9 Cheap Last Minute Weekend Getaways For Couples

Cheap Last Minute Weekend Getaways for Couples

A weekend getaway gives a way to relieve from all types of stresses after a long work week.

Generally, people get involved in their daily life routine including several tasks from day to night. It’s so easy to just go to work, eat supper, tidy up then relax by playing online casino roulette at www.EasyMobileCasino.com. However, life has no fun without the feeling of spontaneity. There are some best tours or trips which are last-minute getaways. So, without wasting our time, find the free upcoming weekend for you. Don’t think about it that you don’t have enough time to plan for a trip.Cheap Last Minute Weekend Getaways For Couples

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Cheap last minute weekend getaways are the best option when couples make a plan to spend their weekend for a short duration which will be of 1 weeks. So, firstly they plan to scan their calendar and find the suitable free weekend for them.

But, they are not having much time to find the places or trips. Then, suddenly, at the last minute, they do advanced booking through flights or cars and also spend a memorable weekend in a place that they wanted to explore their favourite travel destination.

If you only have a weekend or at the end of weekend to spend, then pick a getaway place that includes a short scenic drive or a quick flight. So, you will be able to spend more time on enjoying the last-minute vacation and not less time on getting there only.

A change of scenery is always good for you, so get a brief look into your destination suggestions and find the great travel deals so that you can have a few travel ideas in the hand.


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7 Secrets to Make Successful Last Minute Weekend Getaways

Some couples of US make a sudden plan for cheap last minute weekend getaways. As plan is not well defined or managed by the couples. They need few secrets which help in making their last minute holiday trips successful.

7 Secrets to Make Successful Last Minute Weekend Getaways

  1. Don’t take last minute getaway deals as for short time period like only about 1 week. Sometimes, the last minute holiday trips can be extended by the couples which cause no problem.
  2. There is a huge savings in accommodations and package tours not on Airfare services. This is because flights of regular airlines which are scheduled increasing their price closer to the departure that we get.
  3. Plan to travel for mid-week which saves money as some couples plan to quick vacation getaways last minute mainly in weekends like Saturdays or Sundays.
  4. Always be aware of secret hotel deals. Secret hotel deals are friendlier in nature for couples using smart or iPhone apps.

Simply, if you search the places that you want, you prefer to go on rating of stars on the hotel and a price under consideration.

Be aware of the secret hotel tools because they never allow us for avoiding some hotels.

  1. When plan for cheap last minute weekend getaways, always think of serendipity. Sometimes, you don’t know what you want to do and sitting idle and didn’t get last minute getaways deals which are suitable for you.
  2. Always take last minute holiday trips as an enjoyable fun trip not as a crucial trip. Last minute weekend getaways is not for those couples who are set on particular suite type in specific accommodation type at a particular location mostly at the destination or must prefer to travel only during specific scheduled dates.
  3. As some people plan or booked their own quick vacation getaways last minute, this makes high strength in the prices of foreign trips. This supports the affordability for the couples of US.

Best Ideas for Last Minute Weekend Getaways (Best Ideas)

After having a busy life schedule, people plan to have a best and the cheapest last minute holiday trips. So, they want to spend their weekend somewhere on new places which suit them. This might also creates a big change on their views after having a short trip. At the last minute weekend breaks, people wish to find the greatest last minute getaway deals at their affordable price rates.

There are few ideas for couples which help in finding their cheap and famous last minute weekend trips:

  1. Have a personal visit with your friends or relatives

Cheap Last Minute Weekend Getaways for Couples

By visiting your family or friends gives an affordable idea for the last minute weekend trip.  This saves your expenses for a hotel or room. Also, staying on your family’s or relatives’ location saves the cost of food as the meals are provided inside home only. Do research and have a plan to visit the relatives that arises in local events or festivals.This gives you a benefit of catching up more time and best opportunity for creating your new memorial moments.

