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[Technical Position] AWS Cloud Support Engineer


This is a position for new graduates

Would you like to work as an engineer for AWS cloud services?

The AWS Support Engineering Team (former organization name: Premium Support) is looking for a cloud support engineer to provide technical support to customers using AWS cloud services.

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What is a cloud support engineer? The job of a cloud support engineer is to “help customers innovate with their technical capabilities”. It is an environment where you can continue to learn naturally because you can be involved in various use cases of various customers through daily inquiries. Another important job is to provide feedback to the service development team on issues and improvements in her AWS services that can be seen from customer inquiries. In addition, he also conducts educational activities for Cloud and her AWS, such as giving presentations and making presentations at events such as AWS re: Invent.
It is a job that allows you to form various careers as a leading expert in AWS cloud technology.

Our support engineering team provides technical support in Japanese 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Web forms, phone calls, and chats are available as means of inquiry. The Japanese language support team has bases overseas, and multiple people cover each time zone, so there is no need to work at night. In addition, even if we receive an urgent inquiry just before the end of the day, we have a system in place to hand it over to the next base, so it is an environment that makes it easy to achieve work-life harmony.

Also on the support engineering team, he employs CBWS (Choice-Based Workspaces). Cloud support engineers can work in a combination of telecommuting and office work, or can work only by telecommuting, so even those who live far away from the office can find employment and work.

About the profile system

The support engineering team divides more than 200 services into 10 technical fields (profiles) and handles them as a team. Below is a list of profiles and their main areas of responsibility.

* Analytics : Data analysis, data loading, data visualization
* BigData : Big data, machine learning, blockchain
* Database : Database engine, database infrastructure, database management
* Deployment : Container, developer tools
* DMS (Development and Mobile Services) : Server Web and Mobile, IoT, Customer Engagement
* Linux : Computing (Linux), Migration
* Networking : Network Foundation, Edge Network, Hybrid Connectivity, Network Security
* SCD (Storage and Content Delivery) : Storage, Content Delivery, Media Service
* Security : Security, Identity, Compliance
* Windows: Computing (Windows), AD, Business Application

Regarding the team to which this position will be assigned, we will propose the most suitable team according to your own aptitude and customer needs.

Motivation to be a cloud support engineer

・You can see behind the scenes of the cloud (you can also see the source code)
・You can use AWS services freely
・You can make use of your various experiences and knowledge
・Around the world You can grow at a rapid pace while interacting with outstanding engineers who are active.・Work efficiently in an environment where employees support each other.・It is easy to maintain a work-life balance.
・”Thank you” from customers directly. What kind of person would you like to challenge to be motivated to be able to do it?

Important skills for cloud support engineers are technical skills and communication skills.

However, for this position, it is more important that you like technology and love learning than your current technical skills. Technical curiosity and inquisitiveness are the most important mindsets for his ever-evolving AWS service support engineer. The cloud support engineer can freely use her AWS environment for self-study and verification. Support Engineering has a comprehensive training system, so even those who have never touched a cloud environment or experienced technical support can work with peace of mind.

Communication skills are also important. This is because the most important job of a cloud support engineer is to listen to the voice of the customer, comprehensively understand the other party’s needs, accurately convey the answer according to that, and solve the problem while staying close to the customer.

There are also opportunities to use English while providing Japanese language support. Depending on the situation, we may collaborate with overseas support teams and development/operation teams, and at that time communication will be in English. English reading and writing skills are required as the communication will be based on texts. In-house translation tools are available. You can choose either Tokyo, Osaka, or telecommuting

for your work location. Even if you choose Tokyo or Osaka, you can work in a way that combines office work and telecommuting. Also, if you wish, some of you can work for her AWS Ireland employee and she can work for the Japanese support team in Dublin. (Details will be announced after the job offer.)

We look forward to your application for AWS support, where you can be directly involved in the big transformation in the IT industry called the cloud and contribute widely to society.
Amazon is committed to a diverse and inclusive workplace. employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, national origin, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, age, or other legally protected status. For individuals with disabilities who would like to request an interpreter or any support on-site, please inform our team.


*Those who are planning to acquire a bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral degree *Those who
*Japanese native level *Interviews and workshops will be conducted in Japanese


* Basic knowledge of computer science such as network, database, security, OS * Ability to
catch up on technical areas such as web applications, DevOps, Big data, containers, machine learning

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