How to Board a Domestic Flight in India First Time

Board a Domestic Flight in India for the First Time

India is establishing an extensive and a rapid growth in the travel industry due to globalization and privatization. A domestic flight is a flight that deals with the arrival and departure of the people from the same country.

In India, a large number of people are interested to travel through domestic airlines on several domestic destinations for the purpose of leisure and business.

This helps in getting all the cities to be connected with one another. With the increasing of the number of domestic airlines in India, the traveling has become easier for the people. Also, because of low-cost airlines and online booking, booking on domestic airlines has become affordable and convenient for the people.

For the purpose of saving time, people mainly prefer to select the faster routes as due to the demand of cheap domestic airlines in India. Due to a large number of domestic airlines in India, there is a tough competition among them.

Also, many discounts and offers have been provided to customers by the several airlines. Many domestic airline tickets also include the cost of food along with services of the customer. Some of the airlines include Air India Express, Kingfisher Red, Jet Airways, JetLite, etc.

People are wished to enjoy their first flight and excited to observe the wonderful experiences during their first flight journey. Even people are experiencing a lot when coming out from home, going to the airport, do checking at the airport, and boarding a flight which seems to be the enjoyable moment for them. 

How to Check-in at Airport for Domestic Flight

Checking in for the domestic flight is the process where the confirmation of the arrival of a person is done at the airport. The process of check-in at airport enables the passengers about the confirmation of their respective flights, obtaining their boarding passes, possible to select their seats and also check in their luggage onto the plane.

Most of the airlines permit users for online check-in facility that is up to 24 hours before their time of departure.

The boarding pass is a kind of necessary document which is provided to the passenger by the airlines during the check-in process. It allows a person to board the airplane for a particular flight. It is responsible for identifying the passenger, the flight number, and the date and scheduled time for the departure as a minimum.

When boarding a flight, a boarding pass is always needed. Nowadays, airlines accepting paper or electronic board pass also shown through phone or tablet.

3 Ways to Check-in for Domestic Flight

 1. Do check-in at the staffed check-in counter at the airport

Check-in of a person allows you for check-in of your baggage at the same time as checking in for the domestic flight while check-in luggage.

The things that are needed for check-in counter at the airport include Passport card, Air Ticket, or a confirmation number that is sent via email if the ticket has been purchased online or by the travel agency or printed itinerary having a confirmation number.

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 2. Do check-in using a self-check-in kiosk at the airport

Using self-check-in kiosk, the passengers can book a seat that is allowed by the airlines, enter number of bags that are needed to be checked and print your boarding passes.

Then, it is required for passengers to submit their luggage at the staffed counter or luggage stations that are checked. Airline staff is now responsible for checking your passport either at the time of check in or even if you are at the boarding gate.

The things those are required for the kiosk check-in involves confirmation number or the credit card used for ticket payment, or a passport card, etc.

A passport is required only when you are travelling internationally.

 3. Do online check-in before the arrival to the airport

Passengers can also check-in online begin for 24 hours before departure of flight. So, they are advised to submit their luggage to the staffed counter or the checked luggage stations while checking luggage. 

Advantages of online check-in

 1. Helps in avoiding potential check-in lines at the airport.

2. Easy to get printed board pass at home.

3. Selection of seat before others.

4. Helps in getting updates of possible changes up to the departure times that leading up a flight.

Step-by-Step Procedure for Boarding a Domestic Flight in India

Procedure for Boarding a Domestic Flight in India

  1. First of all Purchase an air ticket either by contacting a travel agent that nearer to you or even you booked your ticket online through the online airline-based websites. Make sure about the name and other information of a person entered in the form while booking the ticket online matches with the name and information of his valid identity documents.
  1. Now, before moving out from your home, carry your travel ticket and your valid identity documents like Aadhaar card or Voter ID Card or Passport that are required at the airport.
  1. Reach to the airport of about an hour early that is more prior according to your flight time.
  1. After this, you have to show your itinerary ticket and valid identity documents at the security personnel entry gate.
  1. Now, go to the check-in counter. If you do not have to check-in luggage, then by using the kiosk, you are able to get the boarding pass. Otherwise, you have to go to the check-in counter and get your boarding pass that is issued against your ticket.
  2. You can also select the desired seat which is available for you.
  1. After selecting the seat, go to security checking counter. On there, you have to remove all the electronic devices that you are carrying along with you in your check-in baggage.
  2. Don’t forget to get your boarding pass during the security check and also getting your hand carry bag that goes through the scanning machine.

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  1. Finally, go to the boarding gate.
  1. You have to wait for your flight boarding and when your boarding begins, go to your seat and enjoy your plane journey.

