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New graduate recruitment Logistics and warehouse

Job details

Employment status

  • full-time employee

Assigned occupation

Logistics management

In order to efficiently transport the products requested by customers, we handle a wide range of tasks, from warehouse management to transportation and delivery. Although it can be expressed in one word, “logistics work”, the range of the work is wide, and it can be said that each work is characterized by a high degree of specialization.

Since the work contents differ each time depending on the site to which you are assigned, the product you are in charge of, and the time, you can acquire diversity by experiencing various work as part of the job rotation and play an active role as a comprehensive all-rounder in the field of logistics. I’ll enjoy having this.

・Vehicle allocation management (such as arranging vehicles and securing personnel for long-distance transportation and inter-area delivery)
・Warehouse management (arrival, storage, movement, inventory management, quality control, inspection, picking, packing, processing, Work such as sorting, shipping, inventory, etc.)
, personnel management work (manpower management and process management including part-time workers associated with the above work),
art transportation (the best detailed plan based on data such as the state and environment of the work) It is a job to plan, transport, collect, pack, display, etc.)

Recruitment requirements/recruitment flow

Entry method/recruitment flow

  • Entry from Mynavi
  • Company information session


  • Interview (individual/group)

    Scheduled to be held once

  • Interview (individual)

    Scheduled to be held once

  • Interview (individual)

    Scheduled to be held once

  • informal decision

Number of days required until informal decision

about a month and a half

Selection method

・Interview with hiring manager
・Interview with on-site manager
・Aptitude test

Documents to be submitted


Recruitment target

  • Science graduate student
  • undergraduate student
  • humanities graduate student
  • Humanities undergraduate student
  • junior college student
  • college student
  • vocational school student
  • already graduated

[What is the image of the person we are looking for? ]
The following types of people we are looking for differ depending on the type of job we are recruiting for, but what we can say about all types of jobs is that we are looking for people who can do their best for someone and for the team

without being too selfish . ・Those who can work with team awareness・Those who actively cooperate when others are in trouble・Those who like to teach and be taught by others・Those who like socializing and build relationships People who are the type to be liked , people who can think from the other person’s point of view, and people who are considerate, people who have the strength to hold on when the time comes, etc.

Recruitment number

16-20 people

Recruitment Faculty/Department

  • All faculties/departments

Science and Engineering / Electricity/electronics, machinery, precision machinery, control, information, physics, materials, industrial engineering, structural engineering, general science and engineering subjects similar to the above majors Others / College of technology (technical college), students planning to graduate from technical high

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