First Time Flight Journey Experience – “A Memorable One”

Flying is one of the exhilarating experiences one can do. Generally, people are scared of being traveling on the flight. Sometimes people face the irrational fear of being travel in the flights. According to the several studies even, the pilots get the flight anxiety. But, some of the fearless fliers are concerned about the safe arrival of the plane.

While on the other hand, others are not afraid that the plane will crash; they fear to crash psychologically. They are afraid of that they might have a panic attack in an environment where they have no control over the situation, nor any means of emotional relief.

I’ve never been on a plane or in an airport before. But, few days before I experienced the first time travel in a plane which gives me the lifetime experience.

A couple of days before I got an opportunity to visit Bangalore by the flight & this was my first flight experience. The whole of the trip was sponsored by my office for me, as it was my official trip but, still, it gave me the lifetime experience of traveling by flight.

My spice jet flight SG 1307 was scheduled to leave at 10:00 PM. The flight was on time & luckily I got the window seat. It was a hopping flight with a 30 minutes break at Pune. So, I had double benefits in my first-time experience.

When I was in a plane, it gives me a lot of anxiety. And, I am not alone, Almost 35% of people are afraid of flying. For me, it was because, I am also scared of heights, or more specifically falling as it sets my heart racing & gives me little vertigo.

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We were ready & waiting for the take-off. Firstly, the plane went on the runway but, finally, it took an about turn & the speed increased exponentially. Within a few seconds, I was high-up in the sky. The view was breathtaking. The houses & cars seemed like toys and, the actual city looked like a toy model of a city. My ears were humming initially when slowly the plane was increasing his height & I just white-knuckle grip the armrest at least half the flight!

Time just flew & very soon we landed at Pune. After the 30 Minutes of a break, the plane again took off. Almost everyone was asleep but, at that span of time, I was very nervous & scared whereas, excited too that I could not even think of sleeping.

At that sphere of time, I was the bucket full of feelings which also make me full of joy, happiness, nervous, scared, hyper, amazing, wonderful, afraid & fearful.

The level of my nervousness & excitement lead to me towards to go through what to expect & what not to, & my first time experience & also the feeling of first time flying in a flight.


 What to expect when you are a first time in a plane?

My experience of flying for the first time was an unnerving experience, it’s hard to know what to expect & what not to & even the small occurrences may be very confusing or stressful.

A lot of people seem to get nervous when the pilot starts over the plane because at that moment of time everything just shuts off temporarily.

The hardest part of flying to me was unstable because it just feels like little dips here & there. But, then I recently flew through a bad thunderstorm & I personally got a little scared when we were landing. At that time, I just look around at the people especially the flight attendants; they were walking around like nothing. I figured it out that it was their job to keep.

Flying alone for the first time in a plane

Flying alone for the first time seems to be very scary. Of course, many of you would have a mild fear of flying or flying anxiety due to the fact that you have never flown before.

This fear of anxiety is completely normal. Even when I was experiencing my first time flying, I noticed that most of the people used a travel agent to book their flight tickets & I though find it quite useful since I myself speak to the real person & ask the offers about the flight options.

But, now we are in the 21st century & most of the people book cheap flight tickets online. This simple means that you can often arrange a flight without ever speaking to someone in the travel industry.

Scared to fly for the first time in Plane?

Though I was very scared to fly for the first in-plane but, almost being high give me an immense feeling & I just fell in Love with that feeling right away!

When the plane started accelerating, it just felt unreal. When we took off & were airborne, I had the most amazing feeling of being in the air for the first time but, along with it, I was very scared & nervous of flying for the first time in a plane.

Feeling of immense pressure just pulled me back into my seat. At that moment, I feel like losing my conscious because of changing the altitude.

On the other hand, I was feeling connected to nature & with the every bird on the planet.  And, my first-time experience gave me very beautiful memories that I will remember for a long time indeed.


Mine whole of the journey just went into breeze & overall it was a good & pleasant one & also the memorable experience of my life but, this was my first moment of actually being off the land, when I was carried by a giant steel machine – that I’ll never ever forget.

It was one of the most memorable experiences of my life which left me with lots of memories over it. Later on, the complete journey just felt like a dream & I hope I have such dreams recurrently.

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