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Warehouse quality control staff


We investigate the cause of problems (wrong product, damage, etc.) that occur during the product arrival and shipping process at the distribution base, and perform system processing so that the product can be received and shipped in a normal state.

This is an essential job to support Amazon’s logistics infrastructure and deliver products to customers quickly.

In addition, this occupation uses a personal computer on a daily basis. (Tools used: Amazon’s logistics management system, Microsoft Outlook, Word, Excel, etc.)

[Role/Work Details]

Work to solve problems that occur during receiving and shipping, and work to improve operations with the aim of making the process safer and more efficient.

For example, if a product is found to be damaged during shipping, we will process the system so that a replacement can be prepared and arrange for the product to be shipped within the deadline.

In addition, while coordinating with multiple members, the work content differs for each assigned process, such as managing the arrival schedule of delivery trucks and ordering packing materials. We will work to prevent delivery delays and deliver products on time.

* Depending on the situation, actual work such as inspection, shelving, picking, and packing may occur.

* Due to the nature of the work, this is a job that requires a lot of standing and walking.

*One person may handle a heavy object of up to 15 kg.

*In addition to the above, you may be responsible for other tasks such as inventory management and return processing. Details of the work will be sent to you before the selection process, so please check it.

*The department to which you will be assigned will be determined by the company. We cannot accept requests from departments.

【Work environment】

・Amazon conducts business with the safety of its employees as its top priority. We have safety rules within our company, which we ask you to abide by. (For example, do not run on the premises, talk to workers when passing

behind them, work in clothes that consider safety, etc.)

You need to communicate.

・Although the office is fully air-conditioned, there are times when the work is carried out in an environment exposed to the outside air when loading and unloading luggage.

*At Amazon, we are implementing measures to protect all our staff and customers during the spread of the new coronavirus infection.

[Working hours]

40 hours a week (shift work based on a monthly variable working hours system)

* Shifts are determined by the company, including weekends, holidays, and night shifts (fixed shifts are not possible)

[Other matters]

・ Amazon is diverse and inclusive We aim to create a workplace. Amazon complies with the Equal Employment Opportunity Act.

We provide equal employment opportunities without discrimination based on race, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, disability, age, or other attributes.

If you have a disability, please see below.

・Please refer to the link below for information on measures to prevent passive smoking in workplaces.

We are open to hiring candidates to work out of one of the following locations:

Daito, 27, JPN


・High school graduate or 3 years or more of working experience, students not allowed                                                                        

・Business-level Japanese ability                                                                           

・Experience operating keyboards using computers, tablets, smartphones, etc. (experience in school life or private life is possible, and can enter characters) possible level)

PREFERRED QUALIFICATIONS・Be positive about contributing to an inclusive culture and working in a diverse group

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