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ICU Registrar


 Duties and responsibilities

  1. Provides clinical care of critically ill patients admitted to ICU under the supervision of Associate Consultants (or higher level) consultations, examinations, and treatments including procedures with full range of agents, methods, and techniques, observing quality and safety standards
  2. Conducts rounds to patients under care to assess patients’ condition and treatment progress; develop treatment care plans; order treatment regimens; establish rapport with the patient and relatives; and answer patients’ queries with the supervision of the consultant.

3.    Reports the condition of patients under care to the supervising consultant for any technical assistance or to review the treatment regimen of patient in case of an adverse reaction.

4.    Examines the patient post-operatively to assess complications, order further treatment or referral to other specialty as indicated with information given to the supervising consultant.

5.    Ensure the provision of a safe and quality care to the patients

6.    Participate actively in quality improvement plans and project as requested

7.     Implements quality improvement programs in the department in collaboration with Quality and Patient Safety

committee and Department.

8.    Maintains professional and technical knowledge by attending educational workshops; reviewing professional

publications; establishing personal networks; participating in professional societies.

9. Complies with KSA legal and professional requirements by studying existing and new legislation; anticipating

future legislation; enforcing adherence to requirements; advising management on needed actions.

10. Protects patients and employees by adhering to infection-control policies and protocols.

11. Maintains safe and clean working environment by complying with procedures, rules, and regulations.

12. Instructs and counsels patients by describing therapeutic regimens; giving normal growth and development

information; discussing family planning; providing counseling on emotional problems of daily living; promoting

wellness and health maintenance.

13. Address concerns or answer questions that patients have about their health and well-being

14.  Participates in the Q.P.S. programs in collaboration with Q.P.S. Department in which he/she must be active participant of hospital-wide committees in a position designated or elected by committee members

15.  Provides continuing education, training, and demonstration by sharing new procedures and techniques to colleagues, nurses, and technicians assigned within the department in collaboration with Academic Affairs and Research Center.

16.  Attends to work and on-call schedules on time and performs duties completely before ending the shift.

      1. Endorses to the next shift any uncompleted task to be continued and/or completed.
      2. Responses to emergencies in the hospital without delay during on-call duty.

17.  Assists colleagues in the Department as required like taking care of patients as requested to ease loads during peak time.

18.  Attends to scheduled or unscheduled meetings to discuss and resolve problems.

19.  Performs other duties necessary to effect efficient services in the department without personal reservation.

  1. Abide by communication and service standards at all times.
  2. Attend training and coaching sessions for communication and service standards.
  3. Service recovery: offer options and solutions to meet and exceed patient’s expectations. Retaining patients and gaining their loyalty is a key part of your role.
  4. Work on improving patient satisfaction in your area.
  5. Develop and implement action plans to promote person centered care in your area. Person centered care revolves around staff, patients and their families, and the community. At SGH, the person centered care principles are summarized by the CARE (connect-assist-respect-explain) communication and service standards.
  6. Abide by CARE communication and service standards when interacting with other staff members or with patients and families
  7. Attend CARE training sessions and other trainings as required
  8. Service recovery: offer options and solutions to meet and exceed patient’s expectations. Retaining patients and gaining their loyalty is a key part of your role.


 Job Specifications

  • Education:  MBBS or MBBCH or equivalent, followed by MSc
  • Experience: 2 years after graduation
  • Knowledge: In-depth knowledge of standard medical practices and legal medical guidelines. Knowledge and understanding and credentialing process. Knowledge of infectious diseases, their symptoms and epidemiology. Broad knowledge of common medication, side effects and contraindications.
  • Skills: Ability to work for long hours. Good practical skills in specialty. Excellent oral and written communication skills. Ability to solve problems and effective decision-making skills. Ability to prioritize workload and work under pressure. Ability to communicate well with patients, and demonstrate empathy and reflection.
  • Attitude: Must have patience, tact, a cheerful disposition and enthusiasm, good moral character as well as the willingness to handle difficult situations
  • Licensure: Registered medical doctor under the specialist category
  • Languages: Proficiency in English and Arabic.
  • Physical/sensory requirements: Must have good health and grooming, the ability to move intermittently throughout the work day. Must be able to cope with the mental and emotional stress of the position.
  • Travel:  Willing to travel for business purposes such as:  going to other SG hospitals for business purposes. Willing to relocate in other SG Hospitals in order to fill in gap, if needed.

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