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Head of Teacher Operations

Role responsibilities

Lead the Teacher Growth team: Manage a team of professionals dedicated to supporting the sourcing, growth and professional development of our teachers

Implement and improve teacher talent management processes at Le Wagon: centralization of onboarding and training, quality audits, retention strategies for most experienced teachers

Improve teacher sourcing & staffing process for existing courses and new courses: working with current freelancers and potentially moving to in-house sources in the near future

Support professional growth of TA, teachers and batch managers with on-going initiatives: peer observation, cross programs training, individual coaching, career path, Train-the-trainer sessions

Contribute to teaching and batch management documentation, wiki and ressources

Bring life to our community of teachers and engage them through masterclass, training and global community events

Collaborate with local and cross-functional teams: Collaborate with other departments and local program management teams to tailor to the specific needs of each location.

Keep-up-to-date with industry trends in education and teacher development. Incorporate innovative strategies and technologies to improve our programs delivery and become the leader of the tech ed industry.

This is the role for you if you are:

You have a lot of teaching experience in tech topics at Le Wagon or elsewhere. An experience in teacher recruitment will be a plus :-) such as a strong network in the tech industry.

You have demonstrated leadership skills through managing teams or animating a community. Ability to inspire and motivate individuals, foster a collaborative work environment, and drive results.

You understand how learning works. You have good foundations on pedagogy and how people perceive, process and feel when they want to learn technical subjects. Extra points if you are comfortable designing and delivering training programs.

You have great coaching skills. You are great at observing behavior, delivering spot-on feedback and helping others grow.

You bring solid technical skills and loads of technical curiosity. You are fluent in either our web development or data stacks and have real-world experience building software or data stacks.

To apply for this job please visit fr.indeed.com.

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