queen of hills has many scenic spots offering breathtaking views of the hills and plains spread across the enchanting mountains. For instance, Dolphin’s nose. You will get a spectacular view from this spot which is very similar to the bird’s view! It is called Dolphin’s nose because the shape of the rock appears so! A very adventurous and risky yet thrilling and most sought after attraction in Kodaikanal is Devil’s Kitchen. With steep slopes, deep and hidden ravines, and mystic gutters, anyone easily feeds themselves for the Devil’s trap. It is very adventurous yet too risky! It is located amidst the green valley view, a suicide point and pillar rocks.

No of Days Required – 4 to 7 days

Approximate Cost per Person –  Rs. 15000/-

Nearest Railway Station: Kodai Road, located at the foot of the hill, approximately 80 km travel

Nearest Airport:  Madurai Airport, 120 km

By Road: Road travel is the only way to reach kodaikanal from Kodai road or Madurai or other places

Where to Stay: Sterling Holidays, Kings Inn, Paradise Inn, Green Hill Resort



9. Jaipur

Jaipur is the land of culture and colors. It can also be called the land of luxurious palaces! The unique culture and tradition are beautifully carried by the people for several centuries. The marvelous and grandeur palaces show the exemplary and splendor life of Rajputs. Jaipur City Palace is just enough to amaze the visitors.

Next to city palace, Hawa Mahal is another major attraction in Jaipur. Hawa Mahal was the residence of the Rajputs, the rich and royals!  With food fiesta and rich delicacies, the traditional costumes and incredible line of arts and crafts, Jaipur is a colorfully exotic!

Jaipur is the face of the royal and rich Rajasthan!

No of Days Required – 3 to 5 days

Approximate Cost per Person –  Rs. 25000

Nearest Railway Station: Jaipur railway station in the city, well connected with Shathabti express and other luxury trains

Nearest Airport: Sanganer Airport, located in the city

By Road: Bus travel will be more convenient and affordable for budget stay

Where to Stay: Four Points, Country Inn, Radisson Blu



10. Wayanad

Wayanad is located on the Western Ghats of Kerala. It is a green paradise on earth nestled in the mountain region. The entire city is equipped with enchanting and hypnotizing culture and history. The ideal time to visit the place is between September and March. It is a strategic location as it leads the other tourist destinations around the region namely Ooty,  Kannur, Coorg, Mysore, Bangalore, etc. The hill station if completely surrounded by plantations, forest, and wildlife.

Although there are a lot of attractions housed by this famous travel destination, Edakal Caves is quite unique and exciting. It is one of the most ancient caves with carvings and paintings of Stone Age. The history of the caves can be traced over 5000 years and had been colonized at various stages in history. The term ‘Edakkal’ means ‘a stone in between’. The cave is found with two levels. The lower level or lower chamber can be entered through an opening measuring 5 X 4 feet. A small path opposite the entrance leads upward. A small gap is found in the roof through the upper chamber can be reached by climbing.

This is just an example of captivating attractions of this best and popular holiday destination in India, Wayanad. There is a lot more to explore and it is a very special location for honeymooners.

No of Days Required – 4 days

Approximate Cost per Person –  Rs. 25000

Nearest Railway Station: Kozhikode railway station, 100 km distance

Nearest Airport: Karipur International Airport at Kozhikode, 120 km distance

By Road: Bus services are available abundantly to reach Wayanad

Where to Stay: Olives Home Stay, Ginger Hotels, Vythiri Resorts



11. Akshardham, Delhi

Akshardham is one of the best holiday destinations in India. Okay, it is not actually be called as holiday destinations but suitable more for a short holiday trip for a day. If you are tired and want to refresh during a weekend, just think about Akshardham.

Akshardham is actually a spiritual center, but something very exotic in terms of grandeur architecture blended with modernity and tradition in a perfect combo. While Akshardham gives a divine experience, it is totally entertaining too! There are a lot of attractions in Akshardham beyond the Mandir. Boat ride, movies, gardens, musical fountains, exhibition and a lot of attractions take you to a different world while you are at Delhi.

Don’t miss it.

No of Days Required – 1 day

Approximate Cost per Person –  Rs. About Rs. 1500 per person

Nearest Railway Station: Delhi

Nearest Airport: Delhi

Where to Stay: Not Applicable – Suitable for one day trip


There are a lot of restrictions with respect to carrying phones and cameras.


12. Manali

Manali is one of the most prominent best holiday destinations in India in North India. Located in the picturesque Kullu Valley of Himachal Pradesh, it is greatly preferred by honeymooners. Manali is a twin town, often called as Kullu-Manali. Your eyes will be surprised to look at the blissful locations providing a lavish feast to the visitors. Transparent Beas River, pine woods, invigorating uninhabited islands, snowy steep hills, mesmeric views, and scenic surroundings enchants you. A natural mystery in Manali is hot water springs. There are two hot water springs, Kalath hot water spring, and vashisht hot water spring. In the former, Kalath spring, hot sulfurous water is blown by the nature of the surface. Later, Vashisht is actually a part of the Beas river, transformed into natural hot water spring. Manali has a pleasant climate all through the year, except the freezing months.

No of Days Required – 5 days

Approximate Cost per Person –  Rs. 15000

Nearest Railway Station: Chandigarh and Ambala Cantt Railway station, 80 km

Nearest Airport: Kullu Airport, 50 km distance

By Road: Bus services are available abundantly and Manali is the best to reach by road.

Where to Stay: Hotel Green Field, Snow White Gardens, Eco Groove, Sandhya Spa Cottages,


India is one of the very few countries in the world with rich culture and heritage. Notwithstanding to above, India is also one of the renowned global travel destinations, preferred by the global travelers, specifically westerners. While there is a lot of best holiday destinations in India are available to offer the exciting experience and soothing memories, the land of rich culture also has a lot of romantic getaways, weekend travel attractions to meet the needs of travelers who look for short-term travel.


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