How to Book Train Tickets Online in IRCTC | Online Train Ticket Booking

Book Train Ticket Online in IRCTC:

Online train ticket booking has become popular and convenient nowadays as compared to the counter ticket at the railway station.

Booking IRCTC Indian Railway train ticket online is very easy compared to going to the Railway Station for window ticket. Below are the steps to book the E-ticket online at

How to Book Train Tickets Online in IRCTC:

Please follow the below steps:


Go to IRCTC website and log in with your account.

After login, you can see that it is asking to enter the following details-

– From Station (Source)

– To Station (Destination)

Journey Date

Ticket Type (E-Ticket)

how to book train tickets online in irctc

Once you enter the above-required details click on Submit and go to the step 2.

  • Step2: Select the General radio button placed in the right panel and click on Class type 1AC, 2AC, 3AC, SL you want to have.

How to Book Ticket in IRCTC

  • Step4: After clicking on Book Now button fill the required information in the form.

how to book train tickets online

how to book ticket online on irctc

As you can see there is one option called “Consider for Auto Upgradation“. This is the very important option you must select this option while booking tickets.

  • Step5: Reverify all the details entered because this is the final state. Now select the Payment Type & Bank Name

and click on Make Payment button now you will be redirected to the selected bank’s website to make the payment.

how to book railway ticket online on irctc


  • Step6: After making the payment you will be navigated back to the IRCTC website with the Online generated ticket containing seat your number with the Entered details.

Take the-the printout of this ticket and when you will travel on the mentioned date do not forget to carry your Identity Card.

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Note: If this online ticket is in Waiting state than keep watching the PNR Status of your ticket and once it gets confirmed/RAC then ONLY this E-Ticket will be valid otherwise it will be Invalid if the PNR Status of this ticket is still in Waiting State (W/L) then it will automatically be cancelled by Indian Railways.

After Online Train Ticket Booking you may require checking PNR Status if you get a Waiting list/RAC ticket.  To Know More About How To Check PNR Status ? please have a look at this post.

For any query, post comment in comment section of this post, we will solve your all the queries.

IRCTC Down Time, IRCTC Website Down?

IRCTC announced the down time from 11.45pm to 12.15 am. The website will be down for 45 mins every down for maintenance purpose.

During these IRCTC Down time, all the booked tickets are getting calculated and the backend process gets completed. Database servers are also being optimized for next day performance.

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  1. Im experienced and its absolutely disgusting to say now a days, on four occasions I have noticed wait list tickets never gets confirmed, though it stands as W/L 1,2,3. Then it should stop issuing wait list tickets….. IRCTC should look into this?


  3. Thrice i have tried online to reserve tickets. my credit card account debited twice and debit card account debited once. i got failed transactions. reason payment received late. what to do?

    i am a senior citizen and my wife is not. are we eligible for auto updation.

    • The first thing ticket is not booked at all so there is no chance for auto updation.

      All the money deducted three times will be 100% refunded to your respective bank account within 7-9 days.

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