How to Book Train Coach for Marriage in Jan 2023?

Train coach booking for marriage can be done through IRCTC Service called “FTR“, full form of FTR is ‘Full Tariff Rate

There might be many reasons like going for a tour in a group with hundreds of friends/relatives, you are required to book more than 50+ Confirmed tickets in a single shot in this case.

Train Coach Booking For Marriage

But in reality, it is not possible to book 50 tickets online in one shot in a compartment because IRCTC online portal allows only a maximum 4 people in one PNR 

How to Book Train Coach for Marriage

If you go to the railway station also then one form can not have more than 6 people’s details to book the seats so you will have to fill around 9 forms for 50 seats which is not convenient but if you do so then also it’s not sure that you’d get all confirmed tickets because out of 50 tickets, few might be in Waiting List few in RAC or Confirmed.

To overcome the above problem Indian Railway has launched a service called FTR (Full Tariff Rate). Through FTR you are allowed to book the entire coach with all the confirmed seats available in that coach.

I am going to explain here what is FTR in IRCTC and How to book the entire train/coach/boggy for marriage or other events through this service.

What is the Train Coach Booking Procedure?

Here I am going to explain How to register on IRCTC FTR Service? The most important thing is you will have to create a new account here even you have an IRCTC train ticket booking account.

Your existing account credentials will not work here, you are required to create a new account for availing of the IRCTC FTR service.


Below are the 2 ways to do FTR Registration successfully. Before going forward you must have a PAN card number because it is mandatory.

Train Coach Booking for Marriage Online Procedure in 5 Steps

  • Step1Go to the FTR Service Url and click on the New Registration link. A form will be opened which you need to fill up.
  • Step2Here you need to enter a unique username with all your details such as First Name, Last Name, Email Id, Mobile Number, PAN Card Number, Location with full address, Pin-code, etc. in the respective field.
  • In the Party type section select “Public” and Party Subtype as India Tourist, Foreign Tourist, General whichever is applicable in your case.
  • Step3Now click on the Register button. One message will be a popup with a given mobile number and username. Click on it and check your Email Inbox. The password has been generated automatically and is sent to your email id. Later you can change your password also.
  • Step4Go to the URL mentioned in step1 and log in using the User name and Password. Provide booking type, and journey details, and submit your request. You will get a reference number.
  • Step5: Pay the Registration fee against your reference number which you got in step 4. After successful payment, you will get an FTR Number.

Note: Amount should be paid within 6 days after getting reference number otherwise on 7th day your reference number will become invalid.

Train Coach Booking for Marriage Offline Procedure – Counter Booking

If you are unable to book the Entire Train/Train Coach online or having difficulty then go for Offline registration by the below steps:

  • Step1Go to the Chief booking supervisor (CBS) or Station Master (SM) at the source railway station and write one application on a blank paper with your entire journey details for Train/Coach booking and submit it to the SM/CBS.
  • Step2(How to Make Payment for Train Coach Booking)
  • CBS will generate a reference number and will ask for the registration amount. Go to the UTS counter (Unreserved Ticket Service Counter) and pay the full amount here. Currently, they are accepting only cash.
  • Step3After making a successful payment you will get an FTR Registration number. Take this number and go back to the CBS/SM, CBS will provide you with the FTR Number with all the details you mentioned about your journey in step 1.

What is IRCTC FTR Service?

As explained above IRCTC FTR stands for Full Tariff Rate and it allows you to book the entire coach/train with all confirmed seats available in that coach.

ftr coach booking

There is a term called Pilot in FTR and FTR online booking is being done only on a Pilot basis. You might be thinking What is a Pilot in FTR? the pilot is nothing just a project and currently, FTR is a pilot project.

But you must be noticed that currently booking through FTR is allowed for journey starting from stations of Western Railway only.

Difference between Train Booking and Train Coach Booking in Indian railways?

  • Train Booking refers to booking an Entire train of 18 coaches.
  • Train Coach Booking refers to booking 1 or many coaches on a train but not the full train.

The main difference is in Advance Amount (Deposit) taken by Indian Railway for Train/Coach Booking. There is a huge difference in the amount you will have to deposit before making registration. Below are the details, of how much you’ll have to pay for the entire train/train coach booking.

What are the Train Coach Booking Charges?

Recently updated by Indian Railway, If your journey is of 7 days then the train coach booking charges you will have to pay is Rs. 50,000/- After that 1,0000 rupees additional charges you will have to pay per day/couch (72 seats).

This means if you are booking a coach for 10 days then the total registration fee will be 50,000+30,000= Rs. 80,000/-

What are the Charges to Book Entire Train?

If you are planning to book an entire train of 18 coaches for 7 days then the registration fee will be Rs. 9,00,000/- (Nine Lakh)

If you need more than 18 coaches in a train then extra coaches can be added but an extra Rs. 50,000/- will add the registration fee. For example, if you need 19 coaches on a train then you will have to pay 9,00,000+50,000= 9,50,000 (Nine Lakh Fifty Thousand)

If your journey is of more than 7 days then an additional Rs. 10,000/- per day/per coach will add to the registration amount. For example, if you need 18 coaches to train for 10 days then the amount will be 9,00,000+30,000= 9,30,000/-

Note: Even for booking of a train with less than 18 coaches, registration amount for 18 coaches as minimum will be charged.

