IRCTC Cancellation Charges 2022 for 3AC,2AC,1AC,SL,Waiting List

IRCTC Cancellation Charges, Train railway ticket cancellation charges, and subsequent refunds on the cancelled tickets are major factors that most travellers should know.

train ticket cancellation charges

Indian Railways levies a certain amount, either based on a flat rate of IRCTC cancellation charges for the train ticket or a percentage of amounts reduced from the cost of a ticket as cancellation charges for the e-ticket.

Whether you book your ticket through the IRCTC website or any travel site, the cancellation charges for the train tickets remain the same.

Cancellation of Railway Tickets

Cancellation of Railway Tickets is one of the services launched by Indian Railways. Subsequently, the cancellation charges for the train ticket are levied as a part of IRCTC service charges for the train tickets booked through the IRCTC site or any travel website connected with IRCTC.

IRCTC tickets can be cancelled online until the chart preparation. The train chart is prepared before 4 hours of the actual time of the journey. Once the chart is prepared, tickets cannot be cancelled. When your ticket is not confirmed, you will get a full refund of the ticket as per existing rules, subject to the deduction of service charges.

IRCTC Cancellation Charges for Confirmed Ticket

As announced by Indian Railway recently, IRCTC Cancellation Charges for Confirmed Ticket, If a confirmed ticket is cancelled before more than 48 hrs. of the scheduled departure of the train, flat cancellation charges will be deducted as:

IRCTC cancellation charges for Second Class (SL) Rs. 60/-
IRCTC cancellation charges for Sleeper Class (SL) Rs. 120/-
3rd AC Cancellation Charges (3rd AC Economy and AC Chair Car) Rs. 180/
2nd AC Cancellation Charges (Second Class) Rs. 200/-
1st AC Cancellation Charges (Executive Class) Rs. 240/-


Confirmed ticket cancellation charges vary based on the status of the ticket, partial or whole cancellation, class of the ticket, duration or hourly gap between the cancellation of railway tickets and the date and time of journey, distance of the journey, etc.


Train railway ticket cancellation charges per passenger for the tickets that are cancelled a day i.e 24 hours or more in advance of the date of the journey. For instance, if you have booked the tickets for 6th June 2022, (train departure time 8 am) then the following charges are deducted if you cancel the ticket on or before 5th June before 8 am.
  1. If a confirmed ticket is cancelled within 48 hrs and up to 12 hours before the scheduled departure of the train, A flat 25% is deducted from the total cost of the ticket in addition to minimum cancellation charges for train tickets as mentioned above class.
  2. If a confirmed ticket is cancelled within 12 hrs and up to 4 hours before the scheduled departure of the train up to chart preparation, A flat 50% is deducted from the total cost of the ticket in addition to minimum cancellation charges for train tickets as mentioned above class.
  3. If less than 4 hours is remaining in train departure and the chart is prepared, then NO REFUND is given on cancellation of confirmed tickets.

IRCTC Cancellation Charges for Waiting List Tickets

A Flat fix of Rs. 65 will be deducted in case of auto-cancel if the e-ticket does not get confirmed or you cancel it from the IRCTC portal Also Please Note – Waitlisted e-Ticket gets cancelled automatically if it does not get confirmed till the Final chart preparation time.

IRCTC Ticket Cancellation Rules / Policy on RAC and Waitlisted (WL) Tickets

Waiting Ticket Cancellation Charges OR RAC Ticket Cancellation Charges, If your ticket is not confirmed and is under the status of RAC or Waitlisted ticket, no cancellation charges for railway tickets are applied Rather, clerking charges are deducted from the cost of the ticket, and balance amount is refunded to the original payment method.

irctc cancellation rules for waitlisted tickets


What is the Clerk age Charge and When is it Levied (Charged)?

Clerkage charges for waitlisted tickets are levied for the clerical work rendered in the refund of fares on cancellation of unreserved, waitlisted & RAC tickets. The amount of clerk age charge is Rs.65/- per passenger for all classes.

  • Clerkage charges for (All Classes except Second Class) – Rs.65/passenger
  • Clerkage charges for (Second Class, Unreserved Tickets) – Rs.30/passenger

Can Tatkal Ticket be Cancelled?

Yes but no amount is refunded when you cancel the confirmed Tatkal tickets! It means the total amount you paid to book the tatkal is treated as cancellation charges of e-tickets, for confirmed tatkal tickets.

For waitlisted and RAC tickets, the below-mentioned standard rate of IRCTC cancellation charges is applied.

Tatkal Ticket Cancellation Charges

Tatkal Ticket Cancellation Charges

tatkal cancellation charges are based on a percentage of fare e. I 10% of the basic fare for second class and 30% of basic fare for all other classes subject to minimum and maximum:
Class of Travel Minimum Tatkal Cancellation Charges Maximum Tatkal Cancellation Charges
Second Sleeper Rs. 10 Rs. 15
Sleeper Rs. 100 Rs. 200
AC Chair Car Rs. 125 Rs. 225
3AC Rs. 300 Rs. 400
2AC Rs. 400 Rs. 500
Executive Rs. 400 Rs. 500

 Premium Tatkal Cancellation

Can premium tatkal be cancelled? YES, cancellation of premium tatkal ticket is possible but no amount will be refunded if it is in Confirmed status. If premium tatkal cancellation is done in waiting status then the amount will be reimbursed based on the classes.

Premium Tatkal Cancellation Charges

Class of Travel Minimum Premium Tatkal Cancellation Charges Maximum Premium Tatkal Cancellation Charges
Second Sleeper Rs. 10 Rs. 15
Sleeper Rs. 100 Rs. 200
AC Chair Car Rs. 125 Rs. 225
3AC Rs. 300 Rs. 400
2AC Rs. 400 Rs. 500
Executive Rs. 400 Rs. 500

IRCTC Cancellation Charges for Partially Confirmed and Partial RAC / WL tickets

  • In some cases, when an e-ticket is booked with more than one passenger, the seats may not get confirmed for one or more. If a ticket is booked for 4 passengers, where the ticket is confirmed for 2 and waitlisted or listed as RAC for the other 2, you need to get the certificate from the Ticket Examiner, provided the passengers with RAC tickets are not travelling.
  • After filing the TDR online, the standard IRCTC cancellation charges of rs. 30 per passenger shall be deducted and the refund will be processed.
  • Alternatively, when the passengers with RAC Ticket travel on the train, no cancellation is permissible!
  • In the case of WL tickets, the passengers whose seats are not confirmed are not permitted to travel. A similar certificate should be obtained from the Ticket Examiner and filed with TDR.
  • If you cancel the whole ticket, the IRCTC cancellation charges vary for confirmed tickets (standard rates of cancellation charges for each class) is deducted and a flat rate is deducted for RAC tickets.
  • IRCTC Cancellation Charges of I-Tickets

 Premium Tatkal Cancellation

My tickets cannot be cancelled online, although the tickets were booked online. If you need to cancel an I-ticket you should visit a Computerized Reservation Center printed copy of the ticket.

After deducting the cancellation charges, the amount will be transferred to the respective credit card or bank account from which the payment is made to book the tickets. A cash refund is not made to the customer at the reservation centre.

My tickets can be cancelled at the reservation counters before 72 hours (i.e 4 days ) of the scheduled departure of the train. No cancellation is permissible between 72 hours and scheduled departure, even when the ticket is confirmed.

IRCTC Cancellation Charges in 2022 FAQs

1. Can I get a refund of the service charges levied while booking the tickets?

The refund amount doesn’t include IRCTC service charges for booking railway tickets, additional bank charges are levied by Banks and the Payment Gateway. If you have booked your tickets through a third-party website, there could be some additional service charges debited as charged by the respective website.

For instance, third-party websites would charge you Rs. 20 per ticket in addition to IRCTC service charges. This amount will not be refunded to your account. Besides, since you booked through a third-party website, additional charges will be levied.

2. I cancelled my WL tatkal ticket. Will I get the refund of the tatkal charges along with the refund amount?

IRCTC Cancellation ChargesTatkal charges are levied as additional IRCTC service charges. Once you cancel the ticket, the standard IRCTC cancellation charges are deducted from the cost of the ticket. After deducting the cancellation charges on RAC or WL tatkal tickets, the balance amount credited to the account doesn’t include the tatkal reservation charges. 

3. My ticket is upgraded from 3rd AC to 2nd AC. If I cancel it, how much will be deducted as IRCTC cancellation charges?

Cancellation charges for railway tickets vary based on the class of the tickets booked and not on the upgraded class. Even if your class is upgraded, the IRCTC cancellation charges per passenger for the 3rd AC ticket are Rs. 180.

4. Can RAC ticket be cancelled?

Yes. Tickets purchased through RAC are considered confirmed tickets and can be cancelled if you do not want to use them. Using a RAC ticket will be uncomfortable if your trip is long because you will only get one half of the bottom side seat, with the other half going to another passenger.

5. I did not cancel my RAC ticket and not traveled also. What will be the cancellation charges and can I get a refund?

Within 3 hours of the train’s departure, RAC tickets must be cancelled. Refund requests must be submitted no later than 3 hours prior to the train’s departure. There won’t be a refund given if you don’t submit a refund request. If you have requested a refund, IRCTC will deduct Rs. 30 per person as cancellation fees.


If you still have any questions on railway ticket cancellation charges, irctc cancellation policy, railway cancellation charges, irctc ticket cancellation, train ticket cancellation charges, or IRCTC Cancellation Charges please feel free to comment and ask your doubt.

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  1. why irctc is not refunding Convenience Fee when a waitlist ticket is cancelled,customer is been charged twice ,one by payment gateway and second by irctc.while cancelling the wait list ticket.

    else w/l tickets should not be issued to customer.

  2. How much cancellation fee is applicable for concession availed senior citizen ticket that is cancelled 4 days before the journey?

  3. refunded amount in return ticket condition, if return ticket is confirmed but journey ticket is in waiting. after chart prepared

  4. I booked 6 tickets on 27 march 2017. These all tickets are in under waiting list like WL-105. I want to cancel these tickets. How much charge will you deduct?

