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Lunchtime Organiser

Our school is a friendly, happy place where everyone is valued and recognised as an individual. We believe that every child has the ability to shine given the right care and support and that our similarities and differences are things we celebrate with pride.

The life of our school is driven by our core values of Respect, Confidence, Enthusiasm, Creativity, Ambition, and Determination. We aim to make learning exciting, stimulating and fun giving our children a thirst for knowledge, a belief that anything is possible and strong foundations from which they can build their futures lives upon.

As a lunchtime organiser, you will:

  • Develop and maintain positive relationships with children and staff
  • Engage children in a range of play activities
  • Have the highest expectations for all pupils
  • Enjoy new challenges and working as part of a team
  • Be a positive role model who cares about the well-being of the pupils
  • Have a positive approach to behaviour management following the school’s behaviour policy
  • Ensure lunchtimes remain a safe and positive experience for children.
  • Comply with the school’s behaviour policy
  • Safeguard the children in your care

Main duties and responsibilities

  • To communicate positively with the pupils in their care.
  • To supervise pupils in the dining areas and elsewhere as required, throughout lunchtime.
  • To help create a positive atmosphere so that the meal and lunchtime play is a pleasant experience for pupils and staff.
  • To ensure that pupils who have minor accidents or are unwell are taken to the relevant First Aider, for first aid where necessary, and if first aid is not necessary, comforting and reassuring them.
  • In the event of more serious accidents, ensure that a First Aider is brought to the incident and the Senior Lunchtime Organiser and a member of the Senior Leadership team are informed.
  • To meet the needs of all children and where the need arises, for instance with young children, or children with special needs, attending to their physical needs such as hand washing, feeding and toileting

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