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Cupula Operator – LMIA Approved

Foundry experience and bachelor degree are required, if you do not meet the qualifications do not apply.

· Position Title: Cupola Operator / LMIA Approval

· Location: Ontario – Canadá/ Employer – LMIA Approval

· Required Travel: None

· Salary: $72,500.00 – $80,000.00 (Yearly Salary)

· Inglish required.

About Us:Chaim Global Employment is a human capital placement and consulting agency seeking workers in the field of industrial technical maintenance to work for a Canadian company expert in the manufacture of grey cast iron components for electric motors, pumps, agricultural equipment and industrial valves and components.


· Remove previous days drop from furnace bottom

· Inspect furnace for defects

· Patch and repair defects

· Close furnace bottom doors

· Ram-up bottom with green sand

· Charge Nine (9) full wheel barrels of coke

· Check coke level with stick and set proper height

· Light coke with gas torch and bring to charcoal hot

· Ask Plant Manager / Forman which charging sheet to use #1 or #2

· Supervises charging of raw materials into furnace

· Taps out iron into main distribution ladle and feeds the three (3) pouring ladles

· Instructs Furnace Lead-Hand to Drop bottom

· Confirms contents of furnace are now on the ground and checks that there is no hang-up

· Observes all Health and Safety rules and maintains good housekeeping

· Follows all Owens Corning safety policies and procedures.

· Know plant EPA goals or requirements and insures goals are met on a daily basis.

· Maintain good quality products by insuring consistent operation of furnace and afterburner system.

· Performs/assist in Cupola furnace preparation, start-up, shutdowns, and clean outs.

· Assists with the setup, start-up, shutdown, and clean-out of Cupola furnaces.

· Inspects the furnace and controls, completes the shift change inspection check list then reports identified irregularities.

· Examines the furnace, control and reports irregularities

· Reports any problems to appropriate personnel and carries out emergency procedures.

· Uses fork lift and other related material handling machinery

· Ensures clean and orderly housekeeping in all assigned areas at all times

· Performs other tasks and duties within scope as necessary and in agreement with the lead.

· Cupola Tender: Furnace tender Controls cupola furnace to melt and refine iron, scrap metal, and other additives to produce gray iron castings: Closes and props door in bottom of cupola. Shovels sand into cupola and tamps sand to form wedge-shaped layer on cupola bottom sloping toward taphole. Kindles fire, using gas torch, to ignite coke bed in cupola, and starts and sets speed of blowers that supply air to cupola. Reads gauges indicating temperature of molten metal in cupola and amount of air flowing into and out of cupola, and adjusts controls accordingly. Taps molten metal from cupola. Estimates, from color of slag draining from surface of molten metal, physical properties of metal being melted. Pulls prop from bottom doors of cupola, when shutting down furnace, to allow residual materials to drop out. May also charge layer of excelsior, rags, and wood over sand bed to protect cupola from initial charge of coke and to ignite fuel

Job Type: Full-time

Salary: $20.00-$32.50 per hour


  • Dental care

Supplemental pay types:

  • Bonus pay

Work Location: In person

To apply for this job please visit ca.indeed.com.

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