  5. I have booked a ticket by Sealdah Rajdhani by ac 2t.
    If I cancel it before 24 hrs what is the amount that will be refunded?

  6. Could not travel in the connecting due to former train reaches late, can i cancel the ticket and what is the deduction made for cancellation.

  7. The customer care executive is not receiving the call I tried the call 5 to 6 time but no answer I want to cancel my ticket of upMandovi express how do I cancel if such services are provided

  8. Today morning I had booked 3 tickets in 3rd AC from.secunderabad to ernakulam junction, due to some personal problems I want to cancle this tickets so how much charge for cancleation the ticket.

  9. I booked tatkal w/l e-ticket and but ticket was not confirmed. Did ticket automatically cancelled by irctc and refund came in my account or i will cancelled the ticket for taking my refund

  10. Is there any special cancellation charge for Duronto Trains, apart from the Rs 200/- charged for 2AC?

  11. I have an e ticket for 04 persons in 2nd AC Rajdhani express. Two berth is confirmed and another two berth is not confirmed. Can all 04 persons are travelled. If not what is the rule for cancellation.

  12. if i cancel my train ticket of 3rd ac before a month how much money will be deducted from each ticket

  13. If i cancel my rac ticket before 5 hours dept of train and i have booked 1 month before then how much deducted it is online rac ticket

  14. I’ve booked six tickets @ Rs.208/- in First Class from Kursheong to Darjeeling on 1st March’17, Today i observed in IRCTC website that the charges of this train in the specified class is Rs.680/-. I don’t know when it was changed, my question is should I need to pay the additional charges on the date of journey or I can avail w/o any extra charges with that ticket on the very day.

  15. i have booked in train ticket on 19th-01-2017 11.20 AM [ total distance travel in KM 1129 KM] now im in waiting list for -25 in cause my ticket not conform , i will go to cancel on 20-01-2017 12 clk
    that time how much amount refund to my account
    my ticket price ;455 rupees

    • If u have booked ticketon internet, automatically your ticket gets cancelled and refunded to ur bank account.
      In case if you have booked the ticket on counter u have to cancel otherwise it cannot be refunded after the train departs

  16. i have booked in train ticket on 16th-01-2017 12.20 PM [ total distance travel in KM 500 KM] now im in waiting list for -35 in cause my ticket not conform , i will go to cancel on 15-01-2017 12 clk
    that time how much amount refund to my account
    my ticket price ; 340 rupees
    plz reply


  18. Train no. Garib Rath -12570 अपने schedule time से 6/7 घंटा देर हो गया है।ticket cancel करने पर कितना Refund मिलेगा।
    Date 07/January/2017
    Schedule departure 16:55
    Reschedule 00:30

  19. I made a reservation for my parents in Senior Citizen quota, the tickets are in waiting(WL 12/WL 13), now I want to cancel these tickets and want to reserve on another date, how much amount will get deducted if I cancel these tickets? Please let me know.
    Ticket Booked on Date: 02/01/2017
    Ticket Booked for Travel on: 05/01/2017

    • If it is eTicket then yes automatically it will get canceled and amount will be credited back into your bank.

      In case of counter ticket. No refund if you dont cancel it manually.

  20. If a connecting train is missed due to delay in 1st train ….then whether we can get refund by filing tdr .is this option available.

  21. My train is got delayed by 8 hours .lwish to cancell my my confirmed e ticket got cancelled?

  22. if train is canceled, cancellation of ticket is required or permissible refund will come to my account automatically

  23. I was going to cancel Mumbai Delhi Garib Rath express tatkal waiting ticket, but it said no amount will be refunded. If I do not cancel the ticket it will automatically get canceled as I booked an online tatkal ticket. Will I get a refund if the ticket gets canceled automatically?

  24. I’ve booked tickets on train no.1039 (special trail) to karmali from cst for 27th Dec. I want to travel on 28th instead. Do I have to cancel the 2th tickets? what will be the cancellation charges?

  25. How many charges are deducted on 1 CNF/S8/6/UB CNF
    2 TQWL/1 TQWL/1
    3 TQWL/2 TQWL/2
    ticket cancellation before train departure during 6 Hours.

  26. I have cancelled my ticket on 4/12/16 through online.But till now the refund amount is not deposited in my savings account.

  27. According to the rules I searched for, I won’t be getting any refunds for premium tatkal ticket….
    But what if the train is running 30 hours late??

    Will I still not get any refund??

  28. i was booked a e-ticket before 4 days for travel today having status is 46 waiting.
    according to irctc rule what can i do?
    its automatically cancelled or manually



  31. If I booked a confirmed 3AC ticket from reservation window and total amount is 990 then how much amount will back to me when I cancelled the ticket (10 days prior to my journey)?
    I’m confused with Reservation fee, Voucher charge etc.

  32. Dear sir ,
    My date of journey is 19-12-16 . But i want to cancel my ticket . which is good, cancel tommorrow itself or wait for 17-12-16 and cancel. Please suggest me sir. total cost 670(335+335) rs two tickets. 240 rs or 25% .. please help me…

  33. What will the cancellation charges of a Second AC RAC ticket (RAC-2) before 24 hrs of sheduled departure of train.

  34. I hv booked confirm e ticket in shatabdi exp.but train is running 3 hrs delayed. I want to cancel is refund to get.

    • 100% Amount will be refunded if your journey is less than 200km. for info please refer below table

      Ticket distance Prescribed time (TDR should be filed within)
      Upto 200 Kms 3 Hrs
      201- 500 Kms 6 Hrs
      More than 500 Kms 12 Hrs

  35. If we have booked a Tatkal e – ticket for a train at the starting point and the train gets delayed due to fog for more than 10 hrs, do I get refund for the e – ticket if I cancel the same?

  36. How much is deducted from confirmed train tickets if it is cancelled 3 months prior to the travel date.

  37. Send me the procedure of cancellation of e-tickets. And give me the email id where i should send the file.

  38. Sir,
    I have booked THREE 3rd A/c tickets from Mumbai CST to Shirdi on 25/12/2016. RAC for all the three tickets are 3,4,& 5. If i cancel now what will be the cancellation charges. Please get back.


  39. I have booked tatkal ticket “25/11/2016” with waiting list (3rd Ac). I want to cancel this ticket. will all money refunded?

  40. When i asked to the ticket counter that please give me UPPER BERTH even i also fill UPPER BERTH in the form and more than 100 seats are available but then also he will give me SIDE LOWER BERTH i raise complaint against them but they were not give me any satisfied reply.please help me.

  41. If I will not cancel my confirm 1st AC tickets till chart preparation and I will not use that ticket how much refund I can get and what is the process for refund

  42. I have a Concessional ticket for CANCER patient and his escort, bought from reservation counter from delhi. The Patient ticket cost is Rs. 90/- and escort was Rs. 450/- (Total 540/-) for 01/01/2017.
    However, I want to cancel this ticket as appointment date for the patient has changed. What will the cancellation charges and from where it can be cancelled.

  43. my ticket for hwh-new Delhi rajdhani is RAC 22.being lady senior citizen it is not possible to travell.want to cancell before 4 hrs before train timing how much money i will have to lose as cancellation

  44. I have booked a e-ticket for my mother in 2nd AC. The status is RAC 5. Not sure whether it will be confirmed or not. I need to wait until chart prepared.Question is
    After chart preparation if it will not get confirmed then I have to cancel it as I don’t want to send my mother with RAC ticket. What should be the cancellation charges of RAC ticket after chart preparation. Also do I need to file a TDR or I can directly cancel it.

  45. My train is 2 hours late. I have to join office on time. So i want to cancel my eticket how much refund will i get. Train no 18238 Class 3A

  46. In this all rules still one thing is not cleared ie, if I have confirmed 2nd ac ticket and cancelled it before 48 hours or more than 48 hours then flat Rs200/-will be deducted as per rule but weather 25% of total cost of ticket will also be deductible or not? For example if a ticket cost is Rs2200/-and after cancellation flat Rs200 /-deducted then out of Rs2000/- 25% charge of total fare Rs550/-will be deducted or not?

  47. if my tickets of 1 tier ac is confirmed and i need to cancel it before 7 days then how much cancellation charge is deducted?

  48. For a confirmed Rajdhani ticket if I cancel 4/5 days before the departure date what will be the cancellation charge.

  49. TRAIN 15023 is cancelled on 22 Nov 2016 as per news in times of india and other channels because of Kanpur Bridge in Lucknow – Kanpur Central section of Northern Railway. It is not yet displayed in IRCTC site. I have confirmed tickets for this train. How should i get my tickets cancelled without any deduction as the train is already cancelled? should I wait till 48 HOurs before the train departure time when IRCTC will change its status to cancelled?

  50. what are the cancellation charges if i cancel the tickets 3 months before train departs.Is the cancel charges are per ticket or it is flat charges


  52. One Ticket booked with irctc for two passangers for 3rd AC.
    If ticked is being canceled before 7 days of journey , how much will be deducted ? Ticket cancellation charge is for two passengers or for one ticket if 3rd ac cancellation is Rs.180/- ?

  53. What amount will I get for my senior citizen confirmed ticket from Indore to Bhopal, ticket cost is Rs 110/-

  54. I would like to know if I want full refund on waitlist ticket if not confirmed, how many charge would be deducted in FC train?

  55. What would be the refund rules of partially cancelled tickets. For eg :-If I book three tickets at a time and after that I cancelled only one ticket due to some reasons than what would refund criteria for that ?

  56. I cancelled by confirmed Sleeper ticket before 48 hours. But no refund is provided. What should i do to get the amount refunded?

  57. Mera ticket kanpur se 23/9/2016 train no.22406 garib rat me tha . yes train ka kanpur me reseduled time 3:11 am me aane ka tha.mene ticket Ac c c ka liya tha. Lakin cancelled karane ke bad muje kuch nahi refund hua.why?

  58. I got Single Sleeper class (SL) ticket consisting of 6 passengers. Can i cancel 2 passengers. My journey day is 05.10.2016. What is cancellation charges i have to bear.

  59. We have booked concession tickets for students, due to karnataka banth, we aee planing to cancell the ticket. Howmuch will be refund?

