IRCTC Travel Insurance Policy – Benefits, Features, Coverage

IRCTC Travel Insurance Premium Policy– Introduction

There is an optional facility introduced by the railways especially for train passengers. This type of insurance started from September so that the train passengers who are booking their tickets online on the IRCTC website can select the IRCTC travel insurance option during booking the tickets with a premium of just Rs.1. Railway passengers must have to pay a premium for the policy. But, this premium is less than Rs.10 per ticket.

The Railway official added that a tender will be floated soon to take on board three insurance companies for this scheme. “The Railway Board has given the approval for IRCTC travel insurance tender,” said the official.

IRCTC Travel Insurance Policy-min

An insurance premium is the amount of money that a train passenger should pay for the IRCTC travel insurance policy. IRCTC Travel insurance premium is taken into consideration as an income by the insurance company once earned by it and also represents as a liability for the passenger that gives coverage for the claims that are being made by him against the policy.

The scheme of IRCTC Travel Insurance offers train passengers with a compensation of Rs.10 lakh in case of some permanent disability or even death.

IRCTC Travel Insurance

There is a classification in which Rs.7.5 lakh has been provided to people with partial permanent disability, Rs.2 lakh for hospital-based expenses and Rs.10000 for transportation purposes that happens due to some train accidents like death or injury during the train journey and unexpected incidents on train including attacks by the terrorists, robbing, shooting on the person, etc.

IRCTC Travel Insurance Nomination-min

Train Accident Means:

(a) When in the course of working a railway , an accident occurs, being either a collision between trains of which one is a train, carrying passengers or the derailment of or other accident to a train or any part of a train carrying the passenger.

(b) When in the course of working a railway an untoward incident occurs, in the train carrying passengers (any part of the train) or at the actual departure from the originating station to the actual arrival of the train at the destination station.

The insurance is uniform for all classes and available with the help of checkbox at e-ticket booking. It comes into the way when train begins from the station’s origin and reaches its destination.

Features and Benefits of IRCTC Travel Insurance

The travel insurance facility is very beneficial for the railway passengers for the following reasons:

  1. The premium IRCTC travel insurance policy is available only for those passengers doing online booking only. There is a possibility of extending of a scheme for passengers buying tickets through counters also.
  2. It is an optional insurance scheme. So passengers who are not interested in taking the insurance are eager to select such scheme.
  3. This is the testing period for this scheme and this period will last for one year.
  4. This insurance scheme is available for all kinds of classes.
  5. For the purpose of getting benefits from this insurance, the online booking should be done from the official IRCTC website only.
  6. Also, the IRCTC insurance has very low premium.
  7. If multiple tickets have been booked under only for one PNR, then this insurance will cover all the train passengers.
  8. If tickets have been canceled for any reason, the refund of premium is not easily possible as now.
  9. The insurance premium depends on the distance between the origin station and the destination station and also duration of the journey also matters.

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Applying Process for IRCTC Travel Insurance – 

For applying in Indian Railway Insurance scheme, the train passengers must to visit the official IRCTC website and follow the steps:

  • Log into the official website of IRCTC.
  • Then, proceed your online ticket booking as you always do.
  • After finishing of filling of the form, select a new option of Travel Insurance which is in the form of the checkbox. If you want travel insurance facility, you can mark a check on it.
  • If you are interested in taking the insurance scheme, then select “YES” for taking Travel Insurance policy. The website now will give you prompt for accepting the terms and conditions. You can agree to the terms and conditions through acceptation.
  • Once all terms and conditions have been accepted, the premium amount will automatically reflect your ticket amount total.
  • After all, you can now proceed in making the payment.
  • When the ticket has been confirmed, the train passenger receives a message in the form of SMS or Email for the confirmation of his insurance. The insurance company now is now sending an SMS of this insurance containing the policy number having a link.

Below IRCTC Travel Insurance Copy You Will Get from ShriRam Pvt LTD

ICRTC Travel Insurance Policy Example

  • Using this link, the details of the nominees are easily updated in case of any mishap happens occurred during a train journey.
  • If passenger failed to fill up the information of the nominee, then insurance scheme will automatically take all its legal rights or guarantees.
  • Passengers can easily get the insurance and policy details which are at the booked tickets history pages available on the official IRCTC website.


Covering from IRCTC Travel Insurance

  1. All Indian Railways passengers of any class are covered.
  2. Passengers who are of 5 years or above 5 years also being covered.
  3. Vikalp trains are also coming under consideration. Short termination and divert routes are also covered. So, if any person who is injured chooses some another transport for traveling, then insurance covers him. However, Indian Railways are responsible for the arrangement of alternate transport.
  4. In the case of a death or permanent disability of a person, the insurance can be claimed or Rs.10 lakhs.
  5. In a case of the permanent disability but it is partial, the insurance can be claimed up to Rs.7.5 lakhs.
  6. In cases where a train meeting an accident, so a claim of Rs.2 lakhs has been given to a person for hospitalization purposes.
  7. For the transportation of remaining the mortal, the insurance claim is up to Rs.1000.
  8. For the claiming purposes and other further proceedings to happen smoothly, the insurance can be claimed is covered by the nominee within a duration of 4 months.
  9. The insurance company is responsible for sending claim money by cheque to the nominee within 15 days after a claim is made.


Exclusions in the IRCTC Travel Insurance

There are some elimination rules in IRCTC Travel Insurance that train passengers must have to be known:

  1. Suburban train passengers are not applicable for the travel insurance.
  2. The online tickets that are confirmed are allowed to come under the insurance where other tickets have not been covered.
  3. Children who are below 5 years are also not come under the travel insurance policy.
  4. Also, the foreign passengers are not applicable to apply for travel insurance scheme.


Claims Procedure & Documentation

(i) The Insured or his nominee or legal heir shall deliver to the nearest office of the Insurance Company, not later than 4 months from the date of occurrence of the Insured Event, a detailed statement in writing as per the claim form and any other material particular, relevant to the making of such claim. The Insured or his nominee or legal heir shall tender to the Insurance Company all reasonable information, assistance, and proofs in connection with any claim hereunder.

(ii) Proof in accordance with the policy details shall be furnished to the Insurance Company in connection with all matters upon which a claim is based.

Documentation required:
In case of Death Claim: Submit the duly filled in claim form signed by nominee/legal heir along with the NEFT mandate details and canceled cheque with the following documents:

• Report of the Railway Authority confirming the accident of the train or untoward incident
• Report of the Railway Authority carrying the details of the passengers declared dead.
• Duly Completed Personal Accident Claim Form signed by Nominee / Legal Heir along with the NEFT mandate details & canceled cheque
• Photo identity proof of nominee
• For Death Claims, claim will be settled only to nominee declared at the time of buying insurance through IRCTC portal
• In absence of nominee, claim will be paid to Legal Heir only – as per Legal Heir / Succession Certificate


Future Enhancements in IRCTC Travel Insurance

  • Nowadays, the IRCTC travel insurance is available for only online booking tickets. So, people who do online ticket booking can only take the benefits of this insurance. The passengers who make a sudden plan for traveling in trains are not able to cover. Hence, this Indian Railway insurance policy will very soon cover offline passengers also.
  • The insurance scheme is not so flexible. So, some insurance companies taking provisions in order to increase insurance amount.
  • The maximum cover from this insurance is up to 10 lakhs which may reach up to Rs.50 lakhs depending on the success of IRCTC Travel Insurance policy.
  • The baggage has not covered in this insurance. So, a government will also include the baggage very soon.

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