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Apprenticeship – Junior Technology Cyber ​​Security Analyst

Position Purpose:

The Cybersecurity Officer is responsible for:

  • Participating in the definition and implementation of the IT security strategy and policies under the coordination of Cybersecurity leader
  • Ensuring Cybersecurity compliance of IT Operations across all regions with the business requirements
  • Controlling and reporting permanently the IT operations activities compliance based on the related security requirements
  • Connecting with local regulations and overseeing the data protection within the organization
  • Cybersecurity communication, leading investigations and audits, awareness training for all PR employees
  • Analyzing permanently risks and reporting to the Head of Cybersecurity
  • Providing cybers security technical support Level 2/Level 3

The main responsibilities are:

IT Operations security policies, standards and procedures

  • Contributing to the global security strategy and policies definition and implementation
  • Overseeing and controlling the information security policy and data protection policy implementation
  • Contributing to the definition and implementation of Business Continuity Plan and Disaster Recovery Plan by collaborating with other stakeholders within IT Operations and Business
  • Ensuring the alignment between the defined procedures and security management tools and the security & objectives
  • Contributing to the communication of security policies, standards and procedures of IT Operations to internal and external stakeholders
Security compliance control and reporting
  • Analyzing SOC reporting for compliance monitoring and bringing recommendations or alarming top management about IT security flaws
  • Rolling out IT Operations security risk evaluation and impacts analysis
  • Raising alarms to Cybersecurity leader, management team and related business/subsidiaries whereas a severe incident impacting the IT security is detected
  • Reporting to the Cybersecurity leader and the Group Security Steering Committee the status of the security maturity with action plan or remediation plan
  • Contributing to internal and external audits
Coordination and IT security monitoring
  • Coordinating and following up remediation plans implementation with key indicators
  • Participating in the internal and external events related to the information security
Connection with local Cybersecurity policies, requirements and regulations
  • Understanding the local cybersecurity policies, requirements and regulations about security, data protection and data privacy regulations
  • Ensuring the cybersecurity compliance of IT Operations with the local requirement
Communication, training & awareness
  • Responsible for the IT Operations security communication content preparation, validation and distribution to all stakeholders (internal and external)
  • Ensuring the definition and roll out of communication and awareness training plan/program towards all PR employees and their consistency
Technology watching
  • Following up security evolutions, major trends and best practices on technology, solutions and regulations
  • Working closely with security vendors on new types of cyber-crime or computer viruses to help the IT Operations keep the security systems up to date closely with security vendors on new types of cyber-crime or computer viruses to help the IT Operations keep the security systems up todate
Cyber ​​security technical support
  • Contributing to critical incidents, crisis management and mitigation plans
  • Providing technical support Level 2/Level 3
The required profile is:
  • Education required: BAC+5 (engineering or business school / university specialized in information security and/or telecom, information system and network security, security, information encryption and coding, …)
Experience / Background:
  • 5 + years of experience in a related area
  • Must have experience dealing with various levels within company
  • Proven track record of institutionalizing leading-practice methodologies and processes

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