  60. i want to prepone my confirmed Super AC train 3AC much i have to pay extra to get the new ticket without cancelling the old one.

  61. My tickets are confirmed 3rd October vijayawada to kalahasthi second class d1 42,43 seats today I want cancellation how much I got

  62. I booked a Through(onward journey) ticket at counter in which the 1st leg of journey is RLWL2/WL2 and the 2nd leg is confirmed. If the 1st leg is not confirmed, can I cancel the 1st leg ticket only and take a Tatkal ticket for the same paying the differential amount ? If it can not be, what is to be done ?


  64. मेने बरोडा से बैंगलोर की ६ टिकट स्लीपर क्लास की बुक करवाई थी 1380 चार्ज लगा जब कॅन्सल करवाई तो 680 रिफन्ड मिला 690केन्सलेसन चार्ज लगा ऐसा क्यों

  65. Forward journey is on 17 September 2016 @3:15 pm and w/l no. 2,3,4,5 and on wardjourney on 1September 2016 @ 5.45pm w/l 11,12,13,14it is not confirmed when to cancel to get full refund

  66. Hi,

    This is an urgent question. I have confirmed Tatkal ticket on 2nd AC on Bangalore Express for today evening from Hyderabad to Bangalore. Since the situation is grave in Bangalore, I want to cancel this ticket. Will I get a refund considering the circumstances?

    Thank you in advance!

  67. I had booked ticket for three persons costing rs.323 from pune to dadar of seating class through irctc,it was in waiting list.After chart preparation still it was in wating. and irctc not allowed for cancellation.after two days irctc has refunded only rs 120.wether charges deducted are more as reservation is not provided.

  68. My ticket status is ckwl 2 and chart has been prepared , and I did not cancel my ticket ,,will it get canceled automatically??

  69. I did not cancel my CKWL Ticket, I read on Internet that it get cancelled automatically. Will I get refund ? If yes, When & How ? If no, Why ? Please EXPLAIN ?

  70. I did not cancel my Tatkal WL ticket and not traveled also. What will be cancellation charges and how can I get the refund?

  71. I want cancel my tkt but the chart was prepared. Train was not at started . They said file TDR . How can I apply . Is my money refund back…

  72. hello,
    we have booked 2 tickets of 2 a/c in superfast train for the 21st sept at 6am by CREDIT CARD ,if i cancell my confirmed tickets before 10 days ie on 11th sept ,can i get full refund ? or what will be as per railways rule?please answer ASAP, as the date is very near. and do we will have to go to the ticket counter to get the tickets cancelled?
    Thanking you ,


  74. i took 3 WL ticket . before one week of train i canceled my 3 tickets. how much amount will be deducted? or full amount will be credited in my account ?


  76. We have miss the train no15026 mau express dt 5-9 -16 AC -3rd in B1 – birth no 61 and 62

  77. Mine is RAC ticket , which i have booked for myself and my mom,However i wont be travelling due to some reasons but my mom will be.How should i go about to cancel.Is it if i proceed for cancellation both the tickets will get cancelled …do i have the option to cancel one ticket..and let the other be as it is.
    Where will i get the refund form since i have booked e-tickets.

  78. I have booked sleeper class ticket of passanger train for 130 Rupees if i cancel my ticket before 48 Hours of train departure. How much money can be refunded?

  79. I have just cancelled my tickets which I purchased using my credit card . My expected journey date was 119 day from now. How long will it take for the refund amount to be credited back to my account?


  81. WL ticket, not traveled and i am not filled the form of cancellation prior to 3 hours, after 5 days of journey can i claim cancellation charges

  82. Two passenger is book on one tiket only one will travel one has to cancel is it possible to cancel one passenger without losing seat so that other passenger can travel

  83. I have a confirmed Tatkal ticket of 2nd ac will I get refund if I cancel the ticket after the departure of train

  84. If we cancel our confirm e-ticket before 35 days of journey date how much charges will be deducted

  85. I want to know what is the Cancellation Charges Deduction for Senior Citizen for Male & Female both if the ticket is confirmed

  86. My journey date 5th October 2016, 3rd AC.if I cancel my ticket on 2nd october what will be the cancellation charges?

  87. I want to cancel my Waiting list e-ticket for chair car . What amount would be deducted as cancelation charges?

    • Dear Sir,
      I had cancelled my 3rd AC Confirmed Ticket on 1st Sep 2016 at 00:51 AM (Traveling Date was 12th Sep 2016 with four passenger ie 2 adults and 2 Sr. Citizen ) .
      There is a massive cut in the refund amount. The charges paid to IRCTC was Rs. 4225/- but the refund amount was only Rs. 3465 / – . Total deducted amount is Rs. 760/- but as per rule it must be Rs. 180 per passenger hence Rs. 720 / – . So please explain us that what is the rest money. Please note that I have not included the bank charges for the transaction .
      Why is there such a big difference in the refund amount?
      Please check the following PNR and explain me that why there is difference between the IRCTC cancellation rules and actual facts.

  88. If I have a confirmed ticket of 2 passengers of 2A & want to cancel whole ticket before 35 days. Will the deduction be of Rs 200 or 400 ?

  89. Just I need to confirm here cancellation charge for 1 confirmed ticket is 240 for 1st class so it’s for 1 ticket or 1 passenger.

  90. I have book my ticket in (3A) bgp ltt from pnbe to it are it Is RLGN w/L2. Date of journey 30/8. Plz suggest up to what time I wait for its conform..
    Otherwise plz suggest the cancelation time and process

  91. What is the cacelation charges i will be charged If i cancel the confirmed ticket with in 48 hours and upto12 hours befor the start of jouney

  92. I had booked ticket and the payment got debited twice.

    once the secession got timed out
    2nd time the berth not available

    how to seek refund.
    INR 264.50 Info.IIN*I-Debit*irc on 25-08-2016 13:51:48
    INR 264.50 Info.IIN*I-Debit*irc on 25-08-2016 14:10:59.

  93. i want to know that, what is the cancellation charges of a senior citizen”s confirmed sleeper class rail ticket.

  94. I have booked a third AC ticket and the waiting list is like RLWL37 ..if I cancel this ticket before three days from the journey date , what will be my cancellation charges???

  95. We,a group of 3boys and 4 girls are travelling after 40 days.i got the tickets on waitinglist.what is the chance of getting the ticket conformed/getting the seat?

  96. I have booked a tatkal ticket but after preparation of chart it is showing waiting list .so we dint traveled is any refund will be there or not?

  97. If I have a primium tatkal ticket, but the train is late more than 9 hours, then can I cancil the ticket and get full refund?

  98. What are the cancellation charges for 3AC of Rajdhani Train. Both for Confirmed ticket and WL/RAC.

  99. I did not cancel my WL ticket and not traveled also. What will be cancellation charges and can I get the refund?

  100. My journey is on 26/8/2016 i booked second sleeper class online confirm ticket if i wants to cancel it in tomorrow evening who much money i will get as refun

  101. In tatkal we have received waiting list and chart has been prepared with WL only and ticket is e-ticket..what’s d refund policy.. whether we will receive or any the should be filed

  102. I canceled a 3AC ticket through irctc website and the cancellation charges applied are 190 , however it should be 180 . Can someone please clarify why additional 10/- got deducted

  103. Standard Cancellation Charges per passenger for the tickets that are cancelled a day i.e 24 hours or more in advance than the date of journey. For instance, if you have booked the tickets on 6th June 2015, (train departure time 8 am) the following charges are deducted if you cancel the ticket on or before 5th June before 8 am.

    Sirs, I had previous experience many times as regards “24 HOURS OR MORE IN ADVANCE THAN THE DATE OF JOURNEY” I was told by Railways Customer Care that date of travel is taken as reference point and NOT time of departure of train to make the refund on e-ticket. Please clarify.

  104. I have a 58 waiting list window ticket . If it is not get clear then will it be cancelled automatically or i can travel with waiting ticket .


  106. Whether a wait listed 3ac e ticket needs to be cancelled by the passenger to get refund or it would automatically get cancelled by irctc if not get confirmed on preparation of chart and amount refunded

  107. My ticket of 11 th Sep 2016 is not yet confirmed. It is showing as WL. If i cancel the ticket now what is the cancellation charges. If i cancel the ticket on 3 rd Sep 2016 will the cancellation charges varies.

  108. if windows tickets not conform after chart prepared than sleeper tickets cancellation charge

  109. How much amount to get refund for the e-ticket that has been cancelled on 10th Aug 2016 for train 12435 DBRT-Rajdhani Exp bound for 15-11-2016

  110. Dear sir,
    I had booked train ticket for 13/9/2016. But extended this ticket to 13/9/2016 with some extra charges. Now our journey seems to be cancell. So I want to the said ticket. What will be the charges.

  111. Hi,

    I tried to book a tatkal ticket, but unfortunately all the available tickets got booked and by the time i made the payment it went to CKWL (tatkal waiting list). My ticket fare was 145*2= 290+200(tatkal charges)+23 (SC)= 513.
    If my ticket is not confirmed how much i would be getting as a refund.

  112. If I cancelled train ticket which is purchased using international credit card, how the amount will be refunded and how many days it will take to credit the amount?

  113. Dear Sir,
    I purchased ticket from Ayodhya to Howrah by Doon Express on 5th Oct,2016.I want to cancel that ticket,how much refund will I get?
    Kindly reply me in my email address..

  114. I have a confirmed booking for 6 of my family members in PNR-1. The other PNR-2 consisting an adult + child (without a berth) is wait-listed for the same train. The adult passenger from PNR-2 is no more travelling so can we cancel only the adult’s ticket? And can the child passenger travel with us (6 passengers) with the ticket status as wait list?

  115. I am a senior citizen. I booked a ticked with concession. I f I want to cancel my ticket due to some problem how much money will be deducted. I f I book a ticked in station reservation window whether any concession in refund will be there. Please clarify.

  116. I have confirmed 3AC ticket of 3 person in a single pnr. I have to cancell ticket of a single person and rest two person’s ticket will be continue. Can I cancell that person ticket and how ?