Timelines for Check-in and Boarding

 1. Check-in Deadlines at airport

  • Airlines should provide deadline timing to passengers for check-in before any flight. Check-in timing deadlines are mainly between 60-30 minutes before the process of boarding a flight. So, you are not able to do check-in after the deadline, which means you are not going to your flight after check-in deadline.
  • Due to check-in deadlines, you are capable of loading luggage onto the plane, offering potential unclaimed seats belong to stand-by passengers and lastly finalize the documentation for take-off.

 2. Boarding Deadlines at airport

  • The deadlines for boarding are in between 30 minutes up to an hour before your schedule has take-off.
  • Your boarding pass will list the time for the flight where it starts to board.
  • Flights are tending to board in terms of shifts. Some people call as by rows or by groups. Your boarding pass is indicating your row or group.
  • Must consider the timeline for boarding your flight. You have to be sure about the time that will be taken for getting through into the check-in line, passing through security, and then walk or ride the bus or another vehicle from the check-in area on to your boarding area to your terminal and gate that is listed on your boarding pass. Following the rules or steps of the airport to reach there might take several hours.
  • For domestic flight, you have to arrive before 2 hours prior to the departure time.
  • Most of the airlines list their specific check-in rules and policies, so must properly visit the airline’s website for best details.

What to do During Boarding a Flight

Following things you have to do during boarding a flight:

  • Must follow check-in process in advance and make sure of about all the necessary travel documents to be ready as prior to check-in procedure.
  • You have to make sure that the boarding passes and the travel documents that are requested to present or show at the security checkpoints and at boarding gates are the correct ones.

How to board a domestic flight in india first time-min

  • Check the rules for the list of items that are not permitted by the airlines.
  • Keep all the valuable and precious things into your hand carry-on bag when you are proceeding for the screening checkpoint. This helps in avoiding to leave any type of belongings.
  • Give serious response towards the airport and even airplane security and proper time to clear all screening processes at the airport.
  • If you have to carry a needle or syringe in your cabin carry-on bag due to your medical situation, then you must inform at the airline check-in for the purpose of security at the airport.
  • Also, you have to inform about your medical conditions to the Security Officers. For example, pacemaker sometimes might get affected by the screening process.
  • Remove mobile handsets, laptops, video cameras, etc. from your carry-on bag and put them into the bins provided there.
  • If you have any prohibited item or weapon, then you have to declare it to the screening area staff or you can dispose it at the container provided at the screening checkpoint.
  • It is recommended to keep all batteries and electronic devices having batteries to place them into the Cabin baggage.
  • Always have to be a security-minded passenger. If you find any unusual behavior or any kind of suspicious activity at the airport, then you are permitted to inform the airline staff.
  • Double-checking of your luggage has to be done in order to ensure that no prohibited item or weapon has been found.

What Not to do During Boarding a Flight

Following things you have not to do during boarding a flight:

  • Airline passengers are not allowed to carry any type of weapon or explosive as this may result in the rejection of boarding a flight.
  • Do not carry sharp objects like knives, scissors, nail cutters, knitting needles, etc. in your hand carry-on bag.
  • If you are caught during detection procedure, then this will result in the exclusion for entering or boarding a flight.
  • Don’t carry any type of LAGs of above 100ml like liquid, Aerosols, and Gels in your carry-on bag. When found, then they have been removed by the security staff.
  • Do not leave your luggage as unattended on public areas as this can be viewed as a suspicious thing.

board a domestic flight in india first time-min-min

  • Don’t carry beverage containers on the screening checkpoint area.
  • Avoid carrying jewelry or such item that are caught during metal detection checking.
  • Avoid doing over-packing of bags as this cause damaging the zip.
  • You are not allowed to carry other people bags or parcels without knowing their content inside.
  • You are also advised not to carry undeclared animals along with baggage.

Inside the Plane During Journey

Inside an airplane needs some rules and regulations to be followed by the passengers:

  • Provide proper space to those people around to you.
  • Don’t run your mouth like a chatterbox all the time as it irritates to your nearest seat member. If you wished to talk, then just introduce yourself and have a common talk with him.
  • Avoid moving up and down around the cabin as it disturbs other passengers in the airplane.How to check in airport for domestic flight-min
  • Avoid drinking alcohol during a flight. Also, it is strictly not permitted on the airplane.
  • with the airline personnel.
  • If you are sick, you are not allowed to travel in the airplane.

Outside the Plane, After Reaching at Destination

When you reach your destination and leaving the airplane, then you have to show your passport to security staff and head you baggage reclaim for picking the baggage that you checked-in at the airport.The screens that are executing at the airport showing your flight number above the carousel on which your luggage will be on.

After all this, you have to collect your luggage that you are available for free to head over through customs and out into the arrival where your flight journey has been completed.

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