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How to Reset IRCTC Username and Password

How to Reset IRCTC Username and Password

How to Reset IRCTC Login Username & PasswordIt is very natural that we often forget the user ID and password of our IRCTC account. While there are many frequent travelers amongst you, some of you hardly use it in...
irctc ticket cancellation charges

IRCTC Cancellation Charges 2021 for 3AC,2AC,1AC,SL

IRCTC Cancellation Charges in 2020IRCTC ticket cancellation charges and subsequent refund on the cancelled tickets is a major factor that most travellers should know.Indian Railways levies a certain amount, either based on a flat rate of IRCTC cancellation charges for...
IRCTC Chart Not Prepared Meaning

Train Chart Preparation Time 2021 Indian Railways

With Effect from 1st January 2020 Train Chart Preparation Time is usually 4 hours prior to train departure time. What is a Train Chart and Chart Preparation time in Indian Railway?Train chart is the list of passengers with all...
IRCTC New Registration

7 Steps IRCTC Registration, IRCTC Create New Account 2021

Having a new account in IRCTC through IRCTC registration process reduces the effort which we have been putting to book railway window ticket.IRCTC New Registration is very simple and easy.

How to do IRCTC Registration For NRI or Foreigners

IRCTC Registration for NRI or ForeignersHere is your simple guide on IRCTC registration for NRI, IRCTC is now a part and parcel of Indians, nestled with lives of the people as a major mode of travel. Train travelling is easy,...

IRCTC Travel Insurance Policy - Benefits, Features, Coverage

IRCTC Travel Insurance Premium Policy– IntroductionThere is an optional facility introduced by the railways especially for train passengers. This type of insurance started from September so that the train passengers who are booking their tickets online on the IRCTC website...
Check Train Schedule Indian Railways

Train Schedule in Indian Railways

What is the train schedule in Indian Railways?Train schedule is nothing but a chart that lists out the details of the halts and timings between the source and destination station of a particular train. For instance, if a train...
What is premium Tatkal in IRCTC

What is Premium Tatkal in IRCTC?

What is Premium Tatkal BookingMinistry of Indian Railway has introduced a new reservation quota well known as Premium Tatkal. As the name itself says that it is only used to book the tatkal tickets. Premium Tatkal cost is always...