  117. I had booked 3 tickets in sampoorna kranti in 3rd class Ac . My departure time will be on 6th october 2016 but I want to cancel on 8th August. How much money can i refund?

  118. Does the birth preference upgraded later automatically if not allotted at the first instance when ticket was booked?

  119. Are there any charges levied if we cancel the waiting list ticket 4-5 days before the departure.
    I cancelled my waitlisted ticket and nearly 160 rupees were deducted.

  120. Is there be any deduction for automatically cancelled wait listed e-ticket ? If yes,Does it same for tatkal & general tickets or different?

  121. My online ticket is in waiting list w/L 5 of two tier ac & charting is done…should I get my refund automatically on my ac or I have to file refund..?

  122. What will be the amount refunded if a ticket is cancelled 7 days, 5 days, 3 days before the date of journey

  123. I booked my ticket through agent from kolkata to Vishakhatapanam on 26/7/2016 for 2 AC Traveling date is 6/9/2016 and Return ticket date is 8/9/2016 due to cancellation of my Tour I want to cancel my railway reservation ticket on 28/7/2016 what will be my cancellation charge ?

  124. Hi,

    Like there are concessions in ticket fares for Senior citizens, are there any concession in their cancellation charges? If so, what are the cancellation charges for Sleeper and Third AC tickets for senior citizens?

  125. Sir maine ticket Chandigarh tak karwai hai lakin agar mujhe SAS nagar mohali utran ho to kya karna hoga Delhi se hi kuch karna padega please sir suggest karein.

  126. If my train some how get cancel , but i have to go at any cost then what i should do or Indian railway should do?

  127. What i would be charged if I cancel my confirmed sleeper class ticket 15 hours before departure of my train?? And where my money will be refunded of my cancelled e-ticket??

    • 25% of total fare will be deducted as the cancellation charge if you cancel 15 hours before.
      The money will be refunded to your local bank account which you have used during booking your eTicket.

  128. Sir i have a confirmed ticket for journey on 28 july but due to some reason it is shifted to 5 august it possible that i could change journey date without cancellation of tickect??

    • Yes. You can postpone your journey date to 5th August without cancelling it.

      The date of journey on Confirmed/RAC/waitlisted tickets can be preponed or postponed in the same/higher class or for the same destination on payment of prescribed charges. This the facility can be availed only once, irrespective of whether the accommodation available is reserved or RAC or Waitlisted.

      Note: If you want to prepone or postpone the date of your journey, you should surrender your tickets during working hours of reservation office at least forty-eight hours before the scheduled departure of the train in which originally booked.

  129. Sir I wanted to cancel my wait list 3 SL class tickets journey date 30/7/16 how much would be cancelation charges per person..?? Plz help me..!!

  130. Dear Sir/Madam,
    I have booked a ticket from NMZ to SDAH on 25/6/2016 .
    I booked this ticket through my Irctc personal user login Id . I have selected a choice of lower berth preference for only 1 adult (ticket consists of only 1 passenger) then I made payment though SBI card.
    Then a notification was send to me which shows that thre is no LB met so on clicking ‘Yes’ option this transaction will be carried out for ticket booking.But I selected ‘No’ option for cancel this transaction.But still I got a sms on my mobile that the ticket full fare was charged from my account. I was getting no option to how to get back my money.Please help me by replying to retrieve the money.

  131. Sir, To day 16:55 is my train for delhi Rajdhani express if i want to cancell my 2 confirm tickets around 12 O’clock then what amount you will refund to me.

  132. Hi
    I have booked a three 3 ac tkt on 20 July with 9, 10, 11 WL in Karnataka express from New Delhi to Bhopal . I have to travel on 21 August , is there any chance of confirmation or should I look for another train and cancel these tkts

  133. Is it necessary to cancel WL tickets online which booked in IRCTC portal? or IRCTC refund automatically ?

  134. Hi , I booked 5 adult tickets in 3rd ac class but now I want to cancel all ticket. Total cost of tickets near about 8500 , how much I get as refund.

  135. My train is 5 to 6 hour late and i take tatkal ticket now i wanted to cancel the ticket then whole money will refunded

  136. I have to cancel confirmed 2AC ticket of three passenger before 3 days of date of journey. what will the cancellation charges.

  137. i booked an e ticket in tatkal quota ..pnr no. 8536681161, transaction id : 0999467054 ..train no..12267…2 ac.. ahmedabad duronto express ..journey from mumbai to abad of journey 17.6.2016. The tatkal e ticket continued to be wait list 1 even after preparation of chart. My original fare was 1715 + 46 ..irctc service charge =1761 + payment gate way charge of citi 1.8% + service tax..and total amouned to 1797.44

    i have been refunded 1650 as an automatic refund which is done by irctc. i request you to explain in detail the amount 1650 arrived at

    Manoj agarwal

    • Hi Manoj,
      For AC tier tickets, if gets cancelled in waiting list then a Flat Rs. 65 should be deducted.
      IRCTC service charge and Bank transaction charges are not included in Total Fare.

      So in your case:
      1715 (Fare)-65 = 1650 (Refunded) which is correct.

  138. I Booked a e-ticket for two person current status is RAC if the tickets not conformed can I travel with this RAC e-ticket.

  139. Hi…we have booked 3 tickets through counter & they were in PQWL quota & we got three WL tickets for D.O. J. 31st July.Now I want to cancel one as only two person would be travelling.So can we cancel the One out of 3WL tickets .

    • Yes,
      You can cancel online if it is eTicket.
      In the case of the counter ticket, you will have to walk to Railway Station for cancellation.

      On cancelling it before 48 hours from departure of the train from origin station:
      If it is SL then Rs. 60 will be deducted as cancellation charge
      If it is AC3 then Rs. 65 will be deducted as cancellation charge

  140. If i have RAC ticket and if it get confirmed at chart preparation…if i cancle this ticket before 2hr of departure then howmuch amount will be refunded..?

  141. Hi, yesterday i booked a ticket for 26.07.2016 (booking status -RAC, current status -CAN) but now i cancelled. 60rs has been taken for cancellation. does it really cost 60rs for cancellation?

  142. If I booked 3 tickets in third ac for tomorrow’s journey but one ticket is in RAC and other two in waiting list then can all 3 board on the train.

  143. i want to cancel the takkal confirmed SL ticket, will i get some refund ? today is my journey date at 11:45pm,

  144. I reserved RAC 35,36 tomarrow I want to travel shell i travel with this tickets in train in train the tc will give the seats are not


    • Amount will be credited automatically into bank account within 7 working days! No need to do anything if you have already cancelled your ticket. Just wait for the money.

  146. if train time is reschedule and require to cancel my tatkal confirmed ticket.
    will i get refund if cancel due the reason for train time reschedule

  147. iam asha,
    If we cancel unreserved tickets (sleeper) before the 20 days of ouR journey up to what amount is refundable?

  148. Hi,

    5 days back I booked the 2 ticket from Bom to blr . Its in waiting list 59,60. for aug 12th 2016 but now we are in confusion that its conformed or not?

    If we cancel the ticket how much they charge?

  149. hello,
    is there any refund if we cancel the counter ticket of rajdhani express
    and its in waiting list too.

    • Yes, absolutely you will get the refund. But you will have to the railway station and fill the cancellation form.

      Please remember to cancel the ticket before 48 hours from the departure of the train from its source station.

  150. I am having 3 waitlisted tickets in 2A class for DOJ: 30/07/2016 & I want to cancel tickets, what will be cancellation charges in this case.

  151. I am having 3 waitlisted tickets in 3AC for DOJ: 30/07/2016 & I want to cancel tickets, what will be cancellation charges in this case.

  152. I want to cancel my Sleeper class tickets booked for journey date 29.08.2016. Please let me know what would be the cancellation charge

  153. I want to cancel a fully booked confirm ticket as (12618) Mangala Lakshdweep train is late by about 5 hours today . I have reservation from KKW -Kankavali arrival time 17-44 + minimum 5 hrs late . So how much refund I will get as a senior citizen

  154. I have booked my ticket through online and it,s tatkal waiting list and when I boarded the train they told that ticket gets cancelled, total amount is 360 for 2 person (second seating), now message received as 240rs will get refunded..
    What is logic in this ididn’t cancelled then y they are charging.

  155. I have booked tatkal ticket on 17/07/2016 . Its waiting list 6 . If I cancelled now , how much ll be refund ?.

  156. Sir, I have booked a ac chair car seat for Sunday 18.07.2016 morning 7.00 Am for Rs. 700/-. If I cancel the confirmed ticket now on Friday evening at 2000 Hrs what deductions would be made.

  157. I want to upgrade my ticket from 2AC to 1AC in another train. How much will be the cancellation charges of 2AC? Date of travel is in November.

  158. If my tatkal waiting ticket will cancel automatically then full amount will b refundable or sone charges will take place

  159. Can we get any refund if we fail to board the train/miss the train. What is the procedure for it

  160. I have booked 4 tatkal ticket vie e-ticket on journey date 10/7/2016 but want to cancel it as it is confirmed sleeper class so how much refund would be I get please tell me

  161. Please confirm my understanding, effective from 1st July 2016 onwards, there will be 50% refund on confirmed tatkal ticket amount

  162. What if waitlist (E-ticket) is not cleared/confirmed after char preparation and Ticket will automatically cancelled and refund will be deposited to account or need to file a online TDR

  163. What is the cancellation charges for SL Class if cancelled 2 months before the date of journey?

  164. Hello ,

    Today i partially cancelled one of two confirmed e-ticket. journey date is 6th. Ticket price is 145. the refund i got is 25/-.
    How is that? according to you i should get 85.

  165. Is this departure of train is ‘departure of train from originating station or the station from which the ticket is booked’.?

  166. today i cancled 7tckts SL journey date 24/7/16 hw much refunded to me
    hw much deduct frm per tckt

  167. Hi, today i have booked ticket for 2 persons and travel date is 10-7-16. 1 ticket is RAC and other is waiting. and i want to cancel both tickets. so what wud b the cancellation for both RAC and Waiting list??

