11 Best Places To Visit in May Around The World

Astonishing Places To Visit in during May world wide

Summer is considered as the best time to travel and explore. Nothing can be more comfortable than donning a T-shirt paired with cool shorts for an endless sunny day and soothing night. There are many places to visit in May worldwide.

Here are 11 Amazing lists of Best Places to Visit in May Around the World

1. Western Australia

In the western part of Australia, the winter or the dry season starts from May.The days are beautiful and sunny with clear blue skies.May month is the best time to visit Western Australia since the perfect climate is a blessing. The northern coast is famous for its annual Whale-shark Festival. It is a fun place for the party animals. You will get everything from live music to a float parade to enjoy the view of the whale and sharks.

Things To Do in Western Australia

Below are few wonderful things to do in Western Australia and all this makes it a wonderful place to visit during the month of May.

  • Euphoric view of sunset at Cable Beach
  • Swim around Elephant Rocks.

  • Cycling around Rottnest Island
  • Swim and Snorkel at Turquoise Bay

  • Adventure walks at Hancock Gorge

2. Bahamas

May is The best time of the year to visit the beautiful Bahamas. During this time of the year, the weather is amazing with warmth in the water and hurricane free. The weather is warm but has low humidity without any bugs.It is a must visit place for all beach lovers.

Things To Do in the Bahamas

Below are few fun things to explore during your stay in this mesmerizing location. This is one of the mesmerizing places to visit during May.

  • Experience the Dolphin love

  • Mesmerizing marine habitat at Atlantis  
  • Snorkeling and scuba diving at Thunderball Grotto

  • Explore Lucayan National Park

  • Enjoy the Cable Beach


3. Morocco

May is an apt month to explore sunny Morocco and also a wonderful destination to visit in the summer around the world. The Mediterranean coast is ideal for warm sunbathe. Marrakesh and Essaouira has a perfect combination of warm days and cool nights, all this makes Morocco a refreshing destination. A small town name El-Kelaâ M’Gouna located at foothills of the Atlas Mountains is popular for the Rose Festival. It is a 3 days celebration that includes traditional song, dance, sword-fighting, delicious feasting and a beauty pageant is also celebrated at the end of the rose harvest season.

Things To Do in  Morocco

Below are some fun things to enjoy during the visit since this place is an amazing location to visit during May.

  • Explore the world heritage site “Fes el-Bali”

  • Experience the desert sunrise at Merzouga sand dunes

  • Get smitten by the colorful Dades Valley

  • Enjoy kite-surfing around Atlantic coast beach

  • Tour around Majorelle Gardens for rare and colorful plants




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4. Nepal

Nepal is famous for its Hindu and Buddhist heritage. This is the perfect destination for mountaineering and trekking the Himalayas. Nepal is considered as one of the beautiful places to visit in the world during summer.The world heritage and birthplace of Gautama Buddha is located at Nepal called Lumbini.

Things to Do in Nepal

Here are few amazing things to capture in your travel diary and also the best place to visit during May.

  • Divine Pashupati Nath Temple

  • Enjoy mesmerizing Himalayan views at Nagarkot

  • Admire nature’s marvels at Pokhra Valley

  • Peaceful Lumbini Garden
  •                 Shop around Thamel Area



5. Italy

Italy during May is synonymy with Spring season. May is called as a month of roses. Entire Italy is filled with the sweet scent of plants and flowers.It is a feast to the nature lover. The weather during May is warm and refreshing. This can be surely considered as the best place to visit during summer time. There are numerous historical and artistic spots to explore. May is synonym with Springtime in the country, so you will find many Spring festivals to enjoy. Florence is the most loved and crowded place during May. It is famous for its Iris Garden.There are n number of floral festivals, food festivals and wine festivals conducted during May in Italy. Choose and prioritize the one which interests you the most.

Things to Do in Italy

Here are some mind-blowing things to do and enjoy your stay. This place will make your trip memorable because it is an amazing place to visit during summer time.

  • Visit famous Iris Garden 
  • Must see artworks and historic sites at Naples

  • Get mesmerized by the beautiful landscapes at Cinque Terre

  • Check out the fashion and designer outlet at Milan

  • Romantic gondola ride at Venice


6. Peru

Peru has the perfect green and lush valleys during May.Enjoy the breathtaking view of mist-shrouded ruins at daylight. Peru has everything which a travel lover will look for like hiking, surfing, Amazon rainforest and enjoying Lima’s cuisine and inexpensive at the same time. All the fun activities make Peru one among the best place to visit in May.

