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Field Sales Officer

Full Job Description

Purpose: Will be responsible for meeting targets, identify new sources from assigned geography,

and maintain good relationship with sources, achieving efficiency of assigned geography and

sources there by achieving the desired productivity expected by the company.

Job description:

1. Area/ Geography Mapping.

Responsible for lane to lane/ Area mapping of Area/ Geography at regular intervals with the

help of supervisor. Identify new sources in the allocated Area/ Geography and inform the

progress to reporting manager during team huddle.

Knowledge, Skills & Functional Competency

 Knowledge of the entire geography.

 Ability to plan and map the allocated geography into areas/lane to lane.

 Ability to use tools and resources to identify potential sources.

2. Source Relationship Management.

Responsible for managing the relationship with all sources assigned and identified by him in

his geography/area.

Knowledge Skills & Functional Competency

 Ability to understand the potential and ensure the expected LSR, SLR and MS of the


 Knowledge and ability to use various tools which can be utilized to improve relationship

and ratios.

3. Maintain Reports

Responsible for maintaining reports related to sales and all his activities in the prescribed

format. Should maintain diary on daily basis in the prescribed format of activities.

Knowledge, Skills & Functional Competency

 Knowledge of various reports to be maintained

 Ability to capture data in the prescribed format

 Ability to understand and perform all functions of diary

4. Channel Partner Recruitment

Responsible for identification of channel partners

Knowledge, Skills & Functional Competency

 Knowledge of BSA empanelment process.

 Ability to identify the potential channel partner

 Ability to identify whether the BSA falls within the norms and category defined.

5. Team Huddle

Responsible for attending team huddle on a daily basis as per the set process

Knowledge, Skills & Functional Competency

 Knowledge of daily morning huddle process

 Ability to provide data in the prescribed format based on business requirements.

6. Customer Relationship Management

Responsible for enhancing the customer experience by developing and maintaining

relationship with customers

Knowledge, Skills & Functional Competency

 Knowledge of all products of HDFC and competition

 Ability to sell products and provide required services to customers

 Knowledge of KYC documentation

 Knowledge of legal documentation and technical process

 Knowledge and ability to use sales kit

 Ability to analyse credit document and derive eligibility

 Ability to handle objections

Job Type: Full-time

Salary: ₹१०,०००.०० per month


  • provident fund
  • health insurance
  • Health insurance

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