  168. I have booked 2 tickets for 3AC 1 Month ago for new Delhi what will the cancellation charges. And it is a confirm tickets

  169. cacellation chrges of 2 nos of SL General class ticket cancell 1 month prior to departcher date . reservation through TripBorn IRCTC

  170. sir
    i booked 2 e tickets in rajdhani .after chart prepration my ticked was booked in rac . i filed online tdr due to not travelled in rac before 6 hours of departure train what amount will be refunded and how many days

    • In case of reason “Passenger Not Travelled” No amount will be refunded.

      You should have filed TDR only after train left your boarding station and before 3 hours from departure of the train from your station.

      Reason should have given as “Seat was not cleaned so passenger not travelled” in this case you could have got 50% refund amount only if it is not a Tatkal eTicket.

  171. Hi,

    What will be the TDR amount refunded in case a SL e-ticket is cancelled after Chart preparation and TDR is filed online. Assume ticket amount to be 800.

  172. Can I file TDR for a confirmed Tatkal Ticket in 3AC if I do not travel on that? Will there be any refund ?

  173. Sir I have booked 6 SL tickets for 14th October but I want them to upgrade them to 3AC without canceling the tickets….RAC seats are available in 3AC…Can you please tell me the procedure….it’s an e-ticket…

  174. I booked train from bnc to bza on July 3rd sleeper now I want to travel one day before it is possible to change booking one day before

  175. Dear Sir/Madam

    My query is regarding wrong claculation of cancellation charger by IRCTS site.

    I have booked a ticket for 25.Jun.2016 – PNR no. 4120435759, From : SC To: NK, Class: Sleeper Class, Quota : General. This was for 2 passengers of which one is Senior Citizen & the booking fare was Rs. 595.00.

    I Canceled this ticket on 14.Jun.2016 (12 days before journy) and have correctly selected both the passengers, for this the IRCTC site has canceled the ticket with generated refund of Rs. 355.0 only.
    This is alomost 57% of the original cost.

    What shoudl I do now ? What is the procedure to get the remianing refund amount ?
    I am a regular user this is the first time such a issue has happend.
    I am now feeling that IRCTC misfunctionaing is cheating normal public.

    I have very high hope that will get a reply to my query please help.

    • Dear Ghufran,
      Its correct here are the details:

      Total Fare you paid = Rs. 595
      Cancellation charges per passenger is Rs.120 (as mentioned in above post for SL)
      For Two passenger = 120*2 = Rs. 240 as Cancellation charges

      Refunded amount = 595-240 = Rs. 355

      Which is refunded to you.

  176. I came to know that the train was late by 8hrs when I reached station (Anand Vihar-ANVT, BY SEEMANCHAL EXPRESS). Now the purpose of journey missed. Ticket is sleeper class by eTicket. Is there some way to get some refund..? Whenever railway is responsible for 8hrs late. I need your kind advice.

  177. I just booked 2AC eticket but got a WL 1. I want to cancel the ticket. Exactly how much amount will be deducted Before Chart Prepared and After Chart Prepared?

  178. I have booked 2 Sleeper (SL) tickets at a cost of Rs.1150/- if i cancel how much will be deducted

  179. Dear sir,
    my ticket status is waiting list 1 and my train on 15 june 2016 if its not confirm after chart preparation and then if i want cancel my ticket after chart preparation then how much money refund to me?

  180. Sir/Madam,

    I want to know, who is this Railway experts. I also want to make a career in Railway Experts

    • There is no career in this. We are team of few Railways which helps people to get answer of their query at free of cost.
      In return we do not get anything. We just help you all.

  181. i booked three tickets in 3rd AC, 2 get confirmed 1 on waitlisted (same PNR), is it WL ticket cancelled automatically and can third WL passenger board the train or not, ticket is partially confirmed, please solution how third person can board train.

  182. my train departure time is 6-7-16
    but I booked the ticket by yesterday(9-6-16). now I want to cancel the train ticket.. so how much the cost of cancellation?

  183. I’ve waitlist ticket (WL 15, 16) for 2 adults and 1 child (5yrs) and I’ve also booked tatkal for same train and day, but tatkal ticket is also waiting 1 & 2. Now how I can, I know which one get confirmed so I can cancel the other. train is 22647 / KRBA TVC EXPRES, general ticket from Bilaspur to MAS and boarding durg.
    tatkal is from Durg to MAS.
    all ticket are 3AC

    Pls. suggest……

    • No body can predict the PNR status of your tickets correctly.
      You can do two things:
      1) Wait till tomorrow by afternoon if Tatkal gets confirmed then cancel other waiting listed tickets.

      2)If other tickets gets confirmed then cancel Tatakl ticket (it will cost 65 Rs. per passenger as cancellation charge).

      Please note:

      – If all the tickets are e-Ticket and if it remains in waiting list after chart preparation then it will become Invalid because e-tickets in waiting list gets cancelled automatically.

    • what if both general and tatkal get confirm at same time, is there any rule as being a same traveler and having both wait list tickets didn’t get penalty due to non availability of seats.


    • If both gets confirmed then cancel normal tickets you will get some amount refund (only if you cancel before 4 hours then 50% will be refunded) because confirmed tatkal ticket can not be cancelled.

      There is no such rule till today.

  184. is there any rule of Cancelling Tatkal Ticket If yes what is the amount will be refund and how many days.

    • If tatkal ticket is in waiting list then 65 rs will be deducted as cancellation charge and remaining amount will be refunded back into your account.
      If you have confirmed tatkal ticket and you go for cancellation then NO amount will be refunded.

  185. Hi sir,

    I have a confirmed ticket for sleeper class. if i cancel more than 48 hours, how much amount will be deducted and if i cancel within 48 hours, how much amount will be deducted

    • Agar 3 e – ticket waiting list me h so 65rs per passanger katkar baki amount refund ho jayega.
      But agar all are confirmed then kuch bhi refund ni hoga cancel krne par.

  186. I have booked four 3AC ticket from New Delhi to Trivandrum and 2 got confirmed and another 2 on waiting list . can Four of us board as per new reservation policy? is it any restriction for adjusting our seats ??

  187. Hi I have booked 2 Tadkal tickets online (E-tickets), its still in 72 WL, Am sure it will NOT be confirmed till departure. Please advise it is wise to cancel before 4 hrs of departure or ignore to get cancel automatically? in which way we can get more refund?

    • Never cancel tatkal ticket Let it get cancelled automatically because the cancellation charges will be same always that is Rs. 65 per passenger even if you cancel the ticket 4 hours before the departure.

  188. Sir i booked 2 tatkal tiket which is in waiting costing 675 each now i want to cancell it then how much it deduct from 675 ?

  189. Sir,
    I would like to know ;
    If I have a confirmed ticket of which the reservation and boarding point is different, then the rule of 48 hours will be calculated from which point

  190. Hi,
    I’ve booked the train tickets using Paytm Wallet, now I’ve cancelled the 9th Jun 16 tickets. How can I get refund amount. will it be credited in Paytm wallet?

  191. hi,
    if I book my conform train ticket from Chennai to Agra in train no :12621 and mention my reservation upto Bhopal, then can I book reetering room at Bhopal.

    Boarding at Chennai
    to Agra
    destination upto : Bhopal

  192. I have booked an E-ticket in sleeper class on 28th may and it is in waiting list now i want to cancel it on the same day is total amount is refunded ? pls explai for a fare of 402/- how much will be refunded.

  193. If my tickets remain in WL after chart preparation. Then what should be the cancelation charges. Do I have to cancel my e-tickets or it’ll be auto canceled.

  194. DEar Sir i was booked 8 ticket in sleeper class which got RAC after few days now ticket is showing CNF

    If i want to cancels these ticket before 3 day how much amount will detected

  195. my two tickets in 2s got cancelled
    i had paid 210+ service tax

    in the website its showing the refund amount will be 90


  196. Sir,
    I had cancelled my AC Chair Car WL Ticket (Cancellation date 1 week before) but had a massive cut in the refund amount. The charges paid to IRCTC has been 1015 (970 + 45 Service charges), but the refund amount that is said is only 590. Please note that I have not included the bank charges for the transaction Why is there such a big difference in the refund amount?
    Number of passengers here has been 2. Could you help me understand the calculation?

    Thanks in advance

  197. I booked a tatkal ticket and its shows ckwl 2 .So what happens if i cant travel and nor cancel the ticket. Still i got the full refund.

  198. Sir I want to ask my 4 tickets are confirmed of 3rd tier of 12951 if I cancel it then how much amount will cut

  199. i booked aE- tatkal ticket and its shows ckwl 8, what happens if i cant travel and nor cancel the ticket.still i got the full refund??

  200. If my waiting listed tickets get cancelled automatically for the 2S class then how much will be deducted for per ticket

  201. wen i was book ticket from IRCTC on tatkal time and my ticket was booked on W/L
    then it was auto canle as per rule
    But i know that what is the charges of this auto cancliation.

  202. I have ticket in which 1 seat is conform and 2 seats in waiting list its ac chair car how many charges for cancelation and its possible that I have change in next train in same day

  203. I have ticket in which 1 seat is conform and 2 seats in waiting list its ac chair car how many charges for cancelation and its possible that I have change in next train in same day

  204. I booked a tatkal 3rd ac e-ticket for journey on 21 april. The ticket was confirmed. But now i want to cancel. Is there any chance to return money.

  205. I have WL ticket and not traveled and also to miss cancel ticket. After 3 days I remember to cancel, can I get refund ?

  206. I booked tikets by internet the amount was deducted from my account but tiket was not issued. Please inform how it happen and hoe we get refund ealiest.

  207. My Ticket is in RAC 61 status and chart was not prepared, Now i just want to travel if i get berth only not with RAC ticket after chart preparation. what is the process to cancel the RAC ticket after chart preparation if i dont want to travel, please sugest. ..!

  208. Thanks – that was very helpful information.
    I have prepared a chart to help me whilst booking – to assess my risk factor.
    Could you do something like that e.g. class wise and based on hours prior to cancellation – that would give us a better idea.
    Thanks once again for the information.

  209. If the tickets are partially cancelled, whether a new print out of the tickets is required to be taken or the old one before cancellation is valid.

