Job Opportunities in South Korea for Indian Girl

Chengdu Chujiangxin Technology Co., Ltd.

Sales consultant weekend

The position comes from Zhaopin Recruitment.

Job Responsibilities:

1. [The company provides precise customer resources], negotiate with customers on demand, and complete the monthly sales tasks;

2. Customer relationship management and maintenance, establish a good customer relationship with customers, establish the company’s reputation and Win the trust of customers;

3. Maintain the cooperative relationship with customers, tap the potential of customers, and actively promote new openings and referrals of old customers.

Job Requirements:

1. Love the sales position, have a good ability to resist pressure, and want to develop in a powerful platform in the long run; 2.

Quick thinking, have good communication and expression skills;

3. Positive values, have a good sense of service, Team spirit;

Salary treatment:

1. Basic salary + performance commission

2. No need to find customers yourself, the company obtains accurate customer resources through promotion channels], high quality, high transaction rate, easy to complete orders, and stable income;

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