Have a look at Train Coach Layout:

1. Train Coach Layout Sleepers:
 Train Coach Layout Sleeper
2. Train Coach Layout AC3:

Train Coach Booking For Marriage

3. Train Couch Layout AC2:

Train Couch Layout AC2

Image Source: https://etrain.Info


How many days before in advance you can book the entire train/coach for marriage/events?

FTR Registration (Booking train coach) can be done a maximum of 6 months in advance and a minimum of 30 days before the journey date.

What are the Refund Process/Refund charges in case of any cancellation?

In case of cancellation either by you or by the Indian railway, the refund will be processed as per the existing manual process through Chief Commercial Manager (PM) after deducting the cancellation charges.

Note: In case of Cancellation, the charges might be much as compared to normal ticket cancellation charges.


book full coach train

I guess we explained to you  How to book a coach on the train. We also book coach tickets online and If you want to book Train coach booking for Marriage then please comment.

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  1. I want to book a coach from ltt to bsb on 3rd June and return on 8 June so where I have to contact because there is no reservation counter at my nearby

  2. Hi !!!

    Want to Book a coach from Mumbai to Jabalpur & Return. So what will be the amount that will be charged to book a coach ? Also the registration amt of 50,000 does it include the Ticket Charges for 72 Seats .As per basic charges for Sleeper Class is Rs. 500*72 seats is 36000/-. Is their any concession for booking a train coach.Out of 50 K, 25 K will be Security Deposit & left 25 K is the amt for 72 Seats…..

    Please Clarify…….


  3. I am a tour operator, Have below questions to clarify
    1. Can I book a coach without the passenger details
    2. What in case of break journey, will the coach detached and attach to other train for further journey?
    3. on return journey, will it a new coach or the same.


  4. I want to book only 30 tickets from indore to vadodara. So i dont need full coach.
    How should i book the tickets?

    I still need to do FTR registration? if yes how much is registration fee ?

  5. i want to book coach in 12941 from rma to pnme on 4/1/17 and return by 12942 from pnme to rma on 11/1/17
    can anyone tell me process and charge.

  6. If any one has inquired can u please tell me.
    1. 50k the fare is adjusted in tickets fare?
    2. If 1 want to go from A-> B and after 1 day I have to return B->A. So its within 7 days journey. So 50k- (actual ticket cost) will be charged ?
    3.FTR site shows User Registration is on hold due to technical reasons. Wee need to contact station Station Master (SM) for this process ?
    4. Is there any other method to get tickets for 80-100 peoples? I heard there is some party booking option also.. is it so?
    Thank-you for your help

  7. i wanted to book 72 tickets for 12979 in december from Mumbai to Kota.Can u tell me the exact amount .the return would be after 4 days.
    its a marriage plan

  8. It is not clear about the total expense. You mentioned that we need to pay Rs 50,000/- for pre-registration amount. What will be actual expense for the same. We plan for atravel of 50 people from Delhi to Nagpur. We will reach there on a Friday morning and then return on Monday afternoon. How much will the total expense be? Additional to 50,000/- do we need to pay the complete ticket fare too for each of the passenger? For three days of stoppage in Nagpur, do we need to pay something additional? Do we need to declare the names of all the people in advance? In an additional 10 people plan to join late, can we add them to the original list? Could you please given clarification on these? That would be helpful

    • Total expense depends on journey distance. 50000 Rs. is just registration amount which will be minus from total expenses. For total expenses you will have to visit to the railway station.

  9. The text says Rs. 50000 per coach for 7 days. For a marriage, if I book the coach from Jaipur to Allahabad, Can I book the return leg also from Jaipur? Also if the return is within 7 days, is the fare only Rs. 50000 total. Is the fare same for 3ac and 2ac? Thank you.


  11. I want to book 1 a/c 3 tier coach from delhi to amritsar for november 2016. Can i do it on-line through irctc.

  12. I checked on irctc site. “ftr registration is not available due technical reasons”. i need to book around 40 seats Mumbai to Delhi.
    do i need to go to Mumbai central for the ftr registration? and do i need to carry all passenger names while registering or i can submit the list subsequently?
    are the normal concessions available to senior citizens can be availed while doing the group booking?

    • Yes if its not available online for now please go to the railway station and talk to Chief booking supervisor (CBS) or Station Master (SM).

      If you go for entire coach booking of 72 seats then Senior citizen concession is not there.

      But as you need to book only 40 Seats then i’ll suggest to do normal reservation at reservation counter so that senior citizen concession will be available.

  13. We r 72 person. We want to go chalisgaon to Allahabad on 15th jully. We want booking a coach. Please tell me fare and process to book coach

  14. If I just want to book 50 tickets,then I will have to go for coach booking ? And will I have to pay only the registration amount ?

  15. we are 35 travelling 50 hrs appx in train to be to book all those in a same coach.Plz explain the steps dont explain to meet others

    • Hello Friend,
      For only 35 people you should go for normal reservation.
      If you go for normal reservation at counter then request them to allot all the sheets in same coach. After checking availability they will let you know.
      Please note if you are planning your journey during occasion like Diwali, Holi, Rakhshabandhan then getting all the sheets in same coach is not possible at all.

  16. Very good explanation. No where i could find the exact solution.
    But the above explanation is extremely clear to me and correct one.

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