IRCTC Lite Version For Tatkal Launched – Do you know it ?

IRCTC Lite Version For Tatkal

Booking a Tatkal E-Ticket during tatkal hours that is morning 10 am to 12 noon has become very very difficult to take this difficulty into account Indian Railways has launched IRCTC Lite Version.

IRCTC Lite Version

The main reason behind introducing IRCTC Lite Version is making the IRCTC website fast as much as it can be. The IRCTC website always gets very slow during the tatkal time because of unnecessary traffic or other services which are not related to the tatkal reservation. Unnecessary traffic Including Checking the PNR Status of a ticket, Cancelling a Normal IRCTC ticket, Checking train schedule etc. although these IRCTC services are still available during tatkal peak hours but are placed on the different server.

Whenever visitor uses these services during tatkal time then hits the separate server such as traffic or unnecessary traffic (during tatkal only) does not affect the tatkal service performance at all.

The IRCTC Lite Version is effective from morning 9.30 to 12 noon. During IRCTC Lite Version all the internal links in IRCTC website, Google ads, are also removed from the main homepage to make the website very fast.

How many successful tatkal reservation in a day before and after launching the IRCTC Lite Version?

As per Indian Railways senior officers:

When we did not launch the IRCTC Lite version the successful tatkal reservation count was 48000 in first hour of tatkal timing (From 10 am to 11 am) but  now after launching IRCTC Lite version it is increased upto 69000“.

Total count of Tatkal E-Ticket successful reservation from 10 am to 12 pm is also increased from 85000 to 1.08 Lakh per day.

The new IRCTC Lite concept is really proven as very effective and Indians are relying on Tatkal E-Ticket Reservation more compare to window Tatkal ticket.

Is an agent allowed during a tatkal period ?

No, Agent login is also not allowed during a tatkal period after launching IRCTC Lite Version

Agent login is not available during Tatkal period. For Agent cancellation, a separate link is given on the home page.

Moreover, in my transaction section, many options are going to be removed now because any how those are unnecessary traffic but still passenger will have to login into IRCTC website to go ahead as a result it is slowing down the login precess during the tatkal period.

Following options are being removed (only between 10 am to 12 pm):

In the My Transaction/My Profile section-

In the User Profile section-

  • Update profile
  • Master list of passenger
  • Passenger travel list

In the General section-

  • Terms and Conditions
  • TDR procedure

How many problems solved after launching IRCTC Lite Version?

There are many problem which have been solved after this IRCTC Lite concept. Below are the list just have a look!

1. Website SpeedWebsite speed is just awesome now. I am 100% sure you all have noticed it. Previously opening the IRCTC Website during the tatkal period was horrible. But now you try yourself here the website will open within 5 secs.

2. Tatkal Booking Success Rate: Previously during Tatkal ticket booking time the success rate of the booked ticket were 49% only but after IRCTC Lite version concept the success rate has been increased upto 90%.

3. 60,000 to 150,000 Tickets Per HourPreviously only 60k Normal tickets booking were getting booked through IRCTC website but after IRCTC Lite version it has been increased to 1.5Lakh tickets per hour. This just doubled the IRCTC funding without affecting user experience.

4. IRCTC Adsense Revenue: You might have noticed that previously IRCTC were not displaying any ads on their website because Ad usually contains a java script and render on the browser when the page gets the load as a result it slows down the page speed.

After IRCTC Lite version they included the Ads on their website and increased their revenue by 7 Lakh approx. per day. Yes, adsense income from IRCTC website is around 7.5 Lakh per day. Please have a look at this link to know more.

Here is the screenshot of some IRCTC website details:

IRCTC Lite version for tatkal

5. Concurrent PurchasesIRCTC can handle more than 2,00,000 concurrent transaction every seconds without impacting user experience. Concurrent transaction means simultaneously 2,00,000 tickets can be booked at every second.

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