    • – If it is eTicket – Old ticket is valid one you can carry that
      – If it is Counter ticket then you will have to go to the railway station and fill the cancellation form for partially cancellation and they will provide you New ticket. In this case OLD ticket + NEW ticket both will be valid as PNR will be same.
      But in case if they provide you new ticket with new PNR number on it then New ticket will only be considered as Valid one.

  210. my RAC 6 …train departure time – 10 30 pm today….if i cancel now what will be the cancellation charges?
    As my ticket is in RAC will it automatically be cancel when chart is prepared?

    • 1. For cancellation of RAC/Waitlisted tickets if ticket is presented
      for cancellation upto 3 hours of the actual departure
      of the train irrespective of distance, full refund of fare will be
      given, after deducting the clerk age charge per passenger. Clerk age charges are mentioned in above post please refer.

      2. No, RAC tickets will not be cancelled automatically. Passengers having ticket in RAC status are considered having valid tickets. This is applicable to both tickets booked online (e-ticket) and tickets booked over the counter (PRS ticket). They are allowed to travel in train in such cases.

  211. i booked a tatkal ticket and its shows ckwl what happens if i cant travel and nor cancel the ticket.still i got the full refund

  212. i have e ticket garibaratha train ticket i want to cancelled ticket.pls confirm the return the ticket amount.

  213. If a passenger has a BCT-Surat SL class ticket of fare Rs.170 and cancels within 12hrs of chart preparation, in addition to the minimum cancellation charges of Rs.120, Rs. 85 (50% of Rs.170) will also be deducted (total deduction of Rs.205). How will IR recover the extra Rs.35 from the passenger ?

  214. I have made a partial cancellation of my 3rd AC sleeper ticket. Out of Total fare of Rs.1,470/- for 3 person there was a deduction of Rs.570/- I cancelled on March 9th and the travel is only
    on 3rd April 16.

    Will there be Rs.190/- deduction per passenger on cancellation?

  215. I have booked Ticket in Tatkal Quota via internet my PNR Status is CKWL 62,Which is less likely to be confirmed.
    How long should i wait before canceling it?
    Is there chance for the confirmation?
    How much will refunded if cancellation is being done?

    • 1. You can wait until final chart preparation time because eTicket will automatically be cancelled if it is in Waiting list.

      2. The first thing is Confirmation is totally depends on the Class of the ticket. If you have booked AC ticket in tatkal quota then i’d say 99% it will not be confirmed.

      3. Cancellation charges are mentioned in above post respective to the class of the ticket. Please go through it once

    • Thank You Ankit!
      Its really amazing that you are taking out your personal time for people who are perplexed about the schemes…
      I have booked eticket for SL class with Current status CKWL 62. My train is Howrah Yesvantpur Express.
      What are the chances of ticket getting confirmed?
      If not confirmed and ticket is cancelled automatically, when will i be expecting my refund?

    • – Its less likely to be confirmed.
      The good way of knowing it is to refer below url and enter your PNR for predictive PNR Status.

      – If it gets cancelled automatically then the amount refund process will take 5-7 working days.


  216. I have booked 1 ticket of 3rd AC from KYQ to BDN on 02/03/2016 including pnr no.6249922371,get W/L-12,RS.1272 has been deducted from my SBI Bank account including Service and Bank charges.

    Same day i have canceled my ticket by IRCTC and got only Rs 1150 in my account,on 4/03/2016.

    3rd AC can charge 60*1=60, so 1272-60= Rs. 1212 should refund in my account.

    Please explain and refund my remains deducted my amount.

  217. Hi sir. if confirmed ac2 tier class ticekt journey date 9march16 and What are the cancellation charges ? Reply is fast sir.

    Thank you

  218. I had booked 1 TATKAL eticket in waiting list CKWL9. tomorow eveng journey time.
    i dont know weather it will confirm or not. if it is not confirmed what is the process for getting my refund amount. is there any time for cancelling ticket for getting refund amount.

    Pls do need ful to me… Thank q

  219. I have booked ticket on 2 march 2016 through internet but i want to cancel this ticket….i tired to cancel ticket through internet to actual procedure….but i can not able to cancel ticket……when i select the passenger for cancellation than click the CANCEL TICKET …….no response from his side……..waiting response show many hours ……pls suggest me

    PNR no..2861167173
    Transaction no..100000451930396

    kamlesh Kumar

    • Hello Kamlesh. Sorry to hera this.

      If you do not mind then please share your username and password to ME ONLY at this email address

      I’ll cancel it on behalf of you.

      And please share entire details of the ticket you want to cancel.


  220. I have cancelled my 3Ac confirmed ticket. The cancellation charges deducted is Rs.190/- but as per the rules it should be Rs.180/- only. What is the reason.Date of Journey is 3rd March 2016. The cancellation date is 29th Feb 2016.

  221. If someone has booked ticket under Tatkal and train is late more than 15 hours,after filing TDR. Then how much amount will be refunded in such case?

  222. I have booked 3AC tickets for East Coast Express for March 26, 2016. One ticket is confirmed and other one status is PQWL/3. I’m not sure whether the ticket will get confirmed but if i would like to cancel my ticket today what are the deduction charges for non confirmed ticket. Please suggest.

  223. If tatkal ticket is not confirmed then the cancellation charges shall be minimum restrictedt to the service charges??? Kinly consider the request. Loss of person for arranging other ways of transport may occure more costly. So goverment should give good convenience for people not for to steel money from public and allow to eat for the bad politician….

  224. Hello Sir,
    TODAY I have booked irctc eticket Kanyakumari exp for the month May 10,2016. Ticket is confirmed but wanted to know about cancellation if done TODAY/TOMMORROW, will i get back whole money or certain % charges will be deducted and if so then how much.

    • Hello Suabi,
      It depends on the class of the ticket you booked. Please see the above post to know about IRCTC cancellation charges for different-2 classes.


    • Hello sir, on 27 th I had booked irctc ticket in Pune duronto exp ( one sinior citizen one adult ) not confirm . travelling date 26 .3.16. And return ticket azad hind ex ( same person) confirm ticket on 31.3.16 . Today I cencll these& booked it another day . sir what will the cancellation charge both of the tickets ?

  225. SIR,


    • Hi Ashish,
      1. It depends on the Class in AC. The cancellation charges same irrespective of class. Please refer above mentioned charges for AC1, AC2, AC3.
      2. Yes you can cancel the tatkal ticket in this case by filing TDR .

  226. I have booked the 2 tickets in senior citizen quto. I have charged the fare Ruppes 120 each ticket. I have cacelled the tickets well before ( 3 Weeks before the traveling date)I got the Ruppes 15 per ticket as refund amount.

  227. hw mch charge deducted after final charting in case of rac/wl ticket in 3 ac…rs 60/rs 90??
    do rajdhani trains gv rac tickets on final charting?

  228. I have booked 2 e- tickets which are wait-listed as of now. If they are not confirmed in final chart prepared what should I do and how my money will be refunded?

  229. i have booked a tatkal ticket which is confirmed but i need to cancel it is that confirmed tatkal ticket cancelled will get refund?pls let me knw

    • No refund on Tatkal Ticket cancellation.
      But the tips is here:
      If you really dont want to travel then do not cancel ticket now because any how you are not going to get any refund.
      1. Lets wait for train to come to your railway station. If train is late more than 30 minutes then immediately file tdr with reason “Train is Late” in this case you will get refund (70-100%)

      2. Let train come to your station and go. After one hour from train departed, file the TDR with reason “Train Coach Seat Was Damaged” in this case if it gets approved then you might get refund.

  230. I want to cancel my ticket from delhi to Bangalore of 2 person whose total fare is 5840.. So how much balance will be deducted??? Ticket date is 6/3/2016

  231. I have booked three ticket in second class sleeper for my family in karnataka exp.
    jurney date is 15th may 2016
    I want to cancel this ticket. Please confirm how much deduct

    • Please mention the class also. Do you have 3AC SL or which one.

      For Latest IRCTC Cancellation Charges you can refer above post everything is mentioned there.

      Thanks Suhita.

    • Cancellation charges are irrespective of the train whether it Rajdhani or other royal trains.

      Please refer above post to know about cancellation charges for 3ac ticket.


  232. sir i booked 3 tickets through irctc to train no 17016,for journey dt.03.04.2016 from secundrabad to srikakulam road, but now i wants to cancel one of the passenger out of three. what is the procedure to cance such one passenger and cancilation charger levied to do so and who i can get new ticket printout the remaining two passengers ticket.

  233. Hi,

    I have booked 2 tickets of 3rd AC from BDTS to MTJ, RS.2977 has been deducted from my Axis Bank account including Service and Bank charges.

    Now today i have canceled both tickets by IRCTC and got only Rs 2540 in my account.

    3rd AC can charge 180*2=360, so 2977-360 = Rs. 2617 should refund in my account.

    Why as much deduction, can you please explain?

    Please advise

    • Hello Dharmendra,
      There is a difference amount of 77 rs i can see as deducted 437 abut it should be 360
      437-360 = 77 Deducted more as i can see.

      Can you please tell me when exactly you had booked ticket and cancelled it?

    • Hi Ankit,

      Please see the below information:

      Train No : 12247
      Date of Booking: 29th Jan 2016
      Journey Date : 01-Apr-2016
      Cancelation on : 02-Feb-2016

      Thanks and please advise,

  234. plz let me know what charges will deducted if we canceled confirm e-tickets before a one week. bcz following deduction was happen with me

    1 ) 2 )
    fare 605 fare 475
    deduction 360 deduction 360

    is it write?

  235. I had booked 3 tickets ( 2 Senior citizens + 1 Adult) and later canceled 1 ticket of senior Citizen before 1 week of schedule of train.

    Total Fare – Rs 1430 (excluding Service charge)
    Refund Received – Rs 165

    Is this refund correct? If not how to get correct refund amount.

    • Dear Chandra,
      The refunded amount is incorrect. Can you tell me the fare of each person? Because i am believing there is a discount of Senior citizen ticket.

