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Hiring Organization: Momodou Njie LLC

The School of Content Design

Are you sick of not hearing from “Internships”, getting coffee, doing small tasks, and not getting hands-on experience? Join Dim University; a free portfolio school focused on getting you the hands-on experience YOU want! Our program is designed to meet you where you are at and give YOU a chance in the industry of your dreams. Whether you are virtual, in-person, or hybrid.
By the end of the program, you will have connected with people in your industry, built relationships, and created a strong portfolio to secure THE JOB YOU WANT!


  • Graphic Designer
  • UX/UI Designer
  • Creative Director


 Our goal is to develop your skills in the world of design by working with your peers, our partners, and clients so you can see the robust amount of opportunities that are out there for you. Our unique approach to design is based on our founder’s experience of building businesses and creating curated campaigns/projects he has done with Nike, Chanel,
Jordan, celebrities, and small businesses. He believes that by trying a few different things you get to discover what you like vs what you love. So you can build a unique dream career for yourself!

The Work:

  • Phase 1: Let’s see what you know. During this time current students in the program will begin to show you the ropes and get you acclimated with projects rooted in how to build community through marketing and brand collaborations.
  • Phase 2: You try! You’ll work with current students to assist in finishing up their final portfolio project with Dim.
  • Phase 3: My Turn! With the departure of the current students, it’s your turn to begin to prove yourself with internal projects and show consistency to graduate to client work.
  • Phase 4: Client Project. It’s time to try out your skills in working on a client project to push their current agenda forward.
  • Phase 5: Time to build. Build your own project to leave your mark on the Dim University community, allowing the passing down of knowledge.
  • Phase 6: Pre-Graduation…Test out your project and get feedback from your peers on its impact on other students in different programs.
  • Phase 7: Graduation! Assist in showing the ropes to the new students while implementing them into your project. Successfully teach them how to execute the project and graduate!

Common Questions:

  • Even though this is a portfolio school; can I still get credit? Most likely yes, check with

your supervisor at your institution

  • Will I get hands-on experience? We are able to provide our students with hands-on experience because everything we create is to give back to future and current students in the community. Who better to create, inspire, and facilitate experiences than other students of life?
  • How do I meet people in my dream career? By attending our career panels, and workshops, and watching our content online.
  • Is this a school or an internship? Technically do not consider our program an internship, but it provides similar and/or more experience than your average internship.

Program Takeaways

  • Gain the confidence you need to interview for roles you deserve
  • Learn how to confidently network by telling your story
  • Ability to understand and create a brand messaging strategy for a client
  • Experience at least 3+ Client Meetings*
  • Learn how to create a marketing story for clients
  • Opportunities to experiment and expand Graphic designing styles
  • Creative additions to your portfolio

Job Types: Part-time, Apprenticeship, Internship


  • Monday to Friday
  • Weekend availability

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