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Nursery teacher and helpers

Is it YOU who wants to be part of our learning community, in our newer children’s home, where together we set the framework for a good children’s life?

We are currently 48 children in the nursery divided into 4 groups of children. Some of our employees have started studies – so we need new competent employees to join “team Løvstikken”.

The Løvstikken orphanage differs from other orphanages by being a newer orphanage, where you have the opportunity to help create the foundation for the children’s well-being, learning, development and education as well as for the house’s culture, cooperation and framework.

In Børnehuset Løvstikken, we have new, wonderful facilities, including lots of space, a common motor room and lovely outdoor areas, and we are located in beautiful natural surroundings, which we use and enjoy in everyday life.


Our orphanage

Børnehuset Løvstikken is a new department in Hjortshøj, Hårup-Elev day care, which for the first time opened its doors to new children and families in a satellite , we moved into our brand new children’s home in Nye in Aarhus N.

At present, we are 54 children in the kindergarten, on the 1st floor, divided into 2 groups and 48 children in the nursery, on the ground floor, divided into 4 groups. We are growing quietly as people move into the area and according to the needs of the children’s group.

We will, for now, eventually become Aarhus Municipality’s largest day care institution.

Perhaps you have some doubts about Løvstikken’s future size? We actively create a smaller and more manageable framework for the children and have a strong focus on creating “the small in the big”, and we will be happy to put your professionalism into play with this goal in mind. The house is e.g. divided into four clusters; two on the ground floor and two on the first floor. Each cluster contains three children’s groups and a common area available for all 3 groups.


The best thing about working here

Feel free to CHECK out our video at Børnehuset Løvstikken ( – If you want to see more about what it means to work with us, here we tell you a little about ourselves.


If we ask the parents what they appreciate most about Løvstikken, a parent-initiated survey shows:

    • The presence
    • The security
    • The facilities

Committed and nice employees and manager


We are of course incredibly happy about that. In addition, we ourselves would like to highlight:

    • Great sense of community, where we have fun together and are ambitious on behalf of Børnehuset Løvstikkens.
    • There is a good atmosphere in Løvstikken and we are very good at welcoming new colleagues into our working community.
    • High degree of professional sparring and competence development – ​​e.g. we are well underway in working with NEST.
    • We work systematically with planning and structure of everyday life for both children and adults.
    • The opportunity to do what the individual is passionate about becomes a natural part of our practice
    • Current management who are a good sparring partner on a daily basis
    • New facilities that support the children’s development and learning and create the best conditions for the adults
    • A committed group of parents

The most beautiful children


Desires for your personal and professional skills

    • You have great desire and energy to be a co-creator of the culture and building of a new children’s home, where friendliness, well-being and professionalism are paramount.
    • You enjoy collaborating and think that the solution lies in the community.
    • You are interested in the children’s individual progression and well-being. You want to be playful/learning and curious with the children.
    • You have ambitions for the quality of pedagogy.
    • You are good at putting yourself in the game and are open about your educational practice.
    • You take the initiative and follow the initiatives to the letter.
    • You are positive-minded and look for opportunities and resources.

You are preoccupied with nature, outdoor life and how we work as best as possible with senses and general motor stimuli.


If you want to know more


  • – and we look forward to hearing from you!

You are very welcome to contact educational manager Mette Aaskov Hammer on phone 41 85 75 21 if you would like a tour of the house, have questions or just want to hear more.

    • You can also visit our website; Løvstikken Children’s Center (

Or read more about the area and the Nye district;


Salary and terms of employment

Salary and terms of employment are in accordance with the applicable collective agreement. Final wage determination takes place after negotiation with the professional organization authorized to negotiate on the basis of qualifications.
Child and criminal records will be obtained and employment will take place on the condition that the certificates do not show that you are unsuitable/unworthy of the position. You can read more here about how we process your information here.

About Aarhus Municipality
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The joint management and employee roles give an overview of the expectations placed on you when you, as a manager or employee in Aarhus Municipality, have to solve the joint core task. By making the expectations that are set visible – whether you are a manager or an employee – we hope that together we can maintain a good working environment, an attractive workplace and a culture of credibility, respect and commitment

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