Counter Ticket Cancellation – Now Cancel it Online on IRCTC Website

Counter Ticket Cancellation – PRS Counter Ticket

IRCTC has launched Counter ticket cancellation online service YES now anyone having valid train ticket can use this service.

Train ticket bookingThat’s so simple! Train ticket cancellation? Even more simple. Just a few clicks and you are done! How about counter ticket cancellation? Is it same as booking tickets in the reservation counters? Yes, with the launch of IRCTC, passenger reservation system ticket booking and cancellation has changed dramatically. The constant advancements in the technology and upgradations also enabled a lot of improvements in Indian railways and train ticketing system. However, that doesn’t make the good old system vanish away. While millions of passengers book and cancel their tickets online in a jiffy, there are still thousands of passengers who rely on railway reservation centres and book tickets offline.

Tickets that are booked in the reservation centre cannot be cancelled online. Apparently, if you have booked tickets in the counters, you have to cancel it only in the counters. Is that so? Let us see briefly about counter ticket cancellation.

Basic Rules of Online Counter Ticket Cancellation

Can you cancel the counter tickets online?

YES. Online counter ticket cancellation is applicable only under the following circumstances.

  • This is the base: Only if you have provided the valid mobile number during the time of ticket booking you can this option will be applicable.

Counter ticket cancellation is applicable only:

  • when the tickets are cancelled under normal circumstances; it is not applicable for train running late, cancellation of the train, or other reasons.
  • when tickets are cancelled before 4 hours to scheduled departure, subjected to the clause that the ticket is fully confirmed. (If there are 5 passengers, the ticket all passengers should have confirmed birth / seat)
  • when tickets are cancelled before 30 minutes to scheduled departure if the ticket is waitlisted or in RAC.

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Counter Ticket Cancellation – Online

How to Cancel Counter Train Ticket Online in IRCTC Website?

Counter ticket cancellation Online Charges

  • And tick the checkbox to proceed.
  • Choose SUBMIT an OTP and you will receive the OPT on the mobile number you have provided while booking the ticket. (Without mobile number you cannot cancel it).
  • You will receive OTP in a few minutes and enter the OTP.
  • The system will validate your OTP and the details were given, further, it will be displayed on the screen.
  • After complete verification, you can choose the option, ‘Cancel Ticket’ for cancellation of full ticket.
  • Once the ticket is cancelled, the screen will display the refund amount due on screen.

Similarly, you will also receive an SMS confirming about the cancellation of the ticket as well as refund amount to the respective mobile number.

Cancellation of Counter Ticket Through Phone Call

– You Can also Dial 139 for Counter Ticket Cancellation

If you don’t have access to the internet, you can choose 139 option to cancel counter ticket over the phone.

  • Dial 139 and choose the option 6 from the IVR.
  • The IVR will generate OTP and it will be received on your mobile.
  • Once you validate OTP you can proceed with the cancellation of counter ticket.

After cancellation, you have to reach the respective counter to get the refund amount on cancelled ticket.

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Cancellation of Counter Ticket Through SMS

  • Send an SMS to 139 mentioning the PNR number and train number.
  • You will get the OTP number and validate the same. Send the OTP received to the same number and validate your transaction.
  • Your ticket will be cancelled in a few minutes.

Refund Terms After Cancellation of Counter Tickets Online

If the tickets are cancelled 24 hours prior to scheduled departure, refund is permissible as per the terms which can be collected by producing the original counter tickets at any Passenger Reservation System Centre,

  • Before 4 hours to scheduled departure in case of fully confirmed tickets
  • Before 30 minutes to scheduled departure in case of RAC or waitlisted tickets.

This option is applicable to refund in case of cancellation of return tickets booked in counters.

If the tickets are cancelled in between 24 hours to 4 hours of scheduled departure for confirmed tickets and up to 30 minutes for the RAC or waitlisted tickets,

Refund for cancellation of counter tickets is permitted only by producing the original ticket at the station of the journey or any satellite passenger reservation counters. The refund can be collected only from the boarding station and make sure if you are able to visit the journey commencing station.

When the train departure schedule lies between 1801 hours to 0600 hours, you can get the refund in up to first two hours of Passenger Reservation counter opening, on the next day of scheduled departure.

When the train departure schedule lies between 0601 hours to 1800 hours, you can get the refund in up to first four hours at the Passenger Reservation counter opening, immediately after the scheduled departure of the train during the working hours.

Counter ticket cancellation is also very simple since Indian Railways facilitated multiple options to help the passengers. However, consider the refund rules and possibilities to collect the refund amount.

If you don’t reach the passenger reservation centre (the commencing station or the sate tilled based PRS) within the stipulated time, you will not be entitled to receive the refund.

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