  1. Have a trip on road of US

last minute holiday trips

Road trips are also providing a great way for exploring your ideas towards an area or a place. Always drive under some particular duration like mostly up to 5-6 hours. This is helpful for making your manageable travelling and affordable fuel cost. Select an interesting area that you wish to visit and pick up a direction towards a point of interest. Keep your lunch or snacks with you and stop on the place that provides you the scenic look. You make it memorable one by extracting some videos and photos over there.

  1. Make a plan to go to National Parks of US

National Parks in US Yellow Stone

Have a plan to go on outdoor adventure with your life partner. You can explore on hundreds of National Parks of US. This saves your money since entrance fees are applicable on per car not on per person.

National Park Cheap Weekend Gateways

So you can use this trip, for hiking, climbing, swimming or hunting fish, etc. Find your nearest lodging house or campsite place in the park. Also, you can purchase food and drinks for the weekend trips from the nearby places.

  1. Make a huge exploration of your city

You can also search nearby places of your city that tends to be interesting and wonderful. So generally you searched your new neighbourhood places, restaurants and shops. If you are living in a large city, you can make a visit to museums, galleries and attractions.

  1. Aim to go to the beach places

quick vacation getaways last minute

The most attractive and interesting and considers to be the cheap getaway especially for couples. Since, the beach considers being an easy and affordable weekend getaway for those wish to nearby home, the couples can easily enjoy the lakes, rivers and reservations over there. Many homeowners easily find the last minute bookings that are cheaper than last minute weekend getaways deals.

quick vacation getaways last minute

Cheap Last Minute Holiday Trips in US (Best Cities/Places)

There are an exclusive range of Cities or getaways in United States which are cheap as well as luxurious having five star rating hotels and also fulfil the requirement of the people according to their budget.

  1. Charleston– Best City in the World

why charleston is the best city in the world

Charleston is the oldest and second largest South Carolina city of the US. It consists of many cheap famous places of last minute weekend like centuries of old mansions, Spanish moss-draped trees, spooky cemeteries and cobblestone walks. It considers to be the most popular and famous city of the US. It also contains many restaurants, shops, creative art galleries, etc.

Spanish moss-draped TreesSpanish moss-draped trees

Many couples can visit many historical places of Charleston. These historical places are proved to be very fruitful and plentiful for us. Some examples include the Nathaniel Russell House, Daryton Hall and Magnolia Plantation & Gardens. Also some beaches are there in this city. Common ones are Folly Beach and Isle of Palms, which are ideal for warm weather swimming and cold weather strolling.

Nathaniel Russell House Nathaniel Russell House
Folly BeachFolly Beach
Isle of PalmsIsle of Palms charleston

Couples can also stay in the hotels of Charleston which are affordable ones for them. Some hotels include Wentworth Mansion, French Quarter Inn, Market Pavilion Hotel, The Spectator Hotel, and so on.

  1. New York – Populous City of US

Also the most popular US city in the world is New York.  This city tends to be the cool, cosmopolitan, or crowded city with the small town charm. The famous Amid Gotham’s iconic landmarks and towering skyscrapers experiences you a vibrant culture pervading city’s neighbourhoods. Also in the East Village and Brooklyn, the trendsetters are best known for the trendy boutiques, iconic bakeries and coffee shops.

New York Towerring

In this city, you are fascinated by the city’s skyscrapers and monuments. Also, the flourishing arts, food, fashion and nightlife scenes blow your direction. You can spend your days with your partner on Fifth Avenue and also capture city views from the Top of the Rock Observation Deck.

You also visit on many hotels like Park Hyatt Hotel, Greenwich Hotel, Mandarin Oriental, etc. Couples make their memorable moments on this place.

  1. Sedona – Agave of Sedona

Sedona city is a small town of about 15,000 people. It is a US city that line up between Coconino and Yavapai in the northern valley of US state Arizona. It is one of the most America’s beautiful places. Also, the landscapes are dramatically colourful in nature. The towering red rocks and jagged sandstone with the blue sky touches your heart and looking more attractive. Many film-makers have chosen this place for their films also.

