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AMZL Sr. Road Safety Manager, AMZL Japan


At Amazon, we are making improvements and reforms every day based on our mission of becoming the most customer-centric company on the planet.

This position is responsible for the most important “safety” in road transportation and delivery from the final delivery base Delivery Station (DS), which plays an important role in Amazon Logistics (AMZL), Amazon’s delivery division, to the customer’s hand. You will lead the way and contribute to ensuring the delivery of products to each and every customer.

AMZL Central Safety provides a safe and secure environment for all people who work at Amazon’s distribution bases and inter-base transportation. This position will work with related departments to detect risks related to natural disasters and operations that occur on road transportation and delivery destinations, introduce preventive and corrective measures, and implement accident prevention and reduction plans. Additionally, by promoting standardization, we will deploy more effective and efficient methods to our domestic and international networks.

Specifically, you will raise the overall safety level through a variety of health and safety promotion activities in road transportation and delivery, including the creation and implementation of annual safe transportation management plans, risk assessments, driver education, and audits.

Amazon values ​​the field above all else, so we are required to lead safety in a way that is not just a desk job, by demonstrating high field capabilities based on safety skills.

Furthermore, as building a collaborative system with internal and external partners is an important part of the job, we are looking for applicants who have not only safety skills, but also excellent business etiquette and the ability to build partnerships with a high level of communication. Doing.

Key job responsibilities

(1) Drafting and executing an annual plan for health and safety goals for road transport and delivery operations from DS (

2) Collecting information when an accident occurs, investigating the cause, planning corrective measures, and creating a report (

3) Expanding Amazon Global Policy in Japan and procedural manuals related to safety in Japan Preparation ,

introduction, maintenance and safety activity support . work. (2) Face-to-face group communication will be held at the Amazon office (location can be negotiated) about once a week. (3) Visit Amazon facilities in Japan, cooperating companies, and accident locations on a business trip level multiple times a month. (4) Overseas business trips are available for the purpose of global collaboration About the team

We are open to hiring candidates to work out of one of the following locations:

Tokyo, JPN


1: 3 years or more as a full-time employee EHS management mainly safety management or similar experience (regardless of industry).

2: Experience in on-site safety guidance and introduction of safety measures

3: EHS-related risk assessment, accident cause investigation and introduction of corrective measures, EHS-related legal compliance audit experience

4: Business-level Japanese proficiency (creation and reading of business documents, 5: Business

level English ability (able to create and read business documents, manage meetings)

PREFERRED QUALIFICATIONS・Experience in implementing and maintaining ISO45001/39001
・Knowledge of domestic EHS-related laws
・Experience in traffic safety-related work
・Experience in standardizing and implementing requirements based on legal and internal regulations
・Detecting issues by yourself and solving them The ability to work with the cooperation of those around you,
have the skills, sense of speed, and teamwork ability to move people around you, excel at multitasking, prioritize by yourself, and carry out work efficiently
. Skills in explaining using data
– Coordination ability to consider workplace priorities, realistically plan countermeasures, coordinate with necessary personnel, and implement them
– Contribution to an inclusive culture and a diverse group Be positive about working at
・Leadership, ownership, and a willingness to learn and master new things
・Ability to remain calm under pressure and in emergencies

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