      You can make a query by calling IRCTC helpline at 011 3934 0000

    • I have cancelled a 3 tier ac confirmed ticket booked for 6 March 2016 . Subsequently I cancelled it and ₹ 290 were deducted from it . This is exorbitant for an e ticket . On one side railways want to popularise e ticketing and other side why penalise even Sr. Citizen for using e ticketing through authorised travel booking agent. Prof s k jain

  236. I Have booked my confirmed 3rd ac ticket 3 adult and one child from cktd to mathura in mahakaushal express train no.12189 fare 2770 date of jouney 25 jan 2016.
    Today i was cancelled the ticket why irctc returns me only 2010 rs. ?

  237. I have booked ticket through counter for 6 passengers in 2AC. Train starts from Guwahati at 6 am on 27th Jan and my boarding station is Howrah at 1 am at night on 28th Jan. 2 tickets are confirmed and 4 WL. 48 hours for cancellation will be from 6 am or 1 am? What should I do.

    • The chances of getting cleared is very less in AC2. Please do need ful action if you want confirmed seat.
      Indirectly i am saying try for Tatkal.

  238. I booked 3 tickets one is confirmed nd the other 2 is waitng the train is on 25th of jan in the morning from muzzafarpur but I wil board train from Kolkata at 11:15 pm
    So til wat time I can cancel the tickets nd wat wil b the charges
    Plz help

    • Hello Akshay,

      If eTicket:
      You can wait until chart is prepared. After chart preparation if your ticket is still in waiting list then it will be cancelled automatically.

      If Counter ticket:
      Cancel it after chart preparation. But it will not be cancelled automatically, you need to go to the railways station for cancellation.

      A flat Rs. 60/Per person amount as cancellation of waiting list ticket will charged.

    • What if the WL tickets iis comnfirmed SL class during chart preparation and I want to cancel it .. How much refund oi will get

    • Between 48 hours and 12 hours before leave time, 25% of the total fare is deducted
      Between 12 hours and 4 hours before train departure 50% of the total fare is deducted.
      If less than 4 hours is remaining in train departure and chart is prepared, then NO REFUND is given on cancellation of confirmed tickets.

      In your case NO Refund if your boarding station is same as train source station and chart is prepared before 4 hours from train departure time from source station.


    • Cancellation charges are ,mentioned above please refer.
      If your ticket is Sleeper one then Rs. 120 will be charged as IRCTC cancellation charges per ticket irrespective of number of passengers in that single ticket.

    • Yes it is possible.. If you have e-Ticket then select the person you want to cancel if it is counter ticket then go to the railway station and fill the form.

  240. What will be the cancellation charges for 5 confirmed 3rd AC tickets (booked on 5th Jan’16 for 4th May’16 Journey)of Rs.10020.80/- from Ahmedabad to Howrah ?

    • Its true Ankit. Government of India does not allow private players to enter in railways and then fleeces its nationals, in particular middle and lower middle class, by arbitrary increase in fare/charges. A middle class Indian national does not have any alternate for long distances hence have no escape from this arbitrariness. Why Indian Railways cannot be booked under “The Monopolies and Restrictive Trade Practices Act, 1969”?

    • With all due respect, charges of trains is still 10 times cheaper than buses.So why complaining if they are increasing the price in order to provide better facilities. Please get rid of the mentality of freebies. It will hurt us in long run.

    • Agreed! But the comfort ness what you will get in AC buses you can never get in Trains.
      The food quality is still worst in trains with high price.

      What you say?

    • My Dear Friend, Is bus journey 9even with AC) COMFORTABLE COMPARAED TO TRAIN ? No chance where are you SIR. In nfact train/ail service invented by british and introduced in our country is the greatest boon/gift to us and Railways is the single largest pblic sector in the world doing wonderfylly well with huge coverage across the spectrum of our vast country Hats off to our great railways along with nthe other great public sectoe-the Posts and Telegraphs again invented and introduced by the british. Again Sir, Bus NO MATCH for the Great Train Journey THE BEST-COMFORTABLE-ECONOMICA-CHEAPER. Regards, Scindia M S, M.Tech. Sr Engineer 9Infrasructure Development)

    • I had booked 4 tickets in SL for 4 Senior citizens,going personally at PRS/MAS .The total cost of the Tickets was Rs 520.I cancelled the tickets 4 days before the journey Date .I got Rs 40 for 4 persons .The Bus Fare for booking and cancelling was Rs 18/-.Now ,is it a penalty?Whether the Railway does not want its senior citizens to travel.Is it a welfare Govt,which was elected by Middle Class people of India.?

  241. How can I will cancel my up & down tickets ?
    Jagannath Express(Up)—
    Howrah to Puri(13th January 2016)
    PNR-6647907750(S 12-50 MB)SL Class

    Jagannath Express(Down)—
    Puri to Howrah(16th January 2016)
    PNR-6546214220(S 14-45 MB)SL Class

    • Is it E-ticket or counter ticket ?
      If e ticket then you can cancel it online by logging into irctc website.
      If it is counter ticket then you will have to go to the railway station for cancellation.

  242. im having e tickets WL whether it will be automatically cancelled after chart preparation if i don’t get confirmed seat. if i want to cancel the tickets now then how much it will cost me.? my train is on 29 December 1 am.

  243. I have book ticket bbs to bnc train name prasanti exp for 28 dec. . My ticket current position ckwl/15 . After chart done my ticket conform or not .please suggests.

  244. why no seat no berth showings in

    2nd AC ticket 2 passenger age is 10 years.
    in 12167 …journy date 21 april 2016.

  245. Hello, sir.

    If my Waitlisted ticket becomes RAC after chart preparation, shall I get any refund if I cancel it before train departure? In that case, will the cancellation be done by TDR? Mine is an E-ticket.

    Please help. Thank you.

  246. My friend booked e-ticket from CSTM to KOP date of traveling mistakenly was 19/11/2015, actually he was trying to book e-ticket for 19/12/2015. On 15/12/2015 he realized that he booked wrong date ticket & he yet did not cancelled the ticket. So at this case what he supposed to do?
    whether go and complaint abiut this situation by doing this will he get any amount because he did not travelled or he will not get anything because all this was his fault.

  247. sir i had booked 3 tickets in dbr. rajdhani 12436. 1st of 3 ticket has been conformed.
    but others two is still in was e ticket so it is booked by me on pc.

    i wanna know that can i cancel other 2 waiting is 20-dec-2015 and journey date 28-jan-16
    waiting list i s wl/2 & wl/3

    pls tell me

  248. Sir,
    If my E-ticket remain under waiting list after preparation of chart . in that case amount refund automatically as done before new rules comes in November-2015. or after new rule effected from November 2015 I have to log on & cancel my waiting list ticket.


  249. Internet ticket online
    If at last it is rac only
    N after cancellation how much refund
    Before chart preparation how much refund
    N after chart preparation how much refund

  250. we are agroup of people travelling with congirmed reservation. but on opts out and we add a new person in our group

    with a wait listed tkt . we do not cancel the reservation of the person who opts out. can the waitlisted passenger

    trvel on the same berth with wait listed tkt

    • The added new person is having ‘Online Waitlisted eticket’ or ‘Waitlisted Counter ticket’ ?

      – If he is having eticket and it is in waiting list even after chart preparation then it will be invalit.
      – If he has counter ticket in and it is in waiting list then no worry, it is valid one during entire journey and he can surely travel.



  252. when my RAC tickets does not get confirmed, can I board the train to get seat/berth thru the TT without incurring any penalty?

  253. “no refund my cancelled ticket PNR NO-2109067215, Date- 13-09-2015,Please refund my bank account”
    Train No. & Name : 19708 / ARAVALI EXPRESS
    Transaction ID : 100000300451350
    Date of Booking : 24-Aug-2015
    cancelled date- 24-Aug-2015
    1 PATEL HITESH S 32 Male CNF S12 1
    2 PATEL SHITAL 34 Female CNF S12 2

  254. I did not travel on 27nov 2015 in train durunto express as office people did not permit train no 12286 nd PNR no 2110993530. I have filed TDR after one hour departure of train.may I know how much amount will be refunded

  255. My ticket was in wait list in 2nd ac. After chart preparation,its status changed to RAC. Chart was prepared at 10.30 and i have filed tdr for same at 10.35.Train timing was 3.00 PM. So,how much amout will be refunded to me and when will it be credited.

  256. I have booked online ticket of howrah rajdhani train for the month of feb-2016 for 3 AC,kindly let me know if I cancel the ticket than what will be the amount

  257. In continuation to the previous comment I only want to know whether there would be any refund if I cancel it a week before.

    • No need to cancel the ticket just go to the railway station and request for different date.
      Small amount you’ll have to pay if you Postpone your journey date.

      Call on below number and get it confirmed before going to the railway station:

      Customer Care No. : 011-39340000, 011-23340000

      For Railway tickets booked through IRCTC
      General Information

      I-tickets/e-tickets :

      For Cancellation E-tickets :

      For Mumbai Suburban Season tickets :

  258. Sir we have done a bulk booking on concession educational tour for students. I query is whether we can cancel the tickets and book again on a different date

    • No need to cancel the ticket and book again. You can postponed your journey date.

      Below points to be remembered:
      1. The date of journey on Confirmed/RAC/waitlisted tickets can be preponed or postponed in the same/higher class or for the same destination on payment of prescribed charges.
      This facility can be availed only once, irrespective of whether the accommodation available is reserved or RAC or Waitlisted.

      2. If you want to prepone or postpone the date of your journey, you should surrender your tickets during working hours of reservation office at-least 48 hours before the scheduled departure of the train in which originally booked.

  259. I Booked a ticket from Bangalore to Udupi (journey date 29-Nov-2015, sleeper class) on 23- Nov-2015 and cancelled it on same, but they deducted 120 Rs/person. I thought cancellation charge is 60 Rs/person. Which is correct 120 or 60?? and when I will get the refund?? I paid it using Paytm.

  260. Sir I booked a ticket from PGRL to KTYM at that time waiting list is PQWL/89 after 20 days it changes to PQWL/10 not confirmed the chat is prepared will i get my money back? how can I get my money.

    • Yes , you will get the money back after normal charges, provided it is waiting list even after the chart is prepared….

