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Graphic Designer

Job Description:

Parsons is looking for an amazingly talented Graphic Designer to join our team! In this role you will get to work on Proposals, will design and produce reproduction ready and internet formatted graphics that may include project updates, meeting notifications, presentations, charts, tables, sketches, posters and signs. Your ability to convey purpose and intent of buildings concepts via graphic representation, as well as a professional and respectful demeanor will be keys to your success.

What You’ll Be Doing:

  • Designs and prepares moderately-complex art and copy layouts, applying established standards and formats from the Company’s style manual.
  • Works directly with the Technical Writers/Editors and/or the authors/requestors to review artwork, text, and other materials submitted for inclusion in assigned documents.
  • May recommend improvements for accuracy of expression, clarity, and consistency with Company style.
  • Designs and produces reproduction-ready visual graphics, including newsletters, brochures, flyers, slides, charts, plots, diagrams, tables, sketches, isometrics, viewgraphs, posters, signs, and certificates.
  • Modifies existing artwork as required.
  • Serves as part of a functional team to complete assignments according to schedule.
  • Provides reproduction data such as reduction sizing, quantity, and paper/ink selection.
  • Performs other responsibilities associated with this position as may be appropriate.

What Required Skills You’ll Bring:

  • Associate’s Degree in Graphic Design or certificate of completion from an accredited design/graphics course (or equivalent) is preferred 5+ years of related work experience.
  • Requirements include a proficiency in graphic design technology and software used to complete graphic design assignments.
  • Knowledge of standard graphics production techniques and reproduction/printing processes is also required.
  • In addition, an ability to exercise good interpersonal and technical skills while conforming to required formats and standards is necessary.
  • Advanced knowledge of Adobe CC (Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, AfterEffects, Microsoft and Acrobat Pro)
  • Solid written communication and ability to proof work for quality and accuracy
  • Generally, a problem solver and creative thinker

What Desired Skills You’ll Bring:

  • Proven ability to visually depict accurate information and project concepts when developing graphics and creating presentations
  • Experience working in design and layout of magazine and/or highly designed catalogs may be relevant

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