Towering Red Rocks Sedona towering red rocks-min
towering red rocks

Weekend travellers, especially couples, are mostly come to enjoy famous red rocks. Trip to Red Rock State Park also proves to be fantastic trip for the travellers. Also have a trip to visit Palatki Heritage Site or the Sedona Heritage Museum proves to be amazing one for the weekend trip travellers. Many art galleries and crystal-toting shops for new age culture are there for making your enjoyable trip.

  1. Monterey– Capital of California

Monterey Peninsula is very beautiful and best well known for their architecture. Here, the architecture is so interesting and many people wished to be there for long duration. This area diverts the attraction of users towards the famous towns. This area also proves to be best known as a romantic weekend for the couples.


Several beaches and coastal terrains are there which also found to be worth exploring. The common one is Point Lobos State Natural Reserve.

Point Lobos State Natural Reserve

This is the place where you can stay and enjoy with your partner. Also you can create memorable views by doing some hiking and travelling. Camel by the sea is also an amazing and awesome place for the people for lots of enjoyment.

  1. Santa Barbara– Adventures Place in California

Santa Barbara is also the best known American Riveria in the US. It has beautiful beaches, mountains, and so on. This makes it a premier resort for the travellers. It has many zoological gardens which proved to be a great weekend trip.

Santa Barabra ZooCheap Best Week end Getaways

Cheap Weekend Gateways zoological gardens

Many couple arrived there for stress free life and takes relax on there. You can also find the latest fashions on State Street. Also make a visit to the Santa Barbara Museum of Art, best known for their art and drawings. Also get in touch with the nature and enjoy the beauty of the plants and trees in the Santa Barbara Botanic Garden. Mostly couples enjoy a lot in the Santa Barbara Zoo.

Oh Ya! The Dino Doc show is also very famous in Santa Barbara.

Dino Doc Show at Santa BarbaraDino Doc Show at Santa Barbara
  1. Miami Beach – Joy Full Place Clear Water Beaches, Restaurants, etc.

Miami Beach is a place where cultures, residents and travellers are mixed together. There are some galleries, museums and theatres for enjoying your trips. Beach is the destination where you can easily find the nearest hotels and restaurants at an affordable price.

Several places are there in Miami Beach including South Beach, Ocean Drive, Haulover Beach Park, Lummus Park, etc.

Haulover Beach ParkHaulover Beach Park
  1. Tucson– Romantic Arizona, Sweet Water Wetlands, Natural Wild Life Place

his Arizona’s second largest city gives a great place to escape in cold weather. The Old Pueblo is the place of historical and cultural environments focus people attractions.

The places to travel here for the couples in Tucson are Mount Lemmon Scenic Byway, Saguaro National Park, Catalina State Park, etc.

Saguaro National Park-min

  1. Vancouver– Romantic Vacation Gateways

Vancouver is the youngest city and is best known for its scenery. It is surrounded by mountains and beaches and also it covers an urban and a natural playground. It is also known to be the Hollywood North. The best popular and known place is Stanley Park. Some of the things outside the city that creates our attractions include Queen Elizabeth Park, Capilano Suspension Bridge, etc.

Capilano Suspension BridgeCapilano Suspension Bridge
Queen Elizabeth ParkQueen Elizabeth Park
  1. Las Vegas– Famous and Beautiful Place

Las Vegas is the famous and popular one city especially known for weekend getaways. It provides the ways to do tripping for couples. There are also several casinos for your enjoyment in the night time. Famous hotels in the Las Vegas are Mandarin Oriental, Las Vegas, Bellagio Las Vegas, ARIA Resort & Casino, The Venetian Las Vegas and so on.

Las Vegas  ARIA Resort & CasinoCasino Best Fun game in US
Bellagio Fountains  Las VegasBellagio Fountains Las Vegas

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