11 Fun Things to do on Long Island with Boyfriend

There wouldn’t be a single person in New York or a single American who might not be aware of the fantastic Long Island.  Gorgeous beaches, calming lakes, recreational hobby centres, adrenaline boosting activities and serene nature trails are just a few of the many fun things to do on Long Island with boyfriend.

Thus, when I was given the option to pick a holiday destination for me and my boyfriend, I chose Long Island. Though we could have taken the direct flight, we went en-route New York and took a train from Manhattan.  The scenic landscapes that we watched all throughout our train ride were truly like a dream.

Our holiday in Long Island turned out to be exhilarating beyond belief. I couldn’t believe Long Island had so many amazing things to offer to us.

Here is a list of a few of my boyfriend and mine’s most delightful experiences in Long Island:

1. Splurge Love and Shop Goodies at the Roosevelt Field!

As a tourist, it becomes utmost essential to bring some souvenirs back from a holiday and thus, our first activity at Long Islands was to go shopping!

Roosevelt Field is a very large all-American mall located in the Garden City at Long Islands. It has the finest brands and high-end boutique shops. It also has very warm and welcoming food court which offers cuisines from all around the world.

Most enjoyable things to do on Long Island with Boyfriend
Shop & Splurge

This was our first experience where a mall had no kiosk like clever hawkers who irritate shoppers with surveys or taste tests. Roosevelt field had everything we were looking for and though it was slightly on the pricier side but, being a posh mall it was worth it.

My boyfriend and I spent around five stress-busting hours there collecting all the nice and fun things we could purchase. One can also consider bargained shopping hubs like Tanger outlets. If aromatherapy/natural products interest you, then North Folk Natural is a good option.

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2. Bond over Photography at the Old Westbury Gardens!

Situated in Old Westbury, the Westbury Gardens are a treat for photography lovers. The Gardens have gorgeously landscaped grounds and warm mansions.  People readily agree for quick tours and organise events. The Gardens are an epitome of beauty, grace and sheer elegance.

The most beautiful thing to do on Long Island with boyfriend
Beautiful Garden Walk

It is a great place to stroll around with your loved one, talking about how beautiful life is. In summers, when all the flowers are fully bloomed the Westbury Gardens personify beauty on a whole new level. My boyfriend and I clicked a zillion photographs there with the roses and lilies. These Gardens turned out to be one the most romantic and fun things we did on Long Island.

Stellar natural beauty can be found all over Long Island like in Avalon park & reserve or at the Massapequa Preserve.

3. Dance and Dine at Suffolk Theater!

Long Island boasts of a very happening night life. It has many theatres, discotheques and cinemas. Located at Riverhead in Long Islands, the Suffolk theatre can be your perfect go-to for a movie/concert plus dinner date.

Fun things to do on Long Island with Boyfriend
The Grand Suffolk Theatre

The staff, décor and ambience of the theatre set the mood and one immediately realise that it’s time for merry-making. The tickets for the show too felt justified as compared to how lovely our evening went. My boyfriend and I were also invited to have a dance at their dance floors to beats that instantly got our feet tapping. The Suffolk theatre is a must go to activity in Long Island.

4. Trail Togetherness at Otis Pike Fire Island!

Before Long Island became hugely populous and civilisation took over natural wildernesses, Otis Pike Fire stretch remained unaffected. What remains now is a picturesque eight-mile long barrier beach stretch that offers the most exciting hiking trails for backpacking lovers.

Outdoor things to do on Long Island with Boyfriend
Walk & Talk Hike

The gorgeous greens complement the barrier beaches poetically. It is a perfect respite from the exhausting internet mania and some views here are worthy of portfolio shoots and movie shootings. It is that gorgeous! The same, but in more abundance can be found at Quogue Wildlife Refuge. One can book a full moon hike also!

5. Relax and Surf at Cooper’s Beach!

Pristine waters, clear as crystals and a super clean, soft, sandy beach. What else could a couple ask for? Oh Yes, surfing! At Cooper’s beach, there aren’t shops or hawkers. It has just the beach with surfing going on, families resting at their spots. It was so spacious that there was space for everybody!

Adrenaline boosting things to do on Long Island with boyfriend
Surf Spin at Cooper’s Beach

Cooper’s Beach was truly a ‘Sand between my toes and beach hair flowing loose’ kind of fun experience for me. The airy beach can be the perfect proposal spot for young couples or the most meditative place for lovers of Zen

6. See Marine life at Long Island Aquarium!

At the aquarium, you get to see beautiful marine living ranging from small clown fishes to the mighty sharks. They are enclosed in gorgeous tanks and knowledgeable staff ever ready to educate one and all. You can also feed and touch penguins, stingrays, seals and other beasts like different types of lizards outdoors. But, of course under the supervision of their caretakers.

