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What is premium Tatkal in IRCTC

What is Premium Tatkal in IRCTC?

What is Premium Tatkal BookingMinistry of Indian Railway has introduced a new reservation quota well known as Premium Tatkal. As the name itself says that it is only used to book the tatkal tickets. Premium Tatkal cost is always...

5 Best Way to Book IRCTC Tatkal Ticket Tips Tricks in 2020

Here are the 5 Best Way to Book IRCTC Tatkal Ticket in 2020 Using AutoFill Extension (90% Success) Using Magic AutoFill by Amit Agrawal (A Tool 79% Success) Mobile IRCTC Official App with Saved Passenger List By Disabling Anti-Virus Software...
IRCTC Service Charges for Ticket Booking

IRCTC Service Charges 2020 for Ticket Booking 1AC/2AC/3AC/Sleeper

IRCTC Service Charges for Ticket BookingIRCTC provides many services to the passenger through its portal and booking the railway ticket online is one the service provided by Indian Railway for which IRCTC service charges passenger need to pay.Only
IRCTC Chart Not Prepared Meaning

Train Chart Preparation Time 2020 Indian Railways

With Effect from 1st November 2019 Train Chart Preparation Time is usually 4 hours prior to train departure time. What is a Train Chart and Chart Preparation time in Indian Railway?Train chart is the list of passengers with all the details...
IRCTC Passenger List

IRCTC Passenger Train List

IRCTC Passenger ListThere are many types of trains as we already discussed here at last. One more well known type of train is 'IRCTC Passenger Train'. Passenger trains further divided into two more trains High speed and low speed passenger....

Tatkal Booking Timings IRCTC 2020

Last updated on 5th Nov 2019Tatkal Ticket Booking Time in 2020What is Tatkal?Tatkal, literally means ‘Immediate’. Tatkal booking facility is the savior for millions of travelers. The comfortable last minute travel is made possible with Tatkal system.Tatkal ticket booking...
How Can I Cancel My Normal IRCTC Ticket

How to Cancel IRCTC Train E-Ticket With & Without Login?

1. Cancel Train E-Ticket Online with LoginIf you have registered in IRCTC then using login credentials you can cancel the IRCTC train e-ticket online easily in just a few steps.Railway E-Ticket can be canceled only online means if you...
Online Train Ticket Booking

How to Book Train Tickets Online in IRCTC | Online Train Ticket Booking

Book Train Ticket Online in IRCTC:Online train ticket booking has become popular and convenient nowadays as compared to the counter ticket at the railway station.Booking IRCTC Indian Railway train ticket online is very easy compared to going to the...