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Quality Controller

Job Description

Roles & Responsibilities

Must have the following skills:

1. Periodically review all food safety procedures and instructions, to ensure they remain current

2. Review requests to change FSMS-related procedures and work instructions and direct the Food Safety Team through such reviews

3. Manage the Food Safety Team and ensure that processes needed for the FSMS are established, implemented, and maintained

4. Report to the President and top management on the performance of the FSMS and any need for improvement

5. Ensure the promotion of awareness of customer requirements pertaining to food safety throughout the organization

6. Develop the Company’s prerequisite programs and ensure that PRPs are implemented, monitored, and communicated to the appropriate parties, and periodically review PRPs.

7. Assemble Food Safety Teams, as needed

8. Prepare a Flow Diagram for each product or process category covered by the Food Safety Management System and verify the accuracy of those diagrams

9. Conduct hazard analysis

10. Ensure that inspection requirements are included on Purchase Orders

11. Evaluate suppliers’/vendors’ food safety systems; monitor and report on supplier food safety performance on an ongoing basis

12. Review all rejections by the Food Inspector

13. Review revisions to manufacturing practices, to ensure potential food safety hazards have been adequately addressed

14. Confirming the nonconformity and determine the disposition of nonconforming materials

15. Oversee the internal food safety audit program – select internal audit personnel, review results of food safety audits, ensure that corrective actions are understood, and supervise corrective actions

16. Reporting on corrections and corrective actions taken at Management Review meetings

17. Collect, analyze, and publish measurement data, to determine the root cause of process and product food safety problems and recommend action to resolve those problems

18. Initiate and supervise product recalls, to ensure adequate implementation and effectiveness

19. Supervise hazard analyses, report results of analyses to top management, and periodically review food safety-related processes to ensure hazards are accounted for and controlled

20. Responsible for complete implementation of the pre-requisite programs (PRPs) to meet the requirements of the haccp plan and fssc 22000

21. Leads in regular HACCP review and FSSC 22000 MRM.

Desired Candidate Profile

 Knowledgeable in FSSC 22000 4.1 Certification

 Knowledgeable in ISO 2200:2005 Certification

 Knowledgeable in HACCP Certification

 Knowledgeable in Organic Certification.

 Well trained in food safety management system

Employment Type

    Full Time

Company Industry

  • FMCG
  • Foods
  • Beverages

Department / Functional Area

  • Quality
  • Testing
  • QA
  • QC
  • Inspector

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