Things to Do in Peru

Below are few fun things to do and convert your vacation to a memorable one. Explore this best place to visit in summer.

  • Enjoy lip smacking delicious world class cuisine at Lima

  • Must visit lost city -Machu Picchu for its famous tales

  • Hiking the Inca Trail

  • Amazing Amazon view from Iquitos
  • Voyage around Titicaca world’s largest lake with the highest altitude


7. Greece

Greece has warm days and cool nights during the month May which makes it a perfect summer holiday destination. The first half of the month has rain, so the monsoon lovers can also have fun at Greece.It is a must visit for adventure and beach loving folks. Greece is famous for its sandy beaches at the northern coast and hiking Samaria Gorge located in the south.Greece is undoubtedly the best places to visit in summer.

Things to Do in Greece

These are few to do things during fascinating Greece vacation, undoubtedly this is the best place to visit during summer.

  • Breathtaking view of sunset on Santorini

  • Saintly Meteora monasteries

  • Flavorsome wine tasting

  • Trekking Mount Olympus

  • Traverse flourishing countryside, sandy beaches, peaceful village at Pelion

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8. Turkey

The month of May is the best time for a holiday in Turkey.Istanbul is famous for its cool weather, which can be enjoyable at the same time. Resorts at Antalya and Bodrum are fresh and warm. You can enjoy the warmth of summer with a cool breeze.Turkey is popular for its diverse variety of food and wonderful drinks. Turkey is the best combination of progressive Western culture and traditional Islamic culture. This is a good place to visit in May because it has n number of marvelous sights and tantalizing tradition.

Things to Do  in Turkey

Below are few must to do things during your visit. Enthralling Turkey is the best place to visit during May.

  • Spellbinding Blue Mosque
  • Dazzling white Pamukkale Thermal Pools

  • Astonishing Goreme National Park

  • Experience unique boating at The Blue Cruise

  • Artistic Nargile Bars

9. Barcelona

The month of May is a good time to visit beautiful Barcelona for the sunshine lovers. The weather is cold but sunny.It is the perfect time to for the travelers. Occasional rains can be expected but mostly it remains warm and sunny.The climate of Barcelona is ideal and is the best place to visit during summer worldwide.It is popular for the live music concerts, vibrant pictures, adventures and amazing food.

Things to Do in Barcelona

Here are some amazingly fun things to do in beautiful Barcelona, fill your travel diary with wonderful stories since this is the astonishing place to visit in summer.

  • Magical view of Montjuïc

  • Relax and discover lushly gardens of the Teatre Grec

    Enjoy artistic painting collection at Fundació Joan Miró

  • Aromatic seafood at Rias de Galicia

  • Walk around and explore modern architecture work of Antoni Gaudí

10. The Caribbean

This is a must visit place for those who just want to relax and enjoy the sunbathing. The climate is dry and perfect.It is the best place to visit around the world to enjoy varieties of fun activities. You can enjoy beautiful islands. This place is famous for its rich cultural mix.

Things to Do in The Caribbean

Below is the lists of things to do at the adventurous Caribbean. All this makes it the best place to visit during summer.

  • Surfing in Barbados

  • Spectacular hiking through forest in Pureto Rico

  • Artistic Collage and mural creation at Jamaica

  • Practice healing yoga at Turks and Caicos

  • Explore the wavy submarine tour in Aruba


11. Indonesia

The temperature is constant and steady all year with warm sunny days and cool nights. May is the perfect time to plan a trip because of it is practically on the equator.Indonesia is famous for its beaches, small villages, bushy forest, dry landscape and much much more. The delicious cuisine is a must for all food worshipers. It is a very good place to visit during summer.

Things to Do in Indonesia

Here is the list of things to do at this sunny holiday destination. All this adds it to the wonderful place to visit during summer.

  • Surfing in Kuta

  • Worship peaceful Buddha at Borobudur Buddhist temple

  • Relaxing sunbathing on Pulau Weh in Aceh

  • Transform into a foodie. Indulge and explore local food from Padang.

  • Explore arts and culture in Ubud


These are top  11 best places to visit in may around the world. Make a note of all these mind blowing places and rejoice your summer vacation in sandy fashion.

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