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B.A.M. Works

Work at piglets farm

Municipality of Oirschot
€10,86 gross/hour
NL contract
The main duty will be to help supervisor with weaning the piglets. Part of your duties will be also nursing piglets: feeding, cleaning pig stables, care for sick piglets etc.
You will work at two locations – one is pig farm with sows (Wednesdays) and second is at another pig farm, where You will work with all around tasks. You need to be able to travel between this two locations.

We Offer

    • Employment with stable work and Dutch contract at the company BAM Works B.V.
    • Your salary will be build up from the following amounts:
    • Salary of €10,86 gross per hour
    • Weekly payment in euro’s
    • Deduction for health insurance: €30,66 per week
    • Rent of living location: € 87,50 per week


    • all-around tasks at pig farm
    • help with weaning the piglets
    • nursing piglets


Works starts at 08.00 and ends 17.00.

What Do We Expect From You?

    • Experience in work with pigs or motivation to learn
    • Positive attitude toward work
    • flexibility and adaptability
    • Basic English or German language or motivation to learn Dutch
    • Driving license B
    • Certificate of Good Conduct

Living Location

    • comfortable room
    • fully-equipped kitchen
    • toilets + showers
    • washing machine and dryer
    • free WiFi Internet
    • bicycle (with 50€ deposit)
We provide a bike standard at our living locations (with €50 deposit). This with the purpose of traveling to work, but also to use in your private time to visit shops. In case the distance between work and living location will be more then 8km, we will provide different transportation.


Work-Living location transport

This will be by company car, you need to drive by yourself.

Transport NL-PL and PL-NL

Travels from and to your home country are for costs of the employee, we can make a reservation for a place in one of our buses or book a plane ticket for you, the costs of this travel will be deducted from your salary. In case of flights to Eindhoven airport, we can arrange transport to and from the airport. These transports to and from the airport can be for free in the weekend if we have option to make a combination trip.

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