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Iqra English School - Girls School

Arabic Teacher An Arabic language teacher

1. Designing flexible and innovative learning methods for students.

2. Create a safe, supportive and challenging learning environment.

3. Designing learning experiences that connect students to the world outside the school.

4. Employing information and communication technology in managing the student education process.

5. Evaluation of student learning and issuance of reports.

6. Supporting students to achieve curricular standards.

7. Employ students’ knowledge and method of learning to support learning and development.

8. Employing the knowledge of the subject of specialization in supporting student learning.

9. Work in professional teams.

10. Reflection on, evaluation and development of professional practice.

11. Creating and maintaining a positive learning environment for students.

12. Understand the differences and individual needs of the student.

13. The ability to use modern teaching and learning strategies.

14. Design specific activities aimed at supporting the development of teaching and learning.

15. Supporting students to achieve development and progress in curricular standards.

16. Establishing a record to record students’ grades and their performance in detail, as the records are converted into reports when needed

17. Applying the policy of continuous evaluation and working to update the lists according to the number of evaluation times that were carried out periodically and approved.

18. Provide feedback by correcting the student’s work on a regular basis.

19. Keeping evidence and recording the student’s academic progress.

20. Observing the student and submitting reports to the specialist regarding academic delays and learning difficulties, according to the form designated for that.

21. Organizing scientific activities and competitions related to the subject and involving the student with its contents.

22. Self-review and performance development.

23. Preparing a report – feedback on each unit of study that is studied, containing positives, difficulties, recommendations, and other observations.

24. Participate in seasonal committees upon assignment.

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