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Warehouse quality control staff (leader)


We will entrust you with various operations to improve safety, quality and productivity in the receiving and shipping process at the logistics base.
This is an essential job to support Amazon’s logistics infrastructure and deliver products to customers quickly.
In addition, this occupation uses a personal computer on a daily basis. (Tools used: Amazon’s logistics management system, Microsoft Outlook, Word, Excel, etc.)

[Role/Work details]
You will be entrusted with various tasks to improve safety, quality, and productivity in the receiving and shipping process.
As part of our normal work, we investigate the causes of problems (such as product damage) that occur during the receiving and shipping process, and perform system processing to ensure that the goods are received and shipped in a normal state.
In addition, we will periodically submit improvement proposals and propose and implement measures to improve work efficiency in the process.
In addition, although the scope of work entrusted to them differs depending on the location, they may be responsible for supporting multiple contract employees. Specifically, you will be entrusted with various tasks to ensure smooth team management, such as responding to reports and consultations from team members, conducting training for new employees, and confirming and reporting on work progress.
* Depending on the business situation, actual work such as inspection, shelving, picking, and packing may occur.
* Due to the nature of the work, this is a job that requires a lot of standing and walking.
*One person may handle a heavy object of up to 15 kg.
*In addition to the above, you may be responsible for other tasks such as inventory management and return processing.
*Department will be determined by the company. I cannot grant your wish.

【Work environment】
・Amazon is working to put the safety of its employees first. The company has safety rules that must be followed.
(For example, do not run on the premises, talk to workers when passing behind them, work in clothes that consider safety, etc.
) We need to communicate.
Although it is fully air-conditioned, there are times when we are working in an environment where we are exposed to the outside air when loading and unloading packages.
・We are taking measures against the new coronavirus.
We provide a safe and secure work environment by thoroughly ensuring social distance (2m), wearing masks, and taking temperature measurements.
Please see the link below for details.

[Working hours]
40 hours a week (shift work based on monthly variable working hours system)
*Shifts are determined by the company, including weekends and holidays and night shifts (Fixed shifts are not allowed)

[Career after joining the company]
There is a chance to step up to a full-time employee in the future.
There is an evaluation twice a year, and the evaluation is not based on the length of service, but on work performance (work quality, productivity, improvement proposals, etc.).
Opportunities for career development will expand by not only engaging in daily work, but also proactively working on proposing and implementing work improvement.

[Other Matters]
・Amazon strives to create a diverse and inclusive workplace. Amazon complies with the Equal Employment Opportunity Act.
We provide equal recruitment opportunities without discrimination based on race, country of origin, gender, sexual orientation, disability, age, or other attributes.
If you have a disability, please see below.

・Please see below for information on measures to prevent passive smoking in workplaces.


・High school graduate or 3 years or more working experience, no students
・Business-level Japanese ability
・Experience operating a keyboard using a computer, tablet terminal, smartphone, etc. Possible level)・Experience teaching others work or experience as a team coordinator for more than half a year (content and scale do not matter)・Work efficiency improvement and work experience (content and scale
no matter)


・Experience using Microsoft Excel (understands basic arithmetic functions)
・Be positive about contributing to an inclusive culture and working in a diverse group

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