Heart warming things to do on Long Island with boyfriend
Feeding Sting Rays at Long Island Aquarium

Situated at Riverbed on Long Island, the aquarium has recently introduced the butterfly enclosure and the parrot enclosure. One can spend some real time with these winged friends flying all around. It takes around two and half hours to gather a good bag of amazing memories from this Aquarium.

Their highlight is, however, the feeding of fauna. However, for undivided attention and private tours, one must visit on a weekday. Oh, and it shouldn’t fall on a holiday.

7. Cuddle up Watching a Sunset Cruise with Sail Montauk!

Imagine watching a tangerine sunset with a wine glass in the hand of both you and your love while you sweetly sail upon waters with a charming captain playing you both romantic numbers to sway your bodies to… Like a dream, right?

Peaceful things to do on Long Island with boyfriend
Gorgeous Long Island Sunset

Well, my boyfriend and I got to spend a soothing evening on the waters just like that. All thanks to Sail Montauk and the attractive boat tours of the Lake Montauk they offer. Their team also fulfilled my boyfriend’s dream of handling the rudder of a boat. What a beautiful experience it was!

Definitely, the most memorable activity my boyfriend and I indulged ourselves in on Long Island.

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8. Raise the Thrill at Adventureland!

Adventureland is an exciting amusement park situated at Farmingdale on Long Island. Specifically designed for kids and families but, if your loved one is into small shots of crazy adrenaline and loud cheers, then this amusement park is the one for you. It has something to offer to everyone basically.

Be it- roller coasters, funny rides, arcade arena, adults too have a lot of fun activities to do here. Also, couples can simply sit and watch the kids beaming around with excitement about which ride to take next, that’s what we did. The positive energy the amusement park offers is sheer infectious. It can make anybody’s mood change from grey to bright.

Adventurous Things to do on Long Island with Boyfriend
Go Crazy at Adventureland

You can bring in little snacks or enjoy the meals offered by the food court within the Amusement park. The park will definitely bring out your inner child. Thus, it can turn out to be one of the many fun things to do on Long Island with boyfriend.

9. Hand in Hand Ice Skating!

Long Island is the proud owner of many Ice Skating rinks. A few best ones can be the Christopher Morley Park Ice Rink found in Rosalyn or the Rinx at Jefferson Port or the Superior Ice rink of Kings Park.

One can actually find more than a dozen ice rinks in Long Island because of no matter the weather and its construction, an ice rink always bring forth fond memories to collect. My boyfriend and I had a very crazy time here especially with me tripping over the ice at the beginning of our skate.

Lovely things to do on Long Island with boyfriend
Have a lovely time Ice Skating

He, however, did try his level best to save me from fall after which we decided to never let go of each others’ hand. Must add, we made a cute couple.

10. Sip Love at Wine Tasting at the Sparkling Pointe

Some call Sparkling Pointe as the best sparkling winery all across Long Island. But, I’d call it the best all around the world. It is a beautifully solid building standing upon gorgeous grounds. The vineyard is flooding with yummy ripened berries and grapes.

Interesting things to do on Long Island with Boyfriend
Breathe in the beauty

Their beauty makes wine tasting at Sparkling Pointe a must-do thing on Long Island with one’s boyfriend. One gets to sip and chit chat over bubbling wines while overlooking the dream-like vineyard.  Also, one gets to learn a lot about wines and wine tasting at the Sparkling pointe, the credit of which goes out to their welcoming staff. They patiently explain everything about wines to the customers.

Sparkling Pointe offers great compliments to their delectable wines in the form of a variety of cheese, nutcrackers, and roasted snacks. Hence, Sparkling Pointe is indeed a world class winery of Long Island.

11. Spend a Quaint Afternoon at Nassau County Museum of Art

Rosalyn village on Long Island is the hub for all art lovers. The Nassau County Museum of Art is like Rosalyn’s cherry on the top. It is like the holy grail for lovers of both traditional and contemporary arts.

Super clean, well-maintained grounds adorn the exhibits that have been set outdoors. The wide grounds compliment the sleek construction of the museum beautifully.

Artsy things to do on Long Island with boyfriend
For all lovers of Art

Tours of the museum organised by the museum authority go on till late afternoon. They are informative and very enthralling for those seriously involved in art. One can easily find ample of parking space as well. My boyfriend and I had a pleasant evening here.

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But, hey, Long Island and its offerings do not end just here…

In fact, if you and your loved one have some more time in hand you could go for more awesomeness- like bicycling, petting zoos, bakeries, etc. For homemade pies, you can quickly pop in a visit to the Kerber’s farm where you’d find different flavours of pies at affordable rates.

And, if you and your love are aqua lovers then the Splish Splash water park can be an enchanting experience for you both. The amazing waterslides make the Splish Splash water park a favourite of families and couples. A day full of joy and sheer fun is guaranteed here.

Basically, there are truly many enjoyable things to do on Long Island with your boyfriend which need to be done by really visiting Long Island. My boyfriend and I will never forget our vacation to Long Island. It was sheer brilliantly amazing and it left us with fondest memories that we will truly treasure throughout our lives.

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