How to do IRCTC Registration For NRI or Foreigners

IRCTC Registration for NRI or Foreigners

Here is your simple guide on IRCTC registration for NRI, IRCTC is now a part and parcel of Indians, nestled with lives of the people as a major mode of travel. Train travelling is easy, fun, and comfortable than other modes of travelling. Serving millions of user every day, the vast network of Indian Railways has become an indispensable part of life. Booking train tickets through IRCTC portal has come a long way. A foreigner who visits India or NRIs who plan for a few weeks’ stay in India would definitely like to use IRCTC.

How can NRIs make use of IRCTC services? Any individual, whether an Indian or an American should be a registered member of IRCTC website to use the website.

How to Register as an NRI with IRCTC? Here You Go.

  • Step1Open the website and choose the Sign UP button. The sign-up page is very straight and clear.
  • You will be directed to the registration page. Fill up all details required. 
  • Step2Choose unique username. It will prevent you from making repeated changes. So, don’t make your name as username.
  • Step3Select a security question and answer the question. You will have to answer the question to change a password.
  • Step4Enter the first name, last name, gender, date of birth and other details as available in your Passport. Don’t forget, the passport is crucial! Your Passport is an important document / documentary evidence essential to register with IRCTC as NRI. Of course, you can register without the passport, but you cannot verify your account and use it for booking.

Filling the registration form is very straightforward and you may get confused when it comes to a mobile number. Until this step, you don’t have to worry and even I thought it is too clear! Here comes our major trouble as NRIs!

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1) If you have a local mobile number (Indian Mobile Number)

Just go with it. Very simple.. Enter your local mobile number and you will receive the verification code in the mobile number and just like that get your New IRCTC account verified in a jiffy with no hassles!

You don’t need to check this page at all. I’m sharing this to enable NRIs to register with IRCTC with ease.

Please refer this article to do new IRCTC Registration

2) If you don’t have a local mobile number, IRCTC gave us an option! (Foreign Mobile Number)

Use your international mobile number in place ENTER MOBILE NUMBER. I meant your mobile number (the non-Indian number), you use abroad and it need not be an international roaming number. Don’t add the country code, (IRCTC already has it and it defaults +91). Just enter the mobile number in the given space. 

So, IRCTC does not send verification message with the code number to verify your mobile number.

I’m stopping it here and let’s talk about other things and proceed to complete the registration process.

Similarly, when it comes to Zip code, IRCTC system does not accept alphabets in the space allocated for zip code. The country where I lived (India) has 5 digits and IRCTC doesn’t accept more than 5 digit codes. So, you can enter the zip code of the respective area you live or enter any random number such as ‘548876’. You have ultimate freedom to choose your pin code and but make sure it is 6 digits and has only numbers. 

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What’s Next? Verification of the Account:

Soon after filling the details, you will receive a confirmation mail from IRCTC, which has the USER name, password (randomly created by IRCTC), and your activation link.

IRCTC Registration Confirmation

You should have a valid email ID to receive the verification numbers and acknowledgement mail.

Please follow below two steps to proceed:

  • Open the activation link received in your email and activate your account.

IRCTC Registration for NRI or Foreigners

  • You will subsequently receive the verification code in your mobile number, only if you have a local mobile number. Yet, you need the mobile verification code to complete the registration process and activate your account.

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In my case when I visited India I sent an email to IRCTC customer care enquiring about the provisions involved in verification of mobile number or asked for the alternative suggestions to activate my account (I sent it as a general enquiry). Here is the reply from IRCTC, I received in a few hours of sending my email.

IRCTC Registration for Non Residential Indian

So, you will receive the verification code only if you send the passport copy to IRCTC.

Write a mail to IRCTC customer care –, detailing your USER ID, registration details, a scanned copy of your passport and from the email ID registered with IRCTC, requesting for verification code of mobile number. You will receive a mail from IRCTC in a few days (2 to 5 days) carrying the verification code of your mobile number.

Once you receive the verification code, enter the code and click submit button. Your account will be activated with immediate effect. You are now a registered IRCTC user and can use IRCTC to book tickets.

If you still have any other queries, don’t hesitate to post your question in Complain and Suggestion page for further help.

So i guess now it’s clear that “How to do IRCTC Registration For NRI ”  Please let me know that did you be able to register successfully in IRCTC as NRI?

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  1. I have made account in IRCTC with NRI mobile number and paid 100 INR as fees
    I verified my email id but I could Not verify my mobile as could not receive OTP . I emailed ircc customer care as well called them
    On phone they disconnected
    In emails they are saying they have sent OTP but I dd not receive OTP
    I consulted my network operators but no issues from their side. Following are my IRCTC TICKET ID-4262958,4271732,4353470.4329580
    There are many Id s

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