Gorakhpur Fertilizer Vacancy 2023

Asian Fertilizers Ltd

Production Supervisor

About Organization

  • We are a focused, innovative corporation having core competency in the area of sulphuric acid and fertilizers.
  • Our growth has been empowered with steadfast and distinctive adherence to business ethics, transparent governance, and commitment to the highest standards of social responsibility.
  • Today, we touch the lives of hundreds of people by serving our customers in the areas of agriculture, chemicals and fertilizers industries, power generation industries, and many more to name.
  • While we are amongst the top three largest manufacturers of single super phosphate in Uttar Pradesh and top the list in the northeastern part of the country. Embracing the virtues of integrity, excellence, and commitment, we move ahead to take on the opportunities and challenges offered by the future.
  • We are geared to transform into a truly global enterprise through a prudent mix of technical innovation and exceptional customer service delivery.
  • Our commitment to excellence and strong corporate governance guides us in this endeavor, as we look ahead at powerful growth and building a socially equitable, sustainable future.

What To Expect

We believe that our culture is an interesting fusion of shared philosophies, ideologies, values, assumptions, beliefs, expectations, attitudes, and norms. The freedom, informality, and interplay enjoyed by people allow them to get the best out of themselves and be super-achievers.

At Asian Fertilizers, All Employees Can Expect:-

  • Productive and enthusiastic work culture.
  • Effective work practices and flexible arrangement of work.
  • Ongoing training and development programs to prepare employees for new technologies and higher levels of operation.
  • High level of motivation and engagement in the organization.
  • Interaction with the employees regarding systems, rules, and procedures, focusing on results rather than procedures.


Our values are a declaration of our core beliefs and the defining features of a culture that nurtures achievement. Our endeavors reflect the inspiration that comes from these values, which further ensure that we act in unison as a cohesive entity.

  • We value respect for every individual irrespective of his organizational hierarchy.
  • We value integrity in our business conduct.
  • We value open, honest, and caring communication.
  • We value quality in everything we do, to achieve excellence.
  • We value effective interpersonal relationships, teamwork, and collaboration.
  • We value effective interpersonal relationships, teamwork, and collaboration.
  • We value our ability to create and exceed high market expectations.
  • We value an entrepreneurial mindset that encourages innovation, creativity, and risk-taking at all levels.

Growth Options

We believe that our business growth is a result of the multi-dimensional development of individuals & teams. We achieve this by focusing on our streams of competence that embrace a judicious mix of technology, strategy, research, and design. We organize our abilities and map the way forward, bringing together our people to create new possibilities for the future.

We offer exciting career growth for professionals. We offer a playground of opportunities and projects that not only nurture talent but also create challenges that take them ahead, professionally. Our training programs are planned and structured to give a positive impetus to the same. Besides, we also offer a competitive compensation structure; in tune with the current market trends and reward the super performers with annual performance-linked incentives.

Providing Further Sustains Our Growth Options

  • Equal opportunities
  • Competitive compensation in the industry and region.
  • Liberal perks such as housing and medical care.
  • Training facilities
  • A unique work culture marked by openness, informality, and a genuine concern for people.
  • Challenges and job satisfaction
  • Faster career growth for super performers.

Performance Management

The Performance Management System is a Key Result Area established and aims to:

  • Provide employees with a sense of their work accomplishments relative to expectations and predefined. Performance indicators.
  • Support employee development through discussion of assigned opportunities and training.
  • Emphasize the Company’s commitment to continuous improvement and learning and development.
  • Encourage an appropriate relationship between pay levels and work performance

Compensation System

We offer highly competitive compensation programs to our employees, which have been planned and structured with a unique approach. Our compensation programs support flexible and adaptable small-company environments that are fundamental to our business strategy.

The components of our compensation programs vary across our regions and affiliate companies, as each affiliate customizes performance targets and compensation structures to suit its specific business goals. At the same time, we have common guidelines to ensure equity across our diverse businesses and facilitate the movement of talent from one business/location to another.

Training And Development

Training plays a vital role in an individual’s growth. We passionately develop our training programs having a strong foundation in the identification of business needs and a disciplined framework. We have developed an all-embracing Performance Management System, which empowers our vision and assists our efforts with a focused approach.

Our Performance Management System aligns our approach from multi-dimensional goals towards our core objectives like:

  • Providing our employees with a sense of professional accomplishment, relative to expectations and predefined performance indicators.
  • Empowering employee development through discussions on assigned opportunities and training.
  • Understanding the company’s commitment to continual improvement through consistent learning & development.
  • Encouraging a healthy balance between pay and work performance.
  • Communicating with our employees at all levels.

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