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Rebanks Summer Internship – Hawthorn Collection Consolidation Fixed Term

Are you passionate about culture, the arts, natural history, and science? Are you keen on how these elements aesthetically come together to tell the many stories of humanity?

Then consider a career at ROM.

Embark on a botanical journey of discovery and contribute to a pivotal project in plant taxonomy and collections management. The Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) invites passionate individuals to apply for the prestigious Rebanks Summer Internship, where you can consolidate and transform the ROM’s Green Plant Herbarium’s remarkable collection of North American hawthorns (Crataegus).


Delve into one of North America’s most significant collections of hawthorns, boasting approximately 14,000 herbarium sheets within the ROM Green Plant Herbarium. These botanical treasures document the taxonomic revisions, biogeography, breeding systems, and DNA sequence variations of the captivating genus Crataegus. However, the collection’s historical acquisitions have resulted in specimens being housed in different sections of the herbarium. Now, we seek an intern with a keen eye for detail to consolidate these collections into a unified, modern taxonomic sequence. By reorganizing, updating labels, and implementing an intuitive filing system, you will enhance accessibility, enabling future researchers and enthusiasts to easily explore the Hawthorn collection.


  • Immerse yourself in the intricate world of hawthorns as you assemble and group specimens according to a meticulously prepared spreadsheet.
  • Embark on an exhilarating exploration through the ROM Green Plant Herbarium to gather specimens from three locations.
  • Employ your organizational prowess to refile the specimens in their new taxonomic order, diligently updating folder labels.
  • Utilize cabinet markers to tag the specimens, ensuring each taxonomic grouping is readily identifiable.
  • Collaborate closely with esteemed ROM staff, including Deb Metsger, Brenna Wells, and Tim Dickinson, who will provide guidance and invaluable assistance throughout the project.


  • Completed an undergraduate degree and am pursuing a post-graduate Master’s/Ph.D. program.
  • Demonstrate unwavering attention to detail, showcasing your manual dexterity in handling delicate plant specimens.
  • Embrace the project’s autonomy while remaining keenly aware of when to seek guidance and collaborate effectively with the ROM team.
  • Possess a foundational knowledge of scientific specimens and taxonomic classification or be willing to acquire this expertise.
  • Prior experience or a deep-rooted interest in collections management and the enchanting world of museums will be an asset.


  • $21 for 1-year graduate students
  • $22 for 2-year graduate students
  • $25 for PhD students per hour.

Indulge in a remarkable work experience spanning approximately 27 days, further advancing your professional journey.

The internship offers flexibility, allowing for either full-time or part-time engagement. However, full days are preferred to immerse yourself in the project entirely.

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