  261. Hi,,,,,,, I cancelled waiting list tickets. So my doubt is that from where I can get the refund money. I Booked n cancelled through irctc. Mny transaction made by debit card. Plssssss reply.

  262. If RL/WL 3AC ticket booked online is not confirmed till departure of train, then how much amount will be credited back in my account. Please reply.

  263. I have a confirmed E Ticket for Journey on 26th Nov 2015. I want to postpone it to 5th Dec 2015.
    How can I do it.


    • Go to the railway station and surrender your ticket there. Write an application to postpone your journey dat and submit it. You’ll have to pay a small amount for this facility.

  264. I had a sleeper class reservation ticket for five family members now we want to cancle one of our five existing seats and replace him with another family member.How this can be done?

  265. I am having a RL/WL 3AC Sr. Citizen ticket of Train No. 18101 PNR No. 6246295625 from Delhi to Amritsar for 26th November, 2015. whether should I get it cancelled or not, and if I get it cancelled, how much amount will be deducted. Please clarify

    • If you cancel it now or before 30 minutes from train departure time then a flat 60rs per person will be charged and remaining amount will be refunded to your account.

  266. I had booked three tatkal e tickets and all the three were in waiting list. Train departure time was 21:10 from Ahmedabad I tried cancelling the ticket around 19:15 but it didnt allow me stating that chart is already been prepared. So wanted to know that how and when will I get refund for this tickets.

  267. I booked my ticket on guahati express from tata to chennai. Journey date is 17th Nov. Due to heavy rain in chennai I filled tdr but after some time train got cancelled. Do I get full refund or I have to wait for 60 days.
    Kindly revert.

  268. Tkt for 17-Nov-2015 Gitanjali Exp is in W/L. The same train has started from Howrah 16-Nov-2015. But still I am getting status “chart not prepared” at Akola-Jn. What does it mean? Is there still any possibility of CNF. If I don’t cancel the same, What will be the refund status? Kindly help.

  269. Today I booked three FC etickets for BDTS to Surat on 6 Dec 2015 using site. and got confirmed FC seats. Later I changed my program and wanted to cancel the ticket using websie irctc.But I got message”Ticket cannot be cancelled” Why? How do I cancel now?

  270. What if I cancel my sleeper class ticket before 1hour of chart preparation? What will be my refund status?

  271. I have 6 confirm tickets of journey on 18/11/2015 of sleeper classes. If i cancel this ticket today on 29/10/2015, how much cancellation charges will be applicable.
    Cancellation charges will be applicable per ticket or for whole amount..?

    Out of 6 only three tickets can be cancelled..?

  272. Sir
    Train No 12330 W B smprk krnti departur Time 19.05 hors My E. Tickit PNR NO 2755632563 chart prepared status W/L- 1 Can i travel and not trave

    Please Tell Me

    Devender Singh

  273. Sir My E. Tickit PNR NO 2755632563 chart prepared status W/L- 1 Can i travel and not travel

    please tell me M. No 9868447136

  274. i want to cancel my eticket but am not able to login as it shows that my account is deactivated. My date of travel is for 25/10/2015 from Amritsar Jn to Howrah on Train No 12380 & the PNR No. is 2750255431. Please can you revert back ASAP.

  275. I have a confirmed ticket on e ticket from irctc but now I have to cancel it so can u pls tell me that how much the cancelation charge will be deducted????

  276. I want to cancelled my ticket.. Lko to of boarding 12 Nov… I forgot my online I’d from which I book those tickets… Plzz could tel my how could I cancelled those tickets.. Should I go to railway counter for cancellation…

  277. Hai Sir,
    I’m travelling to Solapur in VSKP-LTT Express. Train is running by four hours late.As I’m going to Miraj, I need to catch a link train which is starting from Solapur. I had a little chance to catch the Link train. So, please suggest me whether to cancel my conformed Sleeper ticket for Link Train or Shall I go ahead.If I failed to catch the Link train, I must wait in the Station till early morning.
    So,Please reply me asap.

    Running Train: VSKP-LTT Exp
    Train No: 18519
    Scheduled Arrival: 19:30(at SUR)
    Expected Arrival: 23:25(at SUR)

    Link Train: SUR-KOP Exp
    Train No: 11051
    Scheduled Arrival: 23:35

  278. my ticket for sleeper coach was confirmed …i want to know how much money was deducted when i cancelled it before 10 days of my train time

  279. If I have Booked E-Tickets for 5 Passengers in WL // when chart prepare 4 are RAC and 1 WL
    now what should i do for 1 WL ticket //

    If all 5 passenger need to travel , should i purchase 1 general ticket for 1 passenger as he is not entitle to board on the train .

    OR i pay the difference of general and SL Ticket for 1 passenger

    Please clarify asap…

  280. i had booked two tickets from kolkatta to ranchi . the journey date is 26/09/2015 in 3rd ac .unfortunately i have to cancel my ticket .it was booked through IRCTC .the passenger traveling are senior citizen. what is the charges that is to be deducted.

  281. I booked a WL Tatkal ticket, which has not confirmed and remained wait listed and I didn’t travel. Will I get the full refund amount? And when?

  282. i have a problum regarding my cancellation of my e ticket my booking is on 6th of oct of trivandrum rajdhani 3 ac ticket i paid a amount of 2630 by my sbi atm card and my seat is not confurmed due to some personal reasion i have to cancel my e ticket i completed my all functions of cancellation prosedure but i didn’t get my refunds back plzzz show me the path how and when i get the payment on my card and also tell me how much time it would take to be refunding beacuse i am out of my city thats why i badely needed the money back so plz guide me as soon as possible i will the money back plz cintect me on my id that i gave u above and plz show me the correct wat

  283. Train departed on 6:00 today morning from Nagpur. Schedule at boarding station (Aurangabd) is on 21:00 today. We have confirmed 4 tickets & wish to cancel it. Pl sugest how much refundable & how much will loss if cancelled now onwards before reaching train at Aurangabad.

  284. Today due Mumbai local train derailment, adi double decker did not reach Mumbai central to pick passengers who were supposed to board from there. The train started from borivali. I had booked my ticket online from Mumbai central. This is a technical error from the railways. I did cancel my ticket but a full reimbursement needs be done by the railways. How do I go about this prices?

  285. for first AC online reservation possiblity of getting confirmed ticket from waiting list no.2 for Sampark Kranti train Hubli to Pune. and corrections on confirmed ticket such as gender and the age whom we should approach or send the link for correction. please advice

  286. Sir I book my e ticket for 4passenger. All passenger have confirm ticket in 3ac class.And I want to cancel ticket of two passenger. Than how much refund I got. And what the procedure To get refund back. Would be I filled tdr ????? Plz reply…..

  287. As I filed TDR for cancellation of train for my 4 e-tickets on 5-8-15 & also gave in writing to Railway office Gwalior(M.P.). Lokmanya tilak(22109) train was late more than 8 hrs. due to Harda accident.I did not receive refund so far.Kindly refund as soon as possible.

    Sanjay saxena
    PNR no.8523558802
    Transaction ID-100000242022054
    Gwalior to NZM

  288. Hi,
    For I-Ticket (TDR) has to be filed within 30 days from the date of scheduled travel.
    is it same for E-ticket.

    I booked E-ticket but the train itself got cancelled and I was under impression that money will be refunded to my account by virtue of E-ticket , so didn’t do any thing.

    Now it is more than month over, is it possible to file a TDR now.. Thanks in advance

    Dinesh Kumar

  289. I booked my ticket with concession voucher from ramdevra to coimbatore. Reservation from ramdevra to jodhpur and from jodhpur to coimbatore . When I reached to jodhpur by bus i learnt that train no. 22475 bkn cbe ac sf has been cancelled on 27 aug 15. I approached to booking clerk. He made reservation on authority of same ticket for 03 sep 15 in same train which was WL. The reservation was not confirmrd hence i got cancelled the ticket but i have not any refund. Please advise how to get my refund back . Thank s Durg singh

  290. Train no 12917 is cancelled on 04/09/2015 i have a confirm e ticket. did i need to file a TDR or IRCTC will refund the money automatically without doing any procedure.
    please guide for the same

  291. My ticket is dated 28 th august irctc does not clear on line that train is running or not my ticket is for bandra to surat so I cancelled my ticket after chart prepaid I also file reason in Tdrso pl reply that I got my tefund?

  292. I have booked Tatkal E Ticket. it is WL 43, can it will confirm till preparation of chart? and if not confirmed what is the process of cancellation after charting. and what about refund???? plz help and guide…!

  293. I am very confused today Gujarat is troubling and i have to go mehsana or my ticket is confirmed but still Situation is not good in Gujarat .so what should i do.
    Should i cancellation my ticket or i have to wait for train cancelled

  294. i booked a confirmed SL class ticket from railway station for 25 sept. 2015. how much (rupee) will be deduct, if cancle it in aug.2015 .

  295. If I want to postpone the date of travel by 3-4 days in the same train and class, is it possible or not . If any extra charges will be applicable?

  296. My brother book a ticket for the train no 11057 from nasik road to patiala start from nasik at 3.25 am on 16/08/2015 but due to some reason the train was cancelled and he comes back to patiala on 18/8/2015 at 7.30 pm by train no 12715 arrived at rajpura at 6.24 now he goes to railway station for ticket cancellation at patiala railway station on 19/8/2015 but they refuses I want to the reason about this and want help from you so that ticket will be cancelled &refund will be done


  298. I have a RAC counter ticket, the journey date is 19th Aug. 23:45.
    And I want to cancelled it. How much they will deducted from total amm.

  299. i have booked irctc eticket. by mistake i click on ” book my ticket only if a alloted birth as per my demand ” so now i want to modify ticket and deselect that.

  300. If ticket is confirmed and train has departed without passenger being travelled
    We have to to file tdr?
    But last time i did not get thr refund

  301. Respected sir
    I would like to know that what will be the refund amount from RAC tickets if I cancelled with in 4 hours to journey
    Please reply me at the earliest

    Dipankar sahoo

  302. I have booked the RAC ticket from hyderabad to bangalore in sleeper class 3 days ago on 8th july so what will be the cancellation charge today

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