Teacher Job vacancy in Denmark For Female

Helsingør kommune

Teacher at the Elverhøjen Kindergarten

Teacher for diverse children’s home wanted!

At the end of St. Georgsvej in Espergærde, Børnehuset Elverhøjen is located in the middle of the local community with beautiful outdoor areas and with employees who are passionate about developing both themselves and not least creating a developing everyday life for all children. Is this something for you?

We have a daily life where we

  • focuses on professional quality and presence.
  • has the opportunity for spontaneous and planned activities both outside and inside.
  • focus on creating a clear everyday structure that supports the children in developing into the best possible version of themselves.
  • involves the parents in the individual child’s competences and development potential.
  • guards and protects the good working environment.
  • prioritises open dialogue based on mutual professional curiosity.

We are a children’s home with approx. 115 children aged 0-6 years. The staff consists of a large proportion of pedagogues, pedagogical assistants and pedagogic assistants, some of whom have been associated with the children’s home for a number of years.

Could we be a match?
We want to find you who dreams of being

  • helping to set high standards for all children, even those whose lives are more troubled than for others.
  • co-creator of the learning environment for all children.
  • professionally curious, spacious and present in your interaction with others.
  • help to create predictability and which can help to both get people talking about and get actions started, even where it may seem impossible at first.
  • part of a community where we help create communities.
  • helping to maintain a fantastic workplace, with committed colleagues, with whom you can both be professional and laugh together.
  • actively contributes to the good working environment and constructive cooperation.

We regularly hold interviews for the candidates we would like to see for an interview.

Salary and terms of employment
Salary and terms of employment are based on the applicable collective agreement and based on the number of hours that we together find suitable between 30 and 37 hours. We take references and obtain
child and criminal records for the applicant we intend to hire.

To apply for this job please visit dk.indeed.com.

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