Farm Worker Jobs in Germany

German agricultural enterprises

Farm worker in Germany

Organization: German agricultural enterprises (mechanized and automated dairy farms) in different regions of Germany require personnel with basic knowledge of German or English and not a lot of experience on farms up to 45 years.

Conditions: Salary 8 € per hour net, from 174 – to 260 hours per month (monthly salary averages 1.600 € after tax withdrawal), accommodation costs about 150 € per month, individual weekends by agreement with the farmer (at least one day off per week), meals at their own expense. The worker lives in the farm, one room, bathroom and kitchen is shared with 1/2 of the farm workers. In cases where the housing is not on the farm, the employer provides a bicycle or a car, the maximum distance is 1-2 km from the workplace.

Job responsibilities include: cow care, feeding, milking animals, connecting milking machines, cleaning the milking machine, managing herd, breeding and milk production, hygiene and disinfection of stables, animal hygiene, animal health monitoring.
In Germany, you are offered a free accompanying service for all questions during your work stay.

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