IRCTC eWallet Registration 2022

IRCTC eWallet Registration 

IRCTC eWallet is a newly launched scheme by the Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporation. It is a rolling deposit scheme (RDS), where you can deposit the money in your irctc e-wallet and use the wallet to pay for the tickets you book through the online passenger reservation system.

The irctc website has a lot of payment gateway options to pay for your tickets. Now, you can use the IRCTC ewallet as one of the payment options listed on the screen. The irctc ewallet is linked to your irctc user account and tickets can be book quickly than before.

How to Create eWallet in IRCTC

You need a valid IRCTC user account to create the ewallet in IRCTC. There are quite a few limitations and restrictions imposed on registration and usage of IRCTC ewallet.

IRCTC ewallet registration is not available from 8 am to 12 pm.

Requirements to register for IRCTC eWallet

  • PAN Card
  • Debit Card or Net Banking
  • One time registration fee – Rs. 250 /-
  • A valid IRCTC user account

Step by Step IRCTC eWallet Registration Guide


First make IRCTC Registration successfully and get UserName and Password.


Login to the IRCTC site with your USER ID and Password.

IRCTC New Registration


The link appears as per the image below.

IRCTC eWallet


Click the text, ‘Click to Register Now!

You will be redirected to a new screen, asking you to enter the Pan card details.

IRCTC eWallet Scheme
Enter Pan Card Number


Fill the PAN Details and enter the card holder’s name. Once the verification is processed, the following screen will be displayed.

IRCTC eWallet Registration

  • Next, create a transaction password for the E-wallet account.
  • The Ewallet registration fee is non-refundable.
  • Choose a bank from the list of Payment Options.
  • After making the one time deposit, you will receive a pop-up screen providing the message, ‘Successful Registration’ and the user will be logged out.

Depositing amount in the IRCTC eWallet account


Log in again to deposit amount in the eWallet account.

IRCTC eWallet Registration Link


Choose the eWallet category and the screen appear as mentioned above.


Select the amount you would like to deposit, confirm the deposit amount and select the payment option.

You can deposit a minimum of Rs.100 to a maximum of Rs.10000/- in the eWallet account.

NoteDeposits are allowed only in multiples of Rs.100 /- Deposited amount is non-refundable and you have to use it only for booking the train tickets. Once the amount is successfully deposited, you will receive a confirmation message.

In the eWallet navigation, you can check the deposit history, transactions made using the IRCTC eWallet account, etc. Just click on the link eWallet Transaction. Refer below image as the reference.

IRCTC eWallet Deposit History

How to use deposited eWallet money while booking the train ticket

When you book the ticket, you will get an additional payment option, listed along with the existing payment options. The screen will display the deposit balance with the ticket cost. Select the eWallet option and use the deposited money.

After choosing the eWallet option, enter the transaction password and make the payment.

You will be charged Rs.5 per eWallet transaction. You can book the ticket only when the balance of the IRCTC eWallet is more than the cost of the ticket.

If you cancel the ticket through IRCTC eWallet the amount you get in the respective eWallet account, after deduction of the charges as applicable.

IRCTC eWallet for Tatkal

Getting a tatkal ticket booked is like winning a marathon!

As you may know, tatkal tickets are difficult to book and the demand is always huge. Every second (even microsecond) counts when you book tatkal tickets. Thousands of users trying to book the tatkal ticket at the same time. In addition, sometimes, after the money is deducted from your account, the ticket may not be booked. Just imagine when you have only a few tickets left in the tatkal quota, you may not be able to redo everything, as the time ticks faster.

However, booking tickets through IRCTC eWallet is not applicable during Tatkal hours, from 8 am to 12 pm every day. So, you cannot use the eWallet to book the tickets.

However, if you are lucky enough to have a few tickets available for reservation under tatkal quota after 12 pm, you can simply use the ewallet and book the tatkal tickets faster!

IRCTC eWallet to Book your Tickets Faster

Irctc eWallet enables fast booking of the tickets. Using irctc ewallet for tatkal enables booking the tickets faster than others. It reduces the time taken by the irctc site to connect with the external payment partner. After you select the payment mode, irctc will redirect to the respective site and here you will enter the details of your card/bank.

You can deposit the amount in IRCTC eWallet any time, but the total deposited amount should not exceed Rs. 10000/-. There is no validity to using the amount deposited and you can use it anytime. Since the deposit is not refundable, be wary when you deposit the amount.

It may take around 2 or 3 minutes to get the payment confirmation. This difference counts a lot in booking the ticket during peak season. Due to heavy traffic during festival season, it may take more time to connect with the payment gateway.

To avoid these things, you can use the irctc ewallet and get the tickets booked in a few seconds. Take the money from your wallet and pay it to the counter! How easy is that? The same principle applies to when you book